1. Barbafire

    [Arena] Outerworld Arena ALPHA v.0.1

    Hello folks from all the Hive! I'm Fabiano Silva, also known as Barbafire (annoucing myself for one more time), and I'm coming here to announce my project, previously called "Gladiator Map for War3": Outerworld Arena! Project Idea (already posted here at Hive, and copied right below): I have...
  2. Barbafire

    [Arena] Gladiator Map for War3 - First Development Phase Completed

    Good evening for everyone here at Hive Workshop! I'm Fabiano Silva, also know as Barbafire, and last year I've posted my idea for a warcraft mod, that combine "Orc Gladiators" with "Legendary Gladiators" mod. Post about my idea here: [Arena] - Gladiator Map for Warcraft III - by Barbafire I...
  3. zimperaman

    does anyone know the name of this orpg map?

    I haven't played in years so I remember very little, I know that the city was kind of in the center of the map in a square format, it had a weather system, for example in a storm you only had half the movement speed and the map itself looked being from the ice and the minimap was made up of...
  4. Lordliw

    Map crashing

    Hi, so this is not my map, I edited it, but the terrain is from Turnro's famous Rowan the Wise custom campaign. I have a problem that I cannot resolve. My game keeps crashing while playing and it happens at random intervals. I've checked out the gameplay to see what could the factors be for it...
  5. Ace Madonna

    [Role Playing Game] Detached Tales Whispers: Her Lullaby (DISCONTINUED)

    Just a doodle I've been working on these past weekends. Figured that the effort wouldve been put to waste If I were to not post it xD. A little background info: This map remains unfinished (as seen by the horrendous terrain (Im gonna fix that soon)) :L and I hope some day I'll return to...
  6. ActionGorilla

    Custom Gaming Discord

    Hey all, I recently started back to Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 and found it was difficult to start a lot of older custom maps due to limited visibility and community, so I decided to start one up myself. A brief description is below. We would love to have additional members! We are an active...
  7. darkravenbest

    Reforged map cloud

    Hello! I know maybe im late with this topic and it was discussed many times, but i couldnt find any clear information on this subject. As long as i know when you host your map on its will be uploaded to their cloud, and downloaded directly by other player, which want to join you. I...
  8. ZeroGravity

    Is this trigger causing my map to lag so hard?

    So my map has been lagging from time to time, probably due to a lot of enemies at once and this trigger moves the certain type of enemies. I suspect as this is the only periodic time trigger I have which moves a lot of unit at once, it may cause the massive lag but how do I fix it? Is this...
  9. Barbafire

    [Arena] Gladiator Map for Warcraft III - by Barbafire

    Hi everybody! My name is Fabiano Silva, also known as Barbafire, and I'm here for some feedbacks. I'm studying Game Design, and I decided to create a mod (map) for Warcraft III to improve my skills, because it is the game that I most played all my life (I played at the golden age of mods in...
  10. ZeroGravity

    My map leaks and I don't know where.

    I have tried to search for it but no clue. It's like something is glitching every 2 or 3 seconds but I have tried turning off the suspected triggers which don't help at all. I don't think my triggers leak but it's like the framerate drop every 2 seconds or so, I wonder if anyone can help me...
  11. DarkLord7

    looking for game mode

    So there was this one map/game-mode I used to play like a decade ago on Warcraft 3. I've been trying to search for this map, but the problem is, I don't quite remember what it's called. I somewhat remember some key words, but I don't know for sure if they were actually there. I remember "team"...
  12. W

    What is your current favourite WC3R custom maps atm?

    What is your favourite WarCraft 3: Reforged custom maps at the moment?
  13. DatnessX

    Vampirism Ruins Beta

    Hello, here is a beta release od new Vampirism map. I am out of ideas so any suggestions are good. Post opinion or idea and i am gonna add it to the map. Credits will be offcourse given for helping with the map. I am curious for any response!
  14. Agility tavern of Light Side from Dota map

    Agility tavern of Light Side from Dota map

    Twelve new icons at agility tavern of Dark Side on Dota map. Some of them you can find at my resource section.
  15. Intelligence tavern of Light Side on Dota map

    Intelligence tavern of Light Side on Dota map

    Heroes at first intelligence tavern of Light Side on Dota map.
  16. Priestess of the Moon for Dota map

    Priestess of the Moon for Dota map

    Priestess of the Moon in Dota 2 Style. Based on model kangyan's model:
  17. Omniknight for my Dota map

    Omniknight for my Dota map

    Model by Ujimasa Hojo can be found here: Repainted Arthas hair by me :))) Icon can be found here:
  18. Lycanthrope from Dota map

    Lycanthrope from Dota map

    Lycanthrope skin used: Icon can be found here:
  19. Undying Zombie for Dota map.

    Undying Zombie for Dota map.

    Model by Ujimasa Hojo: Acolyte skin by Bumhunter: Zombie skin from here:
  20. Luashine

    Improve automated extraction of (listfile)?

    The topic has come up recently again where people cannot retrieve all of the file names of a broken MPQ map archive when using MPQEditor. Why is the situation so bad though? Explanation (if you know how listfiles and MPQEditor work, can skip reading this) I tried MPQEditor's W3X Name Scanner...
  21. master Gul'dan

    [Trigger] Need map tester

    Hi friends, I need testers to test my new map to find its problems. It isn't complate version. Also, if anyone would like to help me in making ai for it please send message for me.
  22. Altruistic Anduin

    [Reforged] "Familiar Places" | An aimless Village custom map project

    I've began to work on this map project not too long ago. The purpose of this map is still unknown, even to me. But we can go towards RPG, or "Hack-and-Slash", if you want a rough guess on what the map can be. It's a custom Village map because I've added other terrain brush from other tilesets...
  23. Luashine

    [Success] Hybrid 12/24-player map | Backwards-compatible 1.24-1.28.5 & 1.31+

    There's one thing about Warcraft 3 maps that surprised me the most: the maps are entirely dynamic. Well, almost. Practically everything you think is saved permanently with WorldEdit, it is actually set up in war3map.j with code when the map loads. This means you can edit a whole lot about a map...
  24. Luashine

    Multilanguage map prototype (Translation Tutorial)

    I'm going to write down stuff here, maybe I will turn it into a tutorial, maybe not. First, it's important to understand how MPQs work MPQs are like ZIP files. But the way the game accesses them makes it easy to create patches without actually changing the old file. It'll help if you look up...
  25. Territory of the Blood Drinker Legion

    Territory of the Blood Drinker Legion

    Territory of the Blooddrinker Legion and their main base of operation, the Blood keep in the lands of the Demons from The Legends of Arkain.
  26. CSW - Eastern Kingdoms Map

    CSW - Eastern Kingdoms Map

    alright friends, our man @Marthen wanted to tease you more with our own CSW map, this is another version that is going to be featured in the manual + a version with extreme details like the one you saw previously, but behold the full map shape of the eastern kingdoms
  27. SentenceXx

    Can't post Map

    Can't post my Map. The size of my map isn't that large. It's only 3MB, after dragging my map unto the box, nothing happens. Help me please.
  28. Guro

    [SD/Misc] Question about ''Team 1'' only Map. (Map Suggestion Appreciated)

    Hello, I don't know if this is a right place to ask about this but I'll give it a chance: I found this Map and wanted to play with friends but seems like it has only Team 1 Available and cant start the map because of it. Is there any way to fix this? I don't get it why was it made for 24...
  29. TheRedneckRebel

    [HD/Misc] Map Request: Silvermoon City (WoW Version)

    Hello again, I am requesting a World of Warcraft rendition of Silvermoon City. The map has to be maximum map size limit (Basically 480x480 unless I can find a way to make it even bigger.) because I would like to use a straight line of blight to be the Dead Scar. I am willing to also edit the map...
  30. Varcklen

    Looking for a map developer to support the map

    Hello everyone. I've been working on the "Boss Battle" map for over four years now (including ~2 years on wc3 1.32). I'm planning on doing other projects and don't have the time to support multiple projects on my own. I'm looking for a map developer who can take over some of the work on the map...
  31. gore23

    [SD/Misc] Help Fixing/Recovering 2 Old Maps Please?

    I am trying to find someone with knowledge and expertise in fixing/recovering 2 older maps. These were pretty big ones for me, but after finding them, unfortunately. They were broken... I have come across other posts on various locations praising these two maps, as well as some trying to find...
  32. DexterFstone

    [Aeon of Strife] map game mode idea

    Hi I try to make a map and I thinking to use this map or this, to make a 5v5 game mode. but for more detail, I don't have any idea to make an interesting game mode map pls, help me to find a good idea for the game mode and gameplay 5v5 ( or 3v3v3v3 - with change map template) it's like popular...
  33. Tristram Layout

    Tristram Layout

    General view of Tristram.
  34. Tristram Map

    Tristram Map

    The map of Tristram, from above, with all locations (some needs work and are not there), NPCs and doodads.
  35. Tristram - AGAIN

    Tristram - AGAIN

    A new look for the town of Tristram for the map - The Darkening of Tristram - Custom Models by me for Doodads usage only.
  36. frostwhisper

    Project Spotlight - Frostcraft

    The Hive's community continues its ceaseless work. Today we're looking at @Kaigar's promising new multi-player project which embraces Reforged's modernized graphics. Frostcraft is a multi-player action RTS designed to reward both tactic and skill. Enter the unforgiving lands of the north as...
  37. frostwhisper

    Quenching Mod v1.5 - Custom Campaigns on Patch 1.32+

    The WarCraft 3 Quenching Mod version 1.5 is finally here, bringing custom campaigns to Reforged for the first time! Join us with @Zorrot for a quick demonstration on how to load, run, and play .w3n files within the Reforged client. Special thanks to @Zorrot, @jixed and Keno for the mod and...
  38. Hero Strife TD FLAG

    Hero Strife TD FLAG

  39. Classic Warcraft III Style Custom World Map

    Classic Warcraft III Style Custom World Map

    A little something I puzzled together by sampling pieces of Blizzard's loading screens together with some WoW map icons. It's for a story I'm writing, but I doubt it'll ever actually become a Custom Campaign...
  40. trlk

    How to port a map from a Netease to original Warcraft? (Troll & Elves) (original) (changed description) Troll And Elves 新巨魔与精灵v3.9.6 by 详见F9 I really love this map, but I need help. This is the Chinese version of the trolls and elves from the NetEase platform. And it doesn't start on regular Warcraft. Hope...
  41. DaneTheBeast

    Looking for an old MOBA-style map

    I made a quick picture of the layout (yes yes it's beautiful isn't it) At game start you'd choose your hero. There were 4 bases, one in each of the 4 corners, with undead being bottom-left. You could take a direct narrow path towards an enemy base or go to the center where all 4 ways...
  42. LordHatchet95

    [General] Units/SFX disappearing, Sound issues [FIXED], and the Haunted gold mine problem

    Hello everyone. LordHatchet95 here, after a loooooooooong time of hiatus... Well, to the point: I've been working on a starcraft volcanic map, with high tides and low tides of lava... Both the triggers and the models are ready. The issue is the following: I ended up using "units" with...
  43. HerlySQR

    [Script] Check if this map is corrupted

    Hello can you tell me if this map is corrupted, if yes, could you tell me what to do?
  44. NightKnight

    Reforged UI Designer

    Allow me to introduce you to the: Ultimate Reforged UI Designer (RUID) There is now a new thread for this tool. This thread is no longer being updated. - Designed to take Map modding to the next level, with graphical Frame creation and adjustment. - Made for everyone, from the humble GUI...
  45. AkosiK3N

    [Cinematic] Project Piece of Peace (PPP) #1: Interlude

    Hello guys! This is my first project and I would like to show my first creation to you. This is the very first version of my map. It is an interlude so you only have to watch it. If you have time, please watch this and give feedback to me. It would be very important so that I can improve my map...
  46. enuofh

    Trying to find a map

    Hello,i'm trying to find a map. What i can recall its that there was titans on the edges of the map that players could play as(i think it went up to 4 each on the edges of on the sides of the map) and the rest would play as defenders to stop the titans. The titans were able to spawn units and...
  47. guardian90

    How to recovery war3map.w3u after lost it?

    Hi guys, I made a custom map in world editor. I try to protect my map by removing war3map.w3u follow the guide. I do copy a map before remove war3map.w3u and store it long long time ago. Now I can not find my original map anymore, maybe I lost it when I fix my PC or something happens. I just...
  48. Anton Wulff Jensen

    [General] How do I reduce lag on my map (Especially during combat)?

    So I've been working a long time on a huge RPG adventure map, and have started using a lot of triggers as well. I think I'm finally getting somewhat of a grip on the trigger-mechanics, however I am not too keen with what triggers that potentially could cause lag-spikes. Now when I'm testing the...
  49. Mark Mocher

    [Discussion] Starcraft 2 High Quality Maps

    Wasteland Screenshots:
  50. Kick King

    [Crash] Issue with game crashing about 15 minutes into map

    Hey, So, I've been dealing with this issue of and on with my map I'm working on. (AOS) Basically almost every game, about 15 minutes in, the game freezes and then crashes. I've checking my handle count and it never goes above 9000. (lots of units on the map), and I've simulated a Memory leak...