1 more question to end my day

these are my last questions for today i need to know how to make units into heros

Make ai attack the gates
Make units bigger
And i wanna take a watch tower (orc building) and make it sorta like a warp gate to get onto the wall if youve ever played helms deep maps when you gotta put ladder on a special place against the wall your units go on the wall something like that

P.S im really sorry for all the questions!
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Jun 23, 2004
1) You cannot make a unit into a hero. It's like trying to make an Aura into an Autocast ability. They are two separate things.

2) You can either trigger the AI to hit the gates or make the gates into actual units which are enemies of the AI (say, neutral hostile).

3) Under Animation for a Unit you can change the Scaling Value and Selection Size.

4) Helm's deep was probably triggered, he had a region in each of those little black squares. Whenever a unit entered that square, if it was a Siege Tower, it would pause (freeze) the unit, make it invulnerable and activate a second trigger & region. The region was in the surrounding area and the trigger teleported units that entered that region up onto the wall. Makes sense?
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Feb 1, 2007
  • Event: A unit enters Tower1
  • Condition: Unit equal to type (Sige tower)
  • Actions: Freeze (triggering Unit)
  • Actions:Make (triggering) unit invulnerable
  • Actions:Enable tigger (climb wall1)
Thats the trigger that start if the tower gets where you want it. Just make a region that you want to be the "warp gate".

  • Event: A unit enters (Tower1)
  • Actions: Instantly move (triggering unit) to (Wall1)
Disable this trigger in the trigger editor though.

SO k, in summary, you need two regions, wall1 and tower 1. Tower 1 will probably be up agaisnt the wall so it looks like they are climbing up kinda, and Wall1 will most likely be exactly next to tower1 but on the wall.

P.S this is not exact script but you should get the idea....
P.P.S This is my first time using the trigger tags, could someone tell em how to make the normal action symbol and not the loop action symbol?
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Jun 26, 2006
the tower is already a unit. if you can click on it and tell it do do things like attack, move, use spells, it's a unit.
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Jan 21, 2007
OT: First off dont call them r-tards your the one that cant understand what we think of as, well, what r-tards should know.

A: If you want the units to be transported atop the wall when they get close to the tower make this:


Trigger would be

  • Melee Initialization
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit enters Bottom <gen>
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • Unit - Move (Entering unit) instantly to (Center of Top <gen>
B: Or you could edit the waygates model to a orc tower and place one at the bottom and another at top.

C: Or I didnt understand your rants and raves.

EDIT: Funny how when you go to object editor its under the units tab....
If you really want help do not be so harsh to people that are smarter then you.
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Jun 26, 2006
its not a unit its a building u r-tard

A) don't double post
B) buildings are units u r-tard. if you really want to get specific, all units have an "Is Structure" field. the only difference between buildings and "units" is whether that is checked or not.
Hey total warrior i have some advice for you
a) dont insult peopel trying to help you (as previously stated
b) learn about the We and how it works before trying to ask for help
c) there ARE tutorials on how to do things like this - use the search button
d) read the forum rules before posting
e) as previously stated do not double post

Ok now ill get on target to help you

You can use the region way of doing this, but it is kind of in-efficient and interrupts the units

There is a way to turn a normal unit into a way gate you have to give it the way gate ability then when the 'tower' enters the entrance region you set its way-gate ability target to the corispanding region (nuetral building - set waygate target) and turn it on (nuetral unit - activate waygate) and they will auto-matically run up to attack the units on top (when they are attacked) and this will prevent units entering then winding up being have the map over because they couldnt fit (a problem with trigger based moving), or winding up inside other units (its happened belive me) or even stuck part-way into the wall.