1. AnyNameYouWish

    How to make a unit only able to move in deep water?

    I'm making a Naga RPG and I have changed submerged units to be able to move, and move faster than they do on land. There are two problems I'm running into: 1. I have set the submerged unit's movement types to 'float', but they can still move in shallow water. I want them to only be able to...
  2. Blood Raven

    [General] Is there any way to change the water textures? [SD graphics]

    Hey, I got a new animated water texture consisting of 45 .blp files with each frame of the animation. I tried to import them with the following paths: "ReplaceableTextures\Water\A_Water00.blp" to "ReplaceableTextures\Water\A_Water44.blp" "Textures\Water00-0.blp" to "Textures\Water44-0.blp"...
  3. Outland Oasis 2

    Outland Oasis 2

  4. Outland Oasis

    Outland Oasis

  5. Nether Citadel Waters

    Nether Citadel Waters

  6. HerlySQR

    Collide with a destructible/doodad? and detect if a point have water

    Can you tell me how can I detect if a destructible/doodad is on the way of a unit (including if is a large wall, I say this if you tell me "Position of destructible")? And by the way, could you tell me how do I detect if a point has water?
  7. Martinus

    [General] Water Problem - water removed by terrain

    Hello and good day! Can someone help me to solve a problem I am having with a water, please? The problem is as it appears in the image I attach, here, for depiction: To describe the circumstances that (from my point of view) have led to it: I have created a map with an "Initial Cliff Level...
  8. HerlySQR

    Plataforms in water

    Hello, Is there a way that the platforms can be seen underwater, when they are elevated?
  9. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Two headed unit (=+1 head import) and water doodad animation slow - please

    So I tried to import and fuse a head from one WoW model to another with little success. I need the imported head to act somewhat in tandem with the original one like how the two headed ogres act. The issue is it looks weird and the head acts as if it weren't attached because of its animations...
  10. annaka

    water problem

    Greetings, for the life of me, I can't get the "rolling shores" to work properly. What I mean by that is water without the cliffs, with smooth shores and the "tidal wave animation". I know how to get the smooth water but the animation does not appear. I tried to start a map with shallow water...
  11. Kretoma

    [General] Gold harvesting pathing in water

    Greetings community! :) I have faced a similar issue as in this thread: [General] - Pathing Issue: Returning Resources over deep water I uploaded the file. I made it as minimatistic as possible. I made two only water placeable buildings out of the human shipyard. One with the gold mine...
  12. Hankxiety

    [General] Pathing Issue: Returning Resources over deep water

    Noticing that worker units ordered to Return Resources will hesitate to cross deep water. Troubleshooting Have tested with Movement Type - Amphibious and Float. Have tested with Art - Model File Peasant and Human Transport Ship. Have tested with both Gold and Lumber harvesting. The problem...
  13. Wark

    [Template / Terrain] Environmental Effects

    There's something I have not seen on Hive as of yet: the use of terrain-based environmental effects. What do I mean? Well, I'm glad you asked! You know how in certain MOBA-styled games you can hide in bushes? Ever wonder why the lava in some maps doesn't burn your units? Well, I want to make...
  14. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Blue Sea Elemental

    Can someone make a blue reef/sea elemental (like the water elemental)? The original looks too green to match with my other units.
  15. Tzalksar

    [General] Localized Water Coloring - Mulitple Water colors in single map

    As the title says, I'm looking for help to see if I can do different water colors for separate bodies of water. Like, I may want like a small pond of what looks like blood (darkred) and maybe like a vat of acid (green) in another spot. Edit: While we're at it: changing visibility for doodads...
  16. HerrDave

    Smooth Waterfall / Water Level

    I used to know how to make a smooth waterfall (multiple water planes that connect smoothly) AND Not only can I not recall it to save my life, but all of the old guides are either too old to have the very, very necessary pictures, or the text-based ones simply don't work. I dearly need help...
  17. Nemesis_

    Coastal Conflict

    Hi all! This is my first map that I made from scratch.(still WIP) It's basically a map where you play as the murlocs trying to invade a fortified human coastal town. It's not supposed to be amazing or anything but just a fun little map for you to enjoy. I got inspiration for this map from the...
  18. N'zoth

    A Pack of Colored Falls?

    Tried to edit the nodes of falls models but colors cannot be changed. No effect at all. I'm looking for these waterfalls with colors: 1. Acid-colored (For fel use) 2. Violet-colored (For void waters) 3. Brown (For muddy waters) Tried to use the basic waterfalls to a volcanic map I made and it...
  19. NoodleRamen22

    Water and Cliff fix

    This error annoys me everytime. Please help me to fix this error and I searched for this fix and nothing shows. :( 74% Happens this error when creating a map. I don't know if it was in graphics.
  20. Grimhollow


    I was creating a campaign about murlocs and I need your help that if you could find me somewhere or create one of a gorloc unit. I need to fill my new model called 'Underlair', a coral reef with creepy look and I want the ancient murlocs or gorlocs to be trained there. Much of thanks to who...
  21. VAC

    I need help with a custom item.

    Hi guys. I'm trying to modify the Sacrificial Skull in order to make a new item. Instead of generating blight, I want the land area to cave down (like the effect of a stomp or slam) and to be filled with shallow water (with real water, not just graphic). Is it possible to do this using triggers...
  22. Fintrik

    Sound request

    Hi can someone make sound "not enough water" for me please? I need it for my map :P
  23. Neruvatar

    Fish Models Needed

    Not for my current project, but future projects. I need abundance of fish species that is complete with animations (if possible): Stand - 1 : standing still Stand - 2 : swimming Spell - 1 : feeding/eating Spell - 2 : laying eggs animation Death : death (duh) Morph...
  24. starter_e

    Water waves model from TFT main menu screen

    Good evening all. I was staring blankly at the Frozen Throne main menu screen when I noticed the water waves were not an illusion created by the floating ice chunks. I looked for a water wave model and couldn't find anything. I was wondering if anyone could somehow get a hold of ("extract"?) the...
  25. TheGoldenGoblin

    [General] How do I use Water Tiles?

    Hi, I got the Water (Felwood) model from The Ultimate Terraining Map 3.0 but I can't figure out how I'm supposed to use it to look good. I would need "normal" water like Ashenvale or Lordaeron Summer but i need Felwood water for a swamp. I got a water doodad with pathing texture circle of power...