1. AhriCutii

    [Import] Custom animation made in mdlvis not importing properly

    Hi all, I just made a custom animation for the Archer in mdlvis, and it doesnt really work in game. Making the archers play this animation through a trigger doesnt do anything, and in the little animation preview box in the editor, the animation only renders if its at a distance higher than...
  2. Astromen

    Help mdlvis delphi5 code-language

    Hi, I'm writing cause I need a bit of help with mdlvis, I found the source-code in xgn and want to modify only one small thing, the texture visualizer mode, I tried to find alexey2005 for help or permission to edit but I have no luck :( , Ok so the problem is: model normals; when you edit a...
  3. Xardian

    Do old tools still work for Reforged?

    Greetings, you wonderful hive community! So, a little insight on my situation. I have been modding, modeling, texturing and loving wc3 for well over a decade now. I have been working on a project for about 9 years (with several do overs, because I was an unfocused teen and developing my skills)...
  4. Tigrick

    Alternative to Mdlvis? (need program for attaching vertices to bones)

    Mdlvis messes up normals. I tested it. Each time you open a model in Mdlvis, it changes normals, and this can make a model's lighting weird. I want to find another program that allows attaching vertices to bones. Suggestions welcome.
  5. Tigrick

    Fix weird normals for me plz

    Hello everyone, the normals on the face of this model are odd, resulting in weird lighting: Can someone quickly fix this? Maybe sb with access to a tool that can automatically recalculate normals. Thanks in advance, +rep promised!
  6. Yours Truly

    Attaching vertices to a bone crashes Mdlvis

    Hey I've been trying to import the vanilla War3 Sylvanas animations to this WoW model. The results wasn't very nice so I removed every WoW bones on the model and transferred the War3 bones to the model. From there, I started attaching each individual vertices to a bone where it would be on the...
  7. Preparation for work

    Preparation for work

  8. Zak17

    MDLVis says textures are missing

    So I'm following the tutorial in this thread: Skinning and Wrapping tutorial and things were going good until i got to step 6. I click modules, UV Map Editor, and then i get a textures missing error. Even the custom texture i want to rewrap is missing. Any suggestions? I'm gonna be honest, Im...
  9. Tom_Almighty1

    Animation Problems.

    Guys I created a model through Milkshape 3D and tried animating in in MDLVIS, everything seems fine. 1 stand animation from 100-3000 key frames. The problem is whenever I open the model in Magos Model Editor and World Editor it always twitches a few areas for some reason. I am new to animating...
  10. Xeryxoz

    (Mdlvis Issue) Model texture-shading problem

    Alright, so, I come with a little problem which I've noticed through a little bit of exploring. My exploration process: I've taken one of the models from Tranquil's modular wall sets currently on hive so that I may edit a small aspect (It had clipping issues at the screen border, such as...
  11. Rolo

    MdlVis BLP error

    Dear Hive, Since the newest patch (1.29) My Mdlvis has a problem opening blp files. Whenever I try to go into textured view, it gives me a error message telling me 'Can't unpack blp'. Someone else I know also has this problem. What I found out thusfar: -If I put Mdlvis inside an apart folder...
  12. lv99zephiroth

    Can you duplicate geosets?

    Hi! I'm trying to customize a character model with the Model Editor and MdlVis, and I'm wondering if you can duplicate geosets, as I aim to give the model an extra pair of horns. Duplicating only the horn part of the needed geoset woud probably be most useful. Question is: can the duplication...
  13. Athur12A2

    [Need help] No rotating circle in Mdlvis

    Hi guys, I recently have this problem with mdlvis. It work normally before, but one day it just disappeared. I can manage but it is hard to rotate bone in 3D without it. Can someone tell me how to fix it? Ps: I surely had un-ticked the Workplane box
  14. SVT2002

    Rotations and Scaling to Translations

    Hello, Mdlvis can transform all the non-linear translations, rotations and scalings to linear. My question is:can I transform all the linear rotations and scalings to linear translations?