1. Armelior_is_back

    [SD/Misc] [Icons] zombies variations

    Hello people, I'm working on a map where you attack enemy bases with a hero and a zombie horde, it's sort of a reverse tower defense. The zombies can have different upgrades (2nd and third current icons are reversed in the picture) : I'm using the models found here : zombie orcs so I would...
  2. Undying Zombie for Dota map.

    Undying Zombie for Dota map.

    Model by Ujimasa Hojo: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/dalaran-mutants-bundle-ujimasas-derivates.340291/ Acolyte skin by Bumhunter: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/acolyte-blp.276974/ Zombie skin from here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/colorful-dalaran-mutants-undead-zombie.340289/
  3. maddeem

    HordeZ - Open World Survival RPG

    Setting Post apocalyptic world irradiated by nuclear fallout in combination with a mutagenic virus that has created zombies. You and many other survivors have fled to a city that is mostly untouched by the radiation - but plenty of zombies. Features Codeless automatic save and load of...
  4. ravellani

    Looking for an Item modeler

    I am creating a zombie survival arcade game, and I would like to replace all the chest item pick ups with models of the item icon. After scouring the model section of this forum, I still need models. I plan to add more models in the future so I am looking for a modeler that would take my...
  5. ravellani

    [Defense / Survival] Zombie Mechanics

    I am making a zombie survival map. I know, so original, but I want to anyway. I want to design different zombie types, each with their own mechanic. I know about the generic ideas like fast, spiter, healing, fat/big, and explosive. Those are in almost every game, I am looking for original...
  6. Darkshadow95

    You decide what I create

    Hey guys, I want to make a new map the next year additionally to my other maps Im working on (see my profile). I have several ideas and Im not sure which one to choose, so I let you guys decide what you want most. -Zombie protection map where the gameplay is similar to "protect the house" but...
  7. Fintrik

    Eras Zombie Evolution Beta

    Warcraft 3 1.31 Eras Zombie Evolution 0.6.2 Beta3 Battle.net Warcraft 3 1.26 Note: Requires 8MB limit remover to be able to host! Eras Zombie Evolution 0.6.2 Test3 GameRanger 8MB limit remover Zombies evolved once again, they have incorporated explosive chemicals giving them the ability to...
  8. Mordeltho

    Project: Winter's Touch Beta Request and Desync problem

    My first post here; I've long used Hive and I'm thankful for all the wonderful tools and quality feedback. My map is a Zombie Hero Defense that I will have played through like a basic campaign with different stages; my first stage is complete. I've tested this solo several times for bugs and...
  9. Virus Named Z

    Virus Named Z

    It's just a beginning ...
  10. tipou4444

    Damned Survival : Looking for Contributors!

    Hello, I've been working on a Hero Defense-Survival-Like map for a bit more than a year. (I am at Uni so it is a bit rough to find lots of time to learn new triggering and Art stuff) There is already people that helped me (Qormmag, Deadreyo) with lots of stuff, but im looking towards specific...
  11. CodeBlack

    [Miscellanous / Other] CodeBlack´s WIP Corner

    Hey guys, Since i am working on multiple projects at once, i decided to reduce it all down to one thread. Some of those maps are in very early stages some are mostly finished; anyways... i hope you like my Ideas and have fun trying them out. Feedback, ideas, comments etc. are very appreciated...
  12. venger07

    [Shooting / FPS] ZOMBIE OUTBREAK

    STORY After the accident, the virus spread all over the city causing a massive outbreak, killing innocent people and turning them into mindless flesh-eating zombies. Some of the zombies mutate becoming much stronger making them hard to kill. Several days have past, a scientist have discovered a...
  13. Lions_Blood

    Zombie Defense Custom (Need a professional for Solving Leaks)

    Zombie Defense Custom This Project is one of my great Life works... Sadly, due to the lack of knowledge i have with triggering in GUI and JASS i have been unable to figure out what is causing people to get FATAL ERRORS if anyone out there wants to help me finish this artistic creation of mine...
  14. EhrGhoul

    Ghoul with standart and zombie animations + morph

    I need ghoul model that will morph into erect ghoul (ghoul with zombie animations) and back. If you can make the cannibalism animation on the erect ghoul I will be very grateful.
  15. Anknaton

    Zombie Headcrab Body.

    Hello! I come a possibly very desirable kind of request for some members on this forums, has we know here on HIVE we have the headcrab creatures from Half-Life, but there's no human or humanoid model that fits with the headcrabs, so I'm requesting if someone could create some nice body hosts for...
  16. Lasersquid112

    NotD: Aftermath

    Now included in the Funmapping Event.
  17. Super Mario

    [Miscellanous / Other] Click the Zombie 2.00 BETA

    Click the Zombie 2.00 BETA! made by DEFACKTwalker Map Description: This is just another stupid zombie map and is a parody to all those zombie maps on the warcraft universe. You have to click the zombies to kill them. This map is the team version of my older one 'Click the Zombie 1.04'. It...
  18. Mar.

    [Shooting / FPS] Resident Evil 1 Spin off - 4 Player Co op Dungeon

    Been thinking a lot recently about this map idea. General Plot: 4 Players co-op where you play as a squad of 4 marines. You can pick your class at the start, as well as specifications like weapon, gear, attributes, etc. You are on a mission to clear a laboratory that (like in the movie...