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  1. lolreported

    Minimap Icon Edit (Size Reduction)

    Hello, I'm not sure if these are textures or models that have to be edited, but I'd like to request someone to reduce the size of the icons I've marked in the image below: It might be related to the from the Game Interface in the World Editor. The larger one is the icon for a building...
  2. InsaneMonster

    Size of media

    Hey there! In the beta, I can see the videos I embed in my project page to be one in top of the other, instead of being side by side. This is because the size of the project page is much lower, width wise. I think a way to reduce the size of the embedded media preview could be very useful to...
  3. NME Ironarrow

    Increase the size of Lightning Effect

    Hey Everyone! Is there a way to increase the size of a lightning effect such as healing wave?
  4. Scale Nightmare

    Scale Nightmare

    Have a peanut butter shrooms sandwich while taking a closer look at the regular scale of everything in WC3 or just take a deep breath.
  5. Tom_Almighty1

    Increase Minimap Size And Move It

    Guys I was trying to move the minimap and increase its size. I am using Warcraft 3 TFT non-reforged 1.31. Here are the triggers (GUI): Custom Script: local framehandle minimap = BlzGetOriginFrame(ORIGIN_FRAME_MINIMAP, 0) Custom Script: call BlzFrameClearAllPoints(minimap) Custom Script: call...
  6. urachi

    [General] Triggering - Hero gain size per level

    Hey lovely people, i am currently struggling on a simple trigger that would be: When a hero gets a level up, triggering hero gains 5% size. I know it is bloody easy but i just got stuck, please help me :xxd:
  7. Ricola3D

    How is managed collision between units ?

    Hello, I have a hero fighting a big boss (model Pit Lord with scale x3), like shown by the image below. However when I fight to melee, my hero goes inside the ennemy selection circle, in collision with its mesh. What settings do I have to change in WE to avoid that ? I tried to change the...
  8. SoooK

    Change "window" size of floating text

    I want my floating text to be displayed over the gap. But I don't want to create several floating text next to each other, in order to mimic one. Is there any way to change the "window" size? *changing font size doesn't work.
  9. Manuel

    Looking for german speeking Modeller/Suche deutschsprachigen Modeller

    Hallo everybody, i am looking for an german speaking and active modeller. It makes it much easier for me to ask something or talk to that person. Specially i have problems with creating models for attachment or changing models for different kind of characters with different sizes or figures...
  10. HerrDave

    New patch hard-capped map sizes

    "full map area exceeds the limit of 65536 cells" Despite being run in a player-made editor which can make maps of 480x480. Due to this error I cannot change the water colour, loading screen, time of day, fog, etc. Does anybody know a workaround for this, or is it too new a change?
  11. raco12

    [General] I can change Size of a map once its already created?

    I am creating a blank base map with all the units, buildings and heroes that I will use later in the campaign I am planning to do, but I do not know if you can change the map environment, size without losing the units created and imported or easily passed them To all to a new map without need of...
  12. Zenonoth

    [General] Map hosting size

    Dunno if this is the right section to post this but does anyone know what's the maximum multiplayer map size that can be hosted on battlenet?
  13. 13lack_Ro$e

    Custom map size limit {solved}

    Hi all. In a map that I'm working on , I'd like to have a lot of high quality models , but the problem is the size of the map is getting big (average size of high quality models is 2 MB per model) so is there a limit for a Warcraft map size ? How much is that limit? 15 MB?20?30? Also is there a...
  14. ModernWizard

    How heavy is a mdx file that have 11k tris w/o bones, and animations?

    Does anybody know about this?
  15. Darkfang

    Direct Size Icon Making Tutorial in PAINT.NET

    Also remember to download and use the Button Manager tool and the BLP Lab tool. Orb of the Sun
  16. BETA

    Periodic Unit Size Change

    How do I periodically alter a unit's size through triggers? I want to imitate Invoker's EMP ability(DOTA2).
  17. Revan014

    How big is too big?

    Heyo, a new map I am working on features enlarged vanilla buildings. The human ones look fine but some of the others are either too big or too small. Right now they are all scaled to around 2.00 of the original size. Any help?