[Crash] 100 SharpCraft ERROR's

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Feb 18, 2010
ok so, back int he day 2014 when i made my map originally, i used jassnewgen 5d, i took a long break since then, but am back now and wanna update my map, so i loaded it into SharpCraft, and clicked save to test it and got 100ERRORS

i dunno if something changed since i last made maps, or if SharpCraft just doesn't support it or something,
i was gonna use Jass NewGen again, but read on posts from people on here top use SharpCraft as it is better than jassnewgen and supports all jass scripts

So if anyone knows how to fix let me know.

NOTE: I just opened and saved my map with Jass Newgen 5D with 0 ERRORS, so must be some option in SharpCraft i havent got active


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It's not that Sharpcraft is better - it's that Sharpcraft works on the current battle net patch, and newgen doesn't. There was a cd key workaround trick before, but I don't know if it works anymore; newgen may just be completely broken on the new patch.

I can't tell you what the issue is just from those snippets. From the first one, it looks like your return type is incorrect.

This will probably get a response from the maker if posted here: SharpCraft & WEX