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special effect

  1. StangtennisGuru

    [SD/Modeling] Crosshair Special Effect

    I fell like this HAS to already exist, but I just can't find it. Essentially I need something like a red crosshair that you can attatch to a unit's overhead or head to show that it is being targeted. Something like the original hunter's mark icon from wow Hunter's Mark If you know of one that...
  2. Regno

    [Wurst] Special Effect not appearing

    EventListener.add(EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_ENDCAST) -> caster = GetTriggerUnit() let stand = "Stand" let attack = "Attack" if EventData.getSpellAbilityId() == 'A000' StopSound(Q1, false, false) PlaySound("Q2.mp3")...
  3. ThompZon

    [vJASS] Simple Delayed Effect Destroyer

    I searched for a while for a simple way of destroying effects later. The reason for this is that some special effects, one cannot destroy instantly. My soultion, write a function that does this, but I had a few problems and searched on the hive for a simple delayed special effect destroyer...
  4. HerlySQR

    Efect to start an spell

    Hello, I wanna an effect for an ability that involves creating a vortex, this effect must make it appear that great power is being unleashed.
  5. HerlySQR

    Removing an effect

    Its there a way to remove effect without doing the death animation?, maybe in the recent versions, but I'm using the 1.26 version.
  6. HerlySQR

    Effect visible for a player

    Hello everybody, Is there a way that a special effect only can be seen just for a player (or group of players)?
  7. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Spell] Special effect tinting not working?

    Hello everyone, Today I'm working on making a barrier spell that absorbs a set amount of incoming damage. I actually already know how to do this mechanically, but I'm struggling with the art. I want to use the Frost Armor buff special effect, but I would like for it to be more purple. I...
  8. Macadamia

    [Solved] BlzPlaySpecialEffectWithTimeScale ?

    Hello everyone ! As some might have read recently, I made a custom spell that changes my attacking creeps (Balls) into "Roasting" versions. As I could not transform the unit properly with changing animation as the portrait did not change (even with Chaos or other metamorphosis spells, I opted...
  9. bruunk

    Negative "Art - Pitch angle (Degrees)" field

    I was looking at this great tutorial here about manipulating special effects and I really wanted to implement one of these things into my map. The instructions are simple and I followed them but it simply did nothing. I was wondering if I was missing something or perhaps if this is no longer...
  10. Macadamia

    Custom Ability Buff SFX refuses to loop.

    Hello there. Still working on my map, and now the Lua conversion if finished and working perfectly, I am trying to fix old issues that I never really managed to fix before. So far I believe I have fixed all of them, except a problem I have been banging my head on the wall for days without...
  11. bruunk

    Is there a way to change the direction of special effects attatched to a unit?

    I've been trying to add custom triggers to a basic spell just to change up the look to it, however I'm not having any luck with one particular thing- the angle, or direction, of the spawned special effect. I'm trying to use the Special Effect - Change Pitch/Yaw/Roll functions but no matter...
  12. bruunk

    Need help with "Special Effect - Set Color Of"

    Hi, I am trying to a simple re-color of an ability's effect (Breath of Fire) where the ability instead of being the default orange-ish red color, would instead be a bluish-purple color. I have set up a trigger in the GUI that I assumed would change the color as the name suggests, but the effect...
  13. ScourgeWarchief

    Birth Animation Integration

    Hey guys i'm working on a custom map and trying to make my buildings use a custom birth as a sfx, setting a time trigger to remove it. i was wondering if there is a way to remove the birth effect when the building is completed instead? (when i use warpten cheat for example it would detect the...
  14. Teitan

    Can someone please extract the Ritual Dagger Caster special effect for me?

    With classic broken and my map dead, i decided to uninstall and re-install the game from my old cd, now i have working warcraft 3 again but i need the ritual dagger healing special effect for a spell on my map, i knew how to extract stuff from the mpq before but with the new CASC thing i'm...
  15. Ofel

    Operating special effect orientation

    Hello guys I'm back wrestling with special effect, now with the orientation. I used this library: library OrientEffect //============================================================================================ //OrientEffect by Cyclotrutan...
  16. BradPittlord

    [Solved] Special Effect Height

    Is there a way to set a special effects height? These don't seem to work Special Effect - Set Position - Z of (Last created special effect) to 400.00 Special Effect - Set Height of (Last created special effect) to: 400.00 This works on a dummy unit but does it leak a point? Special Effect...
  17. NekoToast

    [Spell] Effect Attached on unit scale.

    Hello, im currently learning triggering and stuff. I wanna make a spell that creates sort of a field attached to my Hero and every enemy in range of this field is heavily slowed (Like a magnetic field), but i have no idea how to make the effect bigger on my Hero to match the AoE of the ability...
  18. Ofel

    Special effect orientation with offset

    How to make an effect face an angle with offset to its roll and pitch? For example, an effect's 3D orientation is facing a unit's head, but I want to make it face a little up and a little left of it's current orientation (pitch and roll). And what is the formula to set an effect facing (the...
  19. Ofel

    Dealing with special effect orientation (new functions)

    I would like to use special effect as my projectile missile rather than dummy unit. The problem here is about the orientation. I used this to change the dummy unit orientation: function SetUnitPitch takes unit targetUnit, real pitch returns nothing local integer i = R2I(pitch * bj_RADTODEG...
  20. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    Fire Breathing Statue

    I am currently looking for a Doodad model. What i need is a statue that could be either put next to a wall or look as though it was hanging from the wall. The statue should have some sort of gaping monster head. it can be a dragon but it doesnt have to. Anything will work as long as it will look...
  21. Vunjo

    monkaS Emote Special Effect Request

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to fulfill my simple request. I'd like the following picture to be used for a small special effect that I could then use above characters' heads as a debuff or anything alike. It does not require any specific animations, for as long as it...