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  • It was a while ago, but you linked someone to one of my tutorials, which was really gratifying to see. Thanks. : )
    I forget, I was doing the whole thing awhile ago. Does this look like it would be a correct path?
    @="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Warcraft III\\Utilities\\jassnewgenpack5d\\NewGen WE.exe\" -loadfile \"%L\"
    I already figured out how to export ms3d to mdx with its animations by putting the right comment...
    But i dont know why the vertex weight lost when ms3d was converted to mdx..
    Yeah, but people mostly uses MyBB. Its open source and winner twice for best free forum software. How do you like it?
    I also like phpbb3, but it has downgrade because base version doesnot have visual personalizations. You cant change color on styles and such.
    Which software is the best of those for you?

    And who choses forum software when order website, you or customer?
    If somebody wants site, but already have built VB for example, and hire you, you must work on it then right?
    AH, so basically you can wo9rk and code to any type of website such as VBulletin, XenForo, phpbb3 and such ?
    Hashjie, :cgrin:
    Ah sorry, I was absent.
    Yes, I just read that thread now. Seems that problem is same as with ingame colors. Seems that you need to alter file inside mpq directly, map is not going to read it if you import it in map. it will be perhaps visible like colors in World Editor, but still ingame wont happen anything.
    Happy Holidays sir :D
    Why not you reply on my last PM? Anyways, I'm still learning Jass but I've decided not to bother anyone anymore. Thanks for teaching me, I'm getting better now :D
    oh sorry, it's the same version 13.0.1.
    i must update them manually using "check updates" for firefox.
    hahaha, i didn't do anything to the computer, now it just run fluently without stop script.
    and i'm using mozilla firefox.
    hahahha, i can't even imagine what will happen if all of the words we type are linked to any site :p

    at first, i thought this was a feature until defskull opened the can. i didn't count how many times i miss-clicked on that link.

    P.s is 'seeing' a correct grammar to use ? i searched for it's synonym and it turned out to be 'because'.
    that's not it, i'm afraid i can't use my computer anymore after re-installation.

    2 Hours ? that's really fast.
    yes, i will do that. long ago, i already tried installing Kaspersky and Avast, they just didn't give me some good solution. Especially for Avast, all of my .exe files got quarantined into his chest and i couldn't use the file anymore. that forced me to delete some of my application, which i really didn't want to delete.

    yes, the idea of re-installation had already been on my mind for over 4 months, because i really needed this computer to do my school project (video editing, voice acting, and photoshoping). That's why i want to wait until graduating from school.
    yes, it's happening on every browser i use (in this case Opera, Mozilla, Google Chrome and IE). clean my entire pc ? do you mean searching for viruses ? if yes, then i already know that my computer had a ton of viruses, i just don't want to bother cleaning them since all my .exe files are infected with 'VBS Agent TRJ KZ', which means i cannot open any .exe files anymore after cleaning the viruses.

    (I might need your permission to take over your computer in that case)
    hehehe, i don't really mind. I bet someone had already taken over my computer via viruses, they hide all my folders and replace them with .exe files :(

    EDIT : Sorry for late reply. i've just woke up :p
    all pages actually, when i browse another pages like facebook, google, or anything like that, it didn't show me the errors and have no 'not responding' quote. was it because i refresh all the page at the same time ? i opened request, help zone, map development and private message simultaneously.

    i guess it's just me who face this problem, though this only happens today, i never experienced such problem before even when i spam refresh on all page.
    Hahaha! looks like i need more reps to be visible to people with higher reps. just kidding. :p

    How are you ? have some news for your upcoming project ?

    and i want to know if you might know about this errors i got when browsing THW.

    A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete
    they're pretty much annoying, i only got this a while ago. and it keeps showing me the errors.
    you will release a beta ? why not having a complete map uploaded without beta phase ? :)

    thanks for the kind words, i won't give up.
    let's see if i can do anything worth :)
    Let me be the tester then, :p

    EDIT : actually, i'm not good at everything.

    i already tried texturing, failed.
    tried modelling, failed.
    tried coding, failed.
    tried terraining, failed.
    tried making icons, failed.
    tried map-making, failed. xD

    so, i just wander around WEHZ and Request section to see if i'm able to do anything for people.
    hahaha, i think i should stop asking anything before you reveal all the things of your map. then i can't be surprised anymore.

    EDIT : yes, when i'm on my editor and doing some terrains, i always think of something like that, the combination of either RPG, AOS, and TD.

    but, i know that it wouldn't happen to me.
    gaining ideas is far easier than making it real
    now that's ... tantalize xD
    i'm not sure open source for vJass code would be anything useful though :/
    for usage purpose, i think yes it's useful. but for learning purpose, guess not.

    It's going to be quite the unique gameplay if you ask me :)
    that statement is pretty useless, and i don't even need to ask despite your experience of modding :p (no, i'm not kidding).

    backpack with a vendor inside ? @[email protected]
    do you mean we can sell the items while we are inside the backpack ?

    i can't wait to be surprised!

    anyway, have you created the registry key for standard world editor ? i couldn't understand anything about those registry things :/

    EDIT : hey, don't suddenly changes your message, hard to read :/
    LOL, invite 13lackDeath for the 2D Art xD
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