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  1. Gray_Fox

    ChaosChasers : 4 Player Co-op RPG

    -- 2 Years have passed since the Chaos Champions defeated Grandmaster Mor'biuth and halted his schemes. However, ... evil still lurks within Blightheart Hold and the land still festers with rot. Now, this new Mor'bian Cult seeks to resurrect its' former master and the heroes must once again...
  2. Peon vs Snow Wolf

    Peon vs Snow Wolf

    Helping to test Snow Wolf custom boss.
  3. tmmcv

    Help with multiplayer testing and scripts review of a custom map

    Don't know where to put this thread, to "Map Development" or "Triggers&Scripts". As the title implies. First time I'm seriously developing a map in world editor. This one is a Tower Defense map based (very loosely) on a Green TD and Diablo 2. Before releasing it to the public I would like to...
  4. Cheshire

    test maps offline - reforged

    hey there, after holding out untill now, I finally caved and reforged. Is there a way to test maps on reforged without connecting to Bnet? as someone who mostly mods, this seems crazy and makes it very annoying to trigger and de-bug maps when it takes plural minutes just to open and test a...
  5. pootykins

    want to release game but its in alpha and i need testers

    I just finished my alpha for an RTS/RPG hybrid in the editor. i have spent 4 1/2 months and well over 200 hours on this thing so it's no joke (except maybe that im a newb) and i have a lot of pride in it. i want to share it with y'all but under "map subscription" it was specified to not submit...
  6. Cheshire

    need feedback on map layout

    hey all, I made this altered melee and would be happy to get some feedback on the functionality of the layout. other feedback will also be readily accepted. thanks!
  7. Jaccouille

    What do you use docker for?

    I used to make VM with virtualBox to make small development environment, for testing new language, recently I got some issue with them and lost time reinstalling some. I've heard about docker for years, but didn't take the time to look at it before, now I am looking at tutorials to set up...
  8. juvian

    [Misc] Lan hosting multiple players single PC

    As you all know, kloader has not been working for quite some time, and no new alternative has been proposed. With 1.30 version there is no need anymore for sandboxie to be able to run 2 clients, but trying to join lan from both fails, even using sandboxie. This leaves map testing for multiplayer...

    Can I get help with some leak testing?

    Hi guys, I've lurked here since I have been interested in world editor and since I have been playing WC3. I decided to make a campaign, based loosely on a non-descript DnD campaign. I'm having a lot of fun throwing stuff together, as I'm pretty new to most parts of the world editor. I've...
  10. Pugnadeus

    Heroes of Loria RPG

    Heroes of Loria Heroes of Loria is an RPG map that aims to create an enjoyable experience that features a progressive storyline filled with fights against monsters and bosses. Players have to complete quests, explore, progress and defeat bosses in order to reach the end. I decided to put some...
  11. AquaFire

    Test Mode: NPCs Player Placeholders Don't Count?

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to figure out how to set a "Team Gold" system so that whenever a player kills a unit, it counts up the number of allies, then divides the amount of gold gained among each player. I have been testing this solo and I have noticed that open spots for players have been...
  12. Guillimans

    [Defense / Survival] Testing a new map

    Hello there! One of my late maps of which I have had some testing with but I am unable to invest all of my time into it. And that is the reason why I'm putting it on here in the development section to see if you lovely people will give me your thoughts. It is called the Defence of Tolimoo. A...
  13. Lions_Blood

    Looking for MakeMeHost Mappers Priority Account HELP

    Hello, i am a professional map maker looking for help within the HiveWorkshop Community. My current project that is still being developed is ZDC or Zombie Defense Custom. It is extremely popular when hosted but can rarely be updated due to a lack of hosting. I'd like to point out that ENT is...