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  • Uploaded another version at the spell workshop.
    Fixed the vines being created behind the caster :/
    Let me know if there's anything else :p
    I also noticed that, don't know why I didn't change it.
    It should be a quick fix - I will upload it later when I have some free time.
    Uploaded an updated version.
    Added flowers around the vines.
    Changed the lightning model.
    Uploaded your spell pack to the spell workshop.
    Please let me know if you want anything changed.
    Ummm, Spike Eruption and Animal Suicide Squad. The other 2 seem fine. Sorry about this man!
    Didn't you see my visitor message from 23 Oct? I think I am unable to code the spell; it is too advanced. I think you should request it from someone else - sorry! :O
    Hello. Have you requested your spells somewhere else (can I take your request of the list?)? I unfortunately don't think I will be able to do them - sorry. If you have slightly simpler ones I am more than glad to help!
    I doubt i will have the time. I only had time to finish this because my uni started last week.

    So.. if i have the time i will let you know, tho i wouldn't count on me.
    just a hobby ;o.

    but I am majoring in software engineering, although i do know enough to get a master's degree right now >.<
    yea, now I'm coding c++ snippets and systems. A few days ago, I coded the fastest standard qsort in the world (benched against other qsort algorithms).
    p.s. i hope i can get you to make one or two other systems im not able to make....but not at the moment....just if it happens ^^ ;D
    Sure thing friend, if i have the time for it at that moment that is.
    Here you go: link

    The setup of hero is up to you, i did the setup of classes you sent me in that PM.
    I think there should be no issues with this library at all, there is even a good amount of documentation and examples for you to understand how to use.

    If you don't understand something then tell me.
    The system is reworked to use item levels instead of item types as you asked.

    Paladin can use two handed, can't dual wield, can use heavy armor
    Mountaing king can dual wield, can't use two handed, can use heavy/light armor
    Blood Mage can use weapon+shield, can't dual wield, can't use two handed, wears cloth armor
    I am going to allow you to do the setup for heroes on two different ways:

    1st, the less secure but easier to remember:

    local eData d = eData.create('Hpal')
    set d["Sword_2h"] = true
    set d["Armor Heavy"] = true

    2nd, much more secure:

    local eData d = eData.create('Hpal')
    call d.append(1, true)

    Where 1 is a 2 handed sword type.
    And you decide which one you want to use by that then.
    Btw i changed the syntax of the system a bit, shouldn't be too hard for you to understand.

    I am working on it atm.
    hi claptomanic..
    i just wondering if you had posted your maps in the map development forum, i'm curious about how your map looks like xD
    Heh guess i kind of lost track of time.
    Anyhow i got friday free and i will finish the system then. Had some project come up during weekend which kept me busy.

    Hope you don't mind.
    I will send you the system this sunday... just need to finish a little of bit it's missing and test it out a bit.

    Sorry to keep you waiting so long.
    Yeah i have been taking some personal time off.
    Don't worry, i keep my promises.

    Sorry for not informing you.
    Just wanted to let you know i passed all the exams i was hoping to pass and am able to start working on your system again.

    It should be done in a few days (2-3) now.
    Did as you said, removed the function that destroys the group, emptied it, and erhm! Guess what! Still doesnt work after the first time! XD Doom is cast upon this world!
    I am pretty positive i read somewhere that whenever a parenthesys appears in GUI its a "GetSomething" function in JASS, which is resourcefull. If i am right and thats the case, then imagine having the line (Triggering Unit) 20 times in a trigger that repeats itself every 0,5 seconds for example... that would be resourcefull.. Anyway to be 100% positive i am waiting the JASS expert to speak!
    Btw just wanted to notify you, i am havin major exams from 25th to 28th so i have little free time to work on your system.
    I hope that isn't a problem.
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