2P Archon Bonus Campaign Founding of Durotar

This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Founding of Durotar
2P Archon Mode

Play the bonus campaign with a friend!
It also works in singleplayer.

Current Version: V1.7


How to play
In order to start playing the first act you will need to create a game from the map OrcXA1. The game will ask you for the difficulty and you will need to type either -easy, -normal, or -hard. Difficulty can not be changed! Any player can type this kinds of commands.

How to Save/Load
When one of your heroes goes into a transition area, a message will show up:

When this message appears it means that game values have been saved in one of your Warcraft III/Logs, Warcraft III/Custom Map Data or Documents/Warcraft III/Custom Map Data folder, depending on your game version. After you do this, atleast one player needs to save the game depending on the map you are currently playing (eg. If it's Durotar you save as A1Durotar) from the F10 Menu.
Depending on the zone you are going to you will need create a game from that map. The maps are:
  • OrcXA1 - Durotar/To tame a land
  • OrcXA1Den - Beast Den
  • OrcXA1Echo - Echo Isles
  • OrcXA1Thunder - Thunder Ridge
  • OrcXA1Tunnels - Orgrimmar Tunnels
WARNING! Do not enter the transition area if:
  • at least one of your heroes is stunned, rooted, hexed, put to sleep or any buff or debuff that won't allow him to use or pick up items
  • Chen is in his Storm, Earth and Fire Form
  • at least one of your heroes is dead. (this is also prevented by triggers)
If you entered by mistake and want to go back, type -cancel.

In the first screenshot, Rexxar is shown walking into the Orgrimmar Tunnels. After we save the game as A1Durotar, we quit the game and start a new one from the map OrcXA1Tunnels.

The game asks us to load Rexxar. Any player can copy and paste the code from the file named A1DurotarToTunnels.txt, that the last level generated. Then the game will ask for the codes for the other heroes. Finally the game will ask for "Additional Data". You copy the code just like the other codes. This code saves data like quests, gold, lumber and current difficulty.
Example of the A1DurotarToTunnels.txt file (do not copy codes from here, copy from your own file)

Tip: If your codes are on the same line (usually when you use default notepad) close the text file and open it with Notepad++, Windows Wordpad or Microsoft Word.
If you want to leave Orgrimmar Tunnels to go to Durotar, you need to go to the Transition area. Save the game as A1Tunnels by using the F10 Menu. Quit the game. Create a new game from your previous load "A1Durotar". Once loaded, the game asks you to either type -loadstart in order to start loading or -cancel if you want to go back to Durotar without loading the new data. After typing -loadstart, you will be asked to type codes for Rexxar, your other heroes and Additional Data. You get them from the file A1TunnelsToDurotar.txt.

Changes from normal game
Some aspects were change to create a bit of flavor. Gazlowe is now a hero Tinker. Nazgrel is a mini-hero called "War Seer" (from the 2P Orc Campaign), though has the old abilities (Ensnare) and can't level up or gain stats. Vol'Jin is now a Troll Berserker.
Some easter eggs on some maps. Drek'Thar has a new ability. The Rexxar Wyvern has one of his abilities replaced.



[2018-08-13]-Act 1 Uploaded.
[2018-08-14]-Bonus Skill Points and Chen are correctly saved and loaded. Beast Den Quest appears after heroes are loaded. Fixed Codes not fitting in file. No more numbers after save in Den. Setting difficulty bug fixed.
[2018-08-19]-Fixed Codes after Chen is aqcuired. Names no longer appear in file. Drek'Thar has new ability. Added back hero names in file. Use version V1.7.
[2018-08-20]-Fixed OrcXA1Den not working in multiplayer. Use version V1.71 for this map.
[2018-08-21]-Fixed OrcXA1Thunder Drek'thar being hostile. Use version V1.71 for this map.

Blizzard Entertainment - Maps
AceHart - Save/Load System Template Map (helped me understand the system)
Kilmaat - Improved Save/Load System
Deolrin - FrostwolfOutrider.mdx, FrostwolfOutrider_Portrait.mdx (Nazgrel Model)
Mr.Goblin - BTN/DISBTNFrostwolfrider.blp (Nazgrel Icon)
assasin_lord - HeroGlow (For Vol'Jin)

Also check out Kilmaat's 2P Archon Mode Campaigns

I have not tested this map in multiplayer, but I played as both P1 and P2 and have fixed the problems I have seen. If there are any bugs, tell me in the comments.

OrcXA1 (Map)

OrcXA1Den (Map)

OrcXA1Echo (Map)

OrcXA1Thunder (Map)

OrcXA1Tunnels (Map)

Ok, so I finally beat this today with my friend. The entire campaign works fine, it was a lot of fun. Some issues I encountered- During the first 2-3 cinematics, Rexxar and his bear misha seemed confused as to where to face. They would turn around...
Approved based on tulee's comments. I hope we'll get to see the whole Founding of Durotar for two players.
Level 2
Mar 12, 2018
ok one I don't understand how to load the file onto the game. meaning where do I put the W3X files at. and second how do I get the load codes for each hero since they didn't come with the download. do I have to launch it for them to generate?


Map Reviewer
Level 59
Jun 4, 2009
ok one I don't understand how to load the file onto the game. meaning where do I put the W3X files at. and second how do I get the load codes for each hero since they didn't come with the download. do I have to launch it for them to generate?
Maybe this campaign thread explains it better Beyond the Dark Portal (1p/2p)
The maps are put in the game's Maps folder which is under c:\users\documents\Warcraft III\Maps for post 1.28 versions.
Read the description of this map thread as it says the codes appear when heroes are going from one map to another. Then read how to load them. Note that this is not technically a campaign so maps have to be started one after the other manually.
Level 1
Jun 23, 2020
Hi, just wondering.. Do you know how to change the heroes? Been trying to do it forever. Heroes always transition back (Rexxar reset to default if I changed him/his abilities and enter Tunnels etc). Wanna try something like a Blademaster instead, since i love this map. Anyway sick job on this :D