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  1. Jampacked11

    [Defense / Survival] DC Save The Day

    Posting this at the suggestion of others, and for your convenience. Hey, if anyone's interested in some DC Hero Models, I made a map a few months back that's unprotected so anyone can check out the models and spells in the map. It's not that I've completely discontinued the project, I'm just...
  2. fireblasts

    League Of Warcraft

    Map based off of League of Legends aos Just looking for someone who can aid me in trigger work and hero design
  3. skillzmfg3

    [Role Playing Game] Reviving an Old Project: Lothaleven Wars

    Greetings everyone! With the recent announcement of WC3 Reforged my passion for Warcraft has generally been reignited. While I do enjoy playing other people's custom maps my real passion lies in creating my own maps. Now while you read, please do keep in mind I haven't done anything WC3 related...
  4. sk4

    [Role Playing Game] Artifacts ORPG

    Artifacts ORPG is a theme-park ORPG designed to challenge players (1-22) to complete in quests, world PvP, and dungeons. Game takes a lot of inspiration from classic WoW. It is designed to take players weeks to complete on regular play sessions (1-2 hours daily play session expected). Alpha and...
  5. Clubbies

    [Role Playing Game] Survive: Radroris

    Greetings Hive, Current status: Alpha Development Elaboration: Most framework is complete, substantial amount of unfinished content with a significant number of bugs. ~90% optimized for performance. An 8-player, third-person perspective, PVP & PVE survival ORPG. During your time in...
  6. Sleepless

    Lets talk about PvP

    PvP in Action games. Competitiveness, skill, challenge, the potential to outplay your opponent in fast-paced combat, action (mostly Hero Arenas). I'm not talking about strategy type like Castle Fight, Legion TD, Azeroth Wars (whatever today's kidz play) that isn't in the action category. Famous...
  7. Pebble

    [Aeon of Strife] Stones of Magic (BETA)

    Stones of Magic by Pebble Stones of Magic is a 3-Player Custom Map for Warcraft III that I've been working on for a few months now. It's finally at a point where I feel I can release it and hopefully get some feedback. Up until now, only myself and a few of my friends have played the map...
  8. QuantumT

    Island Troll Tribes Tournament

    Island Troll Tribes is a Survival PvP Arena game in which you and your tribe build up a base, hunt for meat and gather items to make gear. The ultimate goal is to fight with and defeat the opposing tribe(s). Hey Guys, We would like to invite everyone to our Island Troll Tribes Tournament. Clan...
  9. Venkolm

    [Altered Melee] Alliance vs Horde

    Allright, i am entirely new in here and this is even my first thread. Don't hope for miracles. This isn't my first map, but is gonna be the last! I've been editing, assisting and balancing some other.. three maps (i think), made one myself, for RoC tho, 'cuz an ex girlfriend of mine deleted the...
  10. Pugnadeus

    Heroes of Loria RPG

    Heroes of Loria Heroes of Loria is an RPG map that aims to create an enjoyable experience that features a progressive storyline filled with fights against monsters and bosses. Players have to complete quests, explore, progress and defeat bosses in order to reach the end. I decided to put some...
  11. esdo

    [Hero Arena] Arena based on World-PVP

    I really like "Angel Arena" - i Think the idea is great, even tho it is implemented horribly. For those who don't know, Angel Arena is a Hero Arena type map that combines PVP and PVE elements. Players need to farm mobs to gain levels and gold at the same time they fight ( or avoid ) players...
  12. Nordmar

    [Defense / Survival] Battle in Magicforest

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