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1 DAY LEFT - To get your name on banner! [PROMOTION OVER]

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Jan 1, 2006
We have reached the deadline. No further names will be accepted. Thanks to everyone who preordered. We will create the final shirt today. [10-21-2021]

In celebration of reaching 100.000 members and Hive's 17th anniversary, we decided to make a special LIMITED TIME ONLY community shirt some time ago! Don't miss this chance for your name to be immortalized!

Members who give 3$ before October 20th will get their name on the banner guaranteed. All other names will be backfilled prioritised by highest level. Note, that the font size will be larger for people who preorder.

The final shirt will be available for purchase after the deadline October 20th and will come in black, white and red versions. Members who give 3$ will get an equal discount as a coupon.

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Oct 6, 2004
I think I ordered a shirt but I forgot what address I typed in. Old one might not be current. When these things actually ship do they ask again for address or do they use some stale info?
The community shirt can’t be bought yet. If you sent us $3 it’s for your name to be on it.

If however you ordered something from the store, you gotta reach out to Teespring about it. They handle everything except the designing part.
Oh yea I think I only donated, thanks. I'll be sure to buy shirt later. Everyone buy shirts, OK?

Edit: In the past, I did video series "preordering Reforged every day until beta." After I did this, there was a beta. So this shows it is a successful way to accomplish a goal.
What about if next we do "purchasing Hive merch every day until Custom Campaign Menu"?

I wonder...
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