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  1. coconut

    how lifesteal, evasion, crit strike, bash and other item effects work

    1. Does 2 different items stack lifesteal if they have different abilities. (15% + 20% lifesteal = 35%?) 2. Does evasion stack by the same method (1) on different items? 3. Does critical strike and bash stack like in 1 method? 4. Does life regen aura stack like in 1 method? (We talking about...
  2. coconut

    [Solved] How to extract original icons of items

    I need to extract some icons for editing, but I don't know how, I didn't find any .mpq files, Im playing wc3 reforged. Or somewhere there is a library with all icons?
  3. HerlySQR

    How can I make a shop sell an item to an AI unit?

    Hello, I was looking these threads: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/global-shop-target-specific-unit.336681/ https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/how-to-ai-buy-tome.340284/ And many more, but is not working: I trying doing this: print(IssueNeutralTargetOrderById(players[bot], shop...
  4. Ahimtar

    Selling items to a shop on/under a cliff

    In my map there is a shop that is near a cliff. I want units on both below and on the cliff to be able to buy and sell items. Buying works well for both, but selling only works correctly for those that are on the shop's level. For units that are on the cliff, selling only works correctly when...
  5. Xzere

    Question about making an item

    Hello, i've been thinking if it's possible to make "set items", as from diablo 3. So, if you have 2-4-6 items from the same set you get some kind of bonus. If so, how do you do that?
  6. Cheshire

    [Spell] force hero to use random item from inventory

    hey there, I am trying to make a spell that will make the targeted hero use a random item from its inventory. being as different items use different types of activation (unit,point,instant), not to mention passive items, i'm having a hard time triggering this without specifying pretty much...
  7. Rykon-V73

    Help with a Recipe Shop

    In my edited version of the Friends map, I thought of having a recipe shop with recipes to allows items to fuse. I was only wondering: is there a way to switch to the next page, last page, page from before and first place just by using the Object Editor?
  8. Primstan

    [Trigger] Conditions for purchasing an item

    Hey, I couple of questions I need your help with: 1) I have an Item, that increases hero Chance to Critically strike by 1% each time an Item is purchased. This chance stacks up to 25%. If hero buys 26th Item, than the value returns to 25%. Following question, how can I do, so hero would not be...
  9. Planetary

    [Solved] How to properly allow 12 items in item shop's command card

    [solved, item shops have a limit of 11] I use AddItemToStock() to add items to a shop. It currently has abilities Select Hero and Sell Items. The Select Hero ability has had its selection icon disabled, but whenever the 12th item is added to the command card the 0,0 item disappears into the...
  10. DaneTheBeast

    12 Items in a shop

    Even though I removed the "Hero select" icon, adding items to a marketplace with Neutral Building - Add Item-type to Market with 1 in stock and a max stock of 1 adds only up to 11 items. I tried setting Neutral Building - Limit Market to 12 item slots and Neutral Building - Limit Market to 0...
  11. rkemsley

    [Solved] Multiplicative Stacking Evasion - MUI

    I have been making an evasion system where all evasion stacks multiplicatively with each other. So all Heroes start with a base evasion stat (Humans gets 15% and so on). Every 10 agility points, the Hero gains 1% evasion (This part is working correctly). I am now making a start on adding...
  12. M4gz

    [General] Item Charges event is not working

    Im making item combine/stacking system in Reforged WE. I want to make possible to combine item with another item with charges. As we know in Reforged exists prebuild item charges stacking, so no need more to make standalone system for that. But here is a problem when i getting an event A unit...
  13. Gooeypillows

    A Complete Guide For Late Game Items (and Where to Get Them) v1.0

    I decided to share what I am using as I couldn't find what I wanted easily. Please forgive me if I am missing something in chapter 1, as I decided to post this here after I did chapter 1 and was deleting things as I went. Feel free to mention it if it's missing. Huge shout out to Pourquoi for...
  14. SometimesZero

    Non-hero units and disappearing items

    Hi everyone, I created a non-hero unit that uses the Inventory (hero) ability. Through a trigger, I create an Orb of Fire that I want the non-hero unit to be able to pick up and use. When I use the the non-hero unit to pick it up, though, he gets the benefit of the item without the item...
  15. EpicMyzik

    [General] Help with giving the hero multiple items at a time

    Hello guys, I really wish to fix this trigger as it works until the point where it drops all "RearmBanItem" items, the ability then resets its cooldown but i have to pick all of the (RearmBanItem) items manually. I've been trying for days to solve this issue. Problem is, no item is given back to...
  16. Peach Schnapps

    [General] Item durability incorporated into Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory

    The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0 So I'd say knowing where these items actually "are" when they're "eqiupped", let alone simply inside the inventory is a mystery to me. I'm sure it's somewhere in the JASS, but honestly that's my main weak point as of right now...
  17. KingJohn

    [vJASS] Effective way for units to detect a nearby item and pick it up

    Hi guys, so I want to write a function which should let neutral units detect a nearby item and pick it up. Since the units are moving and the items aren't always at the same location, I was trying to index the location of every item as well as of every unit and compare if these two locations are...
  18. Uncle

    [Solved] Shop problems - Adding and removing items through triggers

    Hello, I'm having issues with my shop system. I want to re-stock an item whenever you purchase it from a shop. I figured something like this was sure to work: Purchase an Item Events Unit - A unit Sells an item (from shop) Conditions Actions Neutral Building - Add...
  19. Retera

    New Item Classification: Community

    I posted about this on the Reforged forums, too: New Item Classification: Community Here is what I suggested on that forum: Because WarCraft III loads separate game data from Custom_V1 for custom maps than it does from the root directory, and handles user data/game data rawcode ID collisions...
  20. Njord

    Help with items inside building

    Hello! So I have this problem that I just can't solve. I have searched and I have tried different things but nothing works. My goal is that every time an item of a specific type is placed withing a building, it adds 10 gold to a periodic income for the player that owns the building. Item...
  21. konradt

    Trigger for depleting stacked items in an inventory?

    I was wondering if code exists that takes away a potion from a stack of potions in a unit's inventory. Periodically, or as an event. Doesn't have to be potions. In theory, this would allow stacks of items to be used as a resource.
  22. khj

    Items ideas.

    We, discord dwellers, collected a little collection of items for Gaias that we dream of. Some of them might be too powerful, some might be not. It's only the ideas that might be polished in future. If you got your own ideas, feel free to post it here or in the discord (Discord - Free voice and...
  23. Adorm

    [Solved] Hero Not Dropping Inventory Upon Death

    Hey Everyone, I'm currently having an issue where the items picked up by the heroes in my map are not dropping from their inventories upon death - the items are necessary for a victory condition and need to be transferred between characters as they're killed and really shouldn't have...
  24. Zordrak

    Removing shadows from used tomes

    Always when your heroes use a tome the little shadow of the tome is still left on the ground. This doesn't look so nice and it causes a leak. Has anybody an idea how to remove these shadows after a tome is used?
  25. TD_PRO_2006

    [Development] Valley of Decay: Standalone

    Hello dear hive people! :) I am the creator of Valley of Decay Rpg. In case you don't know it yet, here is the link: Valley of Decay Rpg v1416d I am developing a java game for about 3 years now. Its multiplayer, it's Java standalone, it's without any limits. Main features are an ingame auction...
  26. sMatthew

    Spell casted by an item. prob

    So when a unit is using item. How should i make conditions to call what item, what unit is targeted. should i change the event to using ability but how do i call the targeted unit and spell on item being used? i've tried many commands but none of it rly works..
  27. Saito

    [General] Item attachments disappear with a delay.

    tl;dr - I have an item with orb effect attachment and aura. When I drop the item the attachment vanishes couple of seconds later than it should, even after the aura stops working. Don't know how to fix it. Hello there! I'm having a weird issue caused by item aura. Example is pretty simple...
  28. CroMoX

    Possible to add damage range to items?

    Hey guys, just wondering if it is possible to add damage range to an item, and if so how it can be achieved? So say I pick up a sword related item (my current attack is 2-4), and the sword gives 2-4 damage range, making my attack (4-8).
  29. Regno

    [Solved] War3map.i (custom items?)

    Good evening dear Hivers! I have this map (which is not mine) that I want to edit, and by that - I'm talking about the ''custom items''. I tried some ways, such as taking out war3map.i and opening with WorldEditor which CLEARLY didn't work (lol). Opened the map, I didn't find any trace of...
  30. Fintrik

    [Solved] item sell price

    Hello everyone i need your help how to change item sell price to 100 percent? I dont want to make it like that you buy an item that cost 100 gold and it will be removed and then it will give you item that cost 200 and is selled for 100 gold.
  31. AquaFire

    Item that Removes Mana Regeneration?

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to make a map that uses an item that removes a user's Mana Regeneration. I want the equipped unit to have 0 Mana Regeneration regardless of other bonuses like Brilliance Aura and other Mana-Regeneration-based Items. From my previous question, I have learned how to put...
  32. AquaFire

    [General] Items with Negative Stats?

    Hi Everyone, I have been wondering about how to make items negatively affect users; for example, an equip item that increases your attack damage but reduces your maximum Health, or an item that gives spell immunity at the cost of Mana regeneration (Elder Scrolls style). Setting a negative value...
  33. tarik00555

    How to make items unselectable?

    In the map that I'm currently making the player has to pick up a lot of items which give like 25 HP on pick up and such. As I was testing it became very tedious to right-click all of them once they were dropped from the enemies. I managed to make all items of the powerup type be picked up when a...
  34. blufflegendaire

    Complete Inventory Extension GUI

    Hello I'm working on some inventory extension (in GUI) for a map I'm still trying to build for my friends and I. Whatever the map is, depending of the camera's settings and the positionning of the elements, you can create something like: Actually you can add new items, new stacks of items...
  35. XiiaOYanG12

    Item Cooldown Group

    Why my item doesn't show the cooldown when i used the item?, altho it is cooldown-ing but it just doesn't show the cooldown at item slot there EDIT: Since it doesn't show cooldown, so i made a cooldown showing using trigger and its work nicely,