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Help mdlvis delphi5 code-language

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Dec 17, 2009
Hi, I'm writing cause I need a bit of help with mdlvis, I found the source-code in xgn and want to modify only one small thing, the texture visualizer mode, I tried to find alexey2005 for help or permission to edit but I have no luck :( , Ok so the problem is:

model normals; when you edit a model in mdlvis and you press the button to view the model texturized the normals seem to get mess(and I think this have information like where the texture faces and where shadows draw), I tried to edit models in wireframe mode but its really hard but the normals are fine when I edit it like this, the mdlvis is the most comfortable editor for me, I tried others but they are not the same hehe, I hope someone can help me, the program is coding in delphi5, I want to find the part that is causing that but I don't have much knowledge about delphi5 coding, of course only if is it allowed to edit without permission, like I said before I didn't get response from him

greetings :goblin_good_job:
Someone did send me that code at some point. I read through some of it, but then I got lazy, so I did not ever bother to combine it. You can see I started in the folder of code called mdlvisripoff in ReteraModelStudio, but this code is not actually used because I never bothered to get it running:

I think that's pretty off-topic for someone who just wanted to recompile mdlvis, though. I did not ever actually recompile mdlvis myself while writing the above. I was just browsing the sourcecode and guessing at how the delphi/pascal behaviors probably worked and then trying to write equivalent code in a different language (java).

A few months ago I did get Magos War3ModelEditor to compile though. So it is within the realm of possibility to compile our existing tools, which is nice. I tried adding some support for Modulate2x for fun to War3ModelEditor for fun, but I did not get very far because I did not care too much. In particular, the only source code I ever had access to was the source for 1.05, but the public binaries are some other proprietary version 1.07. So, any modifications would also involve loss of updates, which is totally silly.

Kudos to the authors of War3ModelEditor and Mdlvis for making solid working binaries, though. Because I open sourced ReteraModelStudio and let other people modify it in full in the latest version, and I continue to try to do that, as a result there are versions with features I've never even seen. So that way it kind of has the opposite problem.

Anyway, I'm as useful as the next guy when it comes to delphi. I haven't used that. Someone asked me to install a delphi compiler to recompile jasshelper for them at some point, I believe. But in the end I didn't really follow through. It all seemed very annoying and/or time consuming to set up for someone who wasn't familiar with delphi.
My advice for dealing with Mdlvis would be to just write your own program instead. Does that mean I'm crazy?
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