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  1. emperor_d3st

    [Solved] JNGP only working with certain maps

    Hello folks, I have 1.26a Warcraft + JNGP207 set up on my PC and it works fine. I copied my whole directory to another computer and certain features only work on a few maps. There are no apparent commonalities between these maps, but JNGP is consistent: if it works with a melee map Booty Bay...
  2. globalwarming

    What is the difference between JNGP1.5 and JNGP2.0?

    As far as I know, the newest version of JNGP is 2.0, which can be downloaded from The Jass NewGen Pack (JNGP) 2.0 - WC3 Modding Information Center. However, the newest version I can find in Hive is 1.5g (Jass NewGen Pack [Official]). Is there any problem with the version 2.0? Which version...
  3. sunled

    Setting up JNGP

    Hi, I can't get to run the NewGen WC3 and WE. I got a wc3 1.26a and I unblocked the zip file. When I open the NewGen WE for the first time it asks me to choose a directory, I choose the same where the wc3 1.26a is installed and after that, I can't open NewGen WC3 nor NewGen WE. I have also...
  4. Death Adder

    [Solved] syntax highlighting and function list for 1.30 or 1.31

    Is there anything like JNGP for warcraft 3 patch 1.30+ ? (I don't use reforged but if there's one for that then feel free to mention it as well) When mapmaking I still use 1.27 just for JNGP, but I want to be able to use the new natives...
  5. Ricola3D

    What are the world editor extensions working with Patch 1.31.x ?

    Hello, I am used to develop in GUI/Jass through the basic WE. But I would like to use frameworks coded in vJass, and thus start using world editor extensions. However I am a bit lost between the tools I found here (many JNGP versions, JassCraft) and some others (SharpCraft...). Some versions...
  6. daverave1212

    [General] Is it still worth using JNGP and how can I see how many objects there are on the map?

    Hello. I wanted to ask a couple things. 1) Is it still worth using JNGP if I don't use Jass, after all the updates to the world editor? 2) How can I see the number of objects on my map? I know the new limit is 30000, but that still sounds a bit low. Is there a way to increase it even further on...
  7. Stormswind

    From JNGP to SharpCraft

    Untitledryrdyd by Stormswind posted May 7, 2018 at 8:43 PMHello there! I have some errors from jass helper on new editor - Sharp Craft, i worked on old editor jngp and tried to save old map without any trigger or variables (for keep landscape, objects, destructibles and minimize errors), but got...
  8. OnyxTheDark

    [Crash] Sharpcraft and JNGP Editor crashing

    Hello there I wanted to edit a map that requires an extended editor I got both, failed with both When I start to launch the map, I got a message saying something like this : "The trigger function doesn't exist in the database : IsUnitOwnedByPlayer" After "Ok", I got another message crashing my...
  9. Woodenplank

    Bypassing Tileset Limit - Which Tool?

    So I want to bypass the "13" tileset limit in my map. However, my ferociously defensive computer refuses to download World Editor Unlimited, and I haven't been able to make Newgen/JNGP work since 1.26. I normally use Sharpcraft, but it doesn't have a feature to extend tilesets. Any advice?
  10. LordHatchet95

    [JNGP] Can't use it anymore

    Hello, I'm a new user here, and i have an issue since I updated my WC3. I've been trying to open some projects I have been making in JASS New Gen Pack ever since 2013 or even before that, but the WE just won't open. Any way to fix this or to open my JNGP maps on other WE environment? The error...
  11. DaneTheBeast

    JNGP Multiplayer Emulator Not Working

    When I use the MP Emulator and launch 2 instances of Wc3 , one launches fine while the other says "Warcraft III was unable to initialize" Anyone have any solutions?
  12. Paultaker

    JNGP Errors

    I always get these errors during startup that prompts me to click ok. The editor seems to be working fine though. Any thoughts of the cause of the error and how to fix it?