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[Crash] Sharpcraft and JNGP Editor crashing

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Level 7
Jun 15, 2013
Hello there
I wanted to edit a map that requires an extended editor
I got both, failed with both

When I start to launch the map, I got a message saying something like this :
"The trigger function doesn't exist in the database : IsUnitOwnedByPlayer"

After "Ok", I got another message crashing my editor saying

"This application has encountered a critical error:
Insufficient space to process this order

Object : .PAVCWETriggerFunction@@"

This bug might have been reported and sorry but I didn't see it
Now the buggs might come from me

But a few weeks ago Sharpcraft was working, and a few months ago JNGP as well

Edit : This is only happenning for one map, the basics maps are fine

Thx for reading


Level 7
Jan 23, 2011
Activate the UMSWE, the option is there on the editor, you just need to activate it, ignore the error message, and restart the editor. You will know umswe is activated because you will get 6 functions error when opening the editor(These are errors from bugged actions in the editor)
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