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  1. HerlySQR

    Is this number of regions possible?

    Hello, I accidentally opened a map I had and I saw that is loading this number of regions: Is this possible or is bugged or is a map protection? By the way I have to force quit it because I will take forever load that.
  2. ZeroGravity

    A trigger that make everyone outside of region loses?

    Just like the topic, to make you see the big picture, a chopper will take that hero unit to safe zone which guarantee the owner a win while players outside who did not make it within time limit will get defeat screen. I think using hero unit as condition will be easier since there might be...
  3. Death Adder

    [Solved] GetRectCenter & GetRectCenterX/Y not working?

    I had a problem with my trigger not working for some some reason, and I just couldn't figure out why. The coordinates always ended up at the center of the map, which they should not. I narrowed it down to the preplaced regions (rect) somehow not working, but no matter how I look and test it...
  4. Dispatcher

    Problem with Unit Spawn and move

    Hello guys i have a problem here in my WE i have created a Unit - Spawn in my map i learned it on youtube and when i tested it works! But i have a few problem related to that No.1 when my units go to the region where they attack which the region is in the middle of my base they sometimes just...
  5. ravellani

    Region Trigger Help

    Can somebody explain why these triggers wont work? The first one creates the point and moves the regions but it wont add the units to the unit group when they enter/leave the regions. WHy would the unit enters/leaves a region event not work? Acid Rain Events Player - Player 1 (Red)...
  6. bruunk

    [Solved] Does this leak? (Region centered at 'point' condition)

    I have a feeling that this might be leaking, but am not sure and cannot find any info on it. I know the points leak, I have a trigger running every .2 seconds, setting 'Point[22]' and clearing it 0.198 seconds later. More what I'm wondering about is the region itself. Does the region clear after...
  7. Tom_Almighty1

    Make units avoid a region while moving.

    Guys I am making a purely open world game where you can jump in things, go into higher terrain, etc. But my problem is that I am purely using REGIONS, also as pathing blockers. I can't use the normal pathing blockers because I need to detect a unit's flying height to see if he can pass through a...
  8. ilMale

    RectContainsUnit doesn't work

    Hi guys, I'm encountering a big problem with triggers. I've 2 trigger. One of this is in GUI: UnitEntersInSide Events Unit - A unit enters Region 042 <gen> Unit - A unit enters Side Team 1 <gen> Unit - A unit enters Side Team 2 <gen> Unit - A unit enters Side...
  9. ilMale

    RectContainsUnit doesn't work!

    Hi guys, I'm encountering a big problem with triggers. I've 2 trigger. One of this is in GUI: UnitEntersInSide Events Unit - A unit enters Region 042 <gen> Unit - A unit enters Side Team 1 <gen> Unit - A unit enters Side Team 2 <gen> Unit - A unit enters Side...
  10. iown_azz

    Maze Triggers - Death Region

    Are you making a maze and you know not much of coding or just lazy to add each region in GUI? Well today I bring to you a little project I am working on. A website of LUA Triggers for mazes, maybe other things as well. It is a website because now anyone can use it instead of making it in a...
  11. .DotQ


    Hello guys i dont know what will be my thread cause i dont know what is the thing what in my mind I have some problem if there is 3 region so then will spawn there cause i have a starter spawner which stays there before they send off to the enemy which making them invulnerable before...
  12. Gumberbunbder

    [General] Change Camera Height in Region

    I'm making a mult-level city out of walkable doodads and I need a camera system which will change a players camera height depending on which level of the city their camera is centered on. I currently have this, but how do I make it functional for multiple players? I don't know anything about...
  13. Moonbreakzor

    How to trigger income for specific units in a specific region?

    Hi there, This is my first post and I hope it's not a silly question. I've spent many hours trying to solve this trigger system. I've tried countless variations, which work more or less. But none like I want it to. I am trying to add a small income every 2 seconds for the player for each...
  14. Bangsgaard

    [Solved] Place item in region

    How do i make a trigger detect when an item-type is placed in a specific region?
  15. itsTrixyB11TCH

    Terrain - Change terrain type using For each (Integer A)

    Must be in GUI, possibly with custom scripts. if impossible to do so, JASS can be used instead with a greater explanation, since I've never used JASS. I've been looking around the hws, and I'm a bit confused? I've been working on a TD, where you vote for the track to be used. The voted track...
  16. FlameofChange

    [Strategy / Risk] Baguette Total War

    Here we go, a game which sweats of baguette and honhonhon all over the place. It won't be a very large scale project but will have a solid finish line. I'm eager to show what i learned about JASS ! France Total War, qu'est-ce que c'est ? From the shadows of my home country, it shall be a 22...
  17. Veronnis

    [Solved] Possible to Reference Region / Rect Name?

    Hello, I'm just curious if anyone happens to know if you can reference a region or rects name, for an example purpose like such: Event: Unit enters region Action: Play Sound Array [(Substring 1,1 of region/rect entered)]
  18. Yui Moe

    [Unit Enter Region Event] Detect if user enter any region of an region array.

    Hello everyone, I am new to trigger editor and using GUI right now (not familiar with JASS/Lua tho :() My question is simple, Is there any easy way to detect if unit enters any regions of a given region array? For example, I declared a global variable and initialized: myRegionArray = [region1...
  19. victorsuazo1991


    Hi. I am currently modifying an RPG to adapt it from solitary to online. It happens that it inserts a musical subject in each different region of the map, to acclimate according to the scene of the RPG the music of the game. But when doing it in online mode, I must solve the problem that for...
  20. LazyKnight

    [Solved] [Spell] Pick all Units in front of Caster within a square?

    Hi there. I'm trying to make a spell which could damage all units in front of Caster and push them all back, thus I need to pick all units in front of Caster within a square. I've searched the forum and just get some result related to "front" & "sector", yet I need the square. I know we could...
  21. Nemesis_

    Training Guard units

    I need help where in the event a unit dies, a unit prod structure will train another unit to replace it(moving to it's region and facing north) I would like it such that this newly trained unit, when killed, also will trigger another unit to be trained to take it's place so on and on.
  22. Death Adder

    turn rects into regions

    Is there some simple way to just turn pre-placed rects in the world editor into regions? Or a proper event response for rects like GetTriggeringRegion()? I'm not using vJass so I can't declare globals without GUI Also, the TriggerRegisterEnterRectSimple() seems to be a region, but it's...
  23. deepstrasz

    Locust, moving & enter regions, unit groups

    What am I doing wrong? Please help. I'm going nuts. The ArcaneBlast unit is flying and has the Locust ability. There's a region moving with (periodic event). The problem is, that when ArcaneBlast gets near enemy units, it very rarely triggers the last part of the triggers (where an enemy enters...
  24. Diegoit

    Unit enters ANY region event

    As tittle says, is there a way to detect when X unit enters to any region?.
  25. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    Check if point is passable

    So essentially ive been trying to make a dash skill that stopped when the unit collides with a Wall/Building/DDooa (unpassable terrain in general) . I know how to do the dash itself and i know how to make the unit stop upon reaching the destinuppon as well as stop uppon hitting a unit. Its the...
  26. Inspexor

    Units in a region getting healed when percentage-life = lower than 50%

    I'm trying to add a trigger to my custom map where units in a specific region or units that are in range of the healer get healed by the healer when their percentage life drops below 50%. However it seems like i can't find the right triggers. I was thinking about something like: Event: Every 2...
  27. hypsandar

    [General] How to disable building in a certain region?

    I'm working on a new version of my map, (cant be found on Hive yet, its listed at makemehost.com) How can I disable building in a certain region? There's this no pvp safe zone, which is the spawn area and err, I don't want players to build there. Its a city with shops, trainers, etc.
  28. Warchieftan

    [Solved] Remove Units in Region when no player-owned units in Region

    Hey, Ive been racking my mind over this the last two days so any help would be appreciated. I'm attempting to create a trigger to remove all units in a region owned by player 12 ((brown)Computer) when there are no units in the region owned by players 1-10 (Users) Ive tried any variation of...
  29. TheAyalalalalon

    Trigger region move

    Hello I need some help with triggers I am trying to make a Region moves every .05 seconds to the position of a specific unit. Also i need that if another unit enters this region kill both Made those but did not work for me Moving Events Time - Every 0.03 seconds of game time...
  30. YuHuang

    questions about attack priority, trainloop , creating contamination, attack/move with regions ....

    how does value priority work ? it goes from 0 - 20 .... if a unit0 is under attack of 2 units and unit1 has value priority 5 and unit2 has value priority 10 .... which unit does unit0 attack ? i want to create a trainloop but i tried 2 trigger and nothing worked .... Ereignisse Einheit - A...
  31. Overlords Ascention

    Overlords Ascention

    Holy War Boss Mode
  32. LunarLite

    [Spell] Need help with constant double circular region checking

    Hey there hive, I'm working on a spell for my map over here--- But i've been out of the Wc3 scene for like forever and i'm having trouble figuring out how to get it to do what I want. I only use GUI. The idea of the spell is to create 2 AoE circles/regions, A bigger one and a smaller one...