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  1. TriggerHappy

    THW Chat Quotes Database

    Well, there was a sticky about this before when the old quote database existed, though the site died and the thread was un-stickied. So quite some time ago I re-made the quote database and I suppose it would be nice to post it here for those of you who didn't know it existed. And for those of...
  2. Ralle

    Brainstorming a multi resource section

    Hey guys I would like to brainstorm a resource section for SC2. Based on my experience with the wc3 resource sections I have found out a few things: - having mulitple very restricted sections (by restricted I mean that for example in models, you can only upload one model, no attachments or...
  3. Rui

    StarCraft II Editor Help Zone – Purposes, features, advices, and rules

    Welcome to the Galaxy Editor Help Zone. In this pinned thread, we explain the features of this forum, its purpose, and the rules that apply to it and future sub-forums. Purposes, features and advices In this forum, you may post any sort of technical problem you've run across while using...

    HELP: If people can't view your thread/post

    New users are global ignored for the first few days. Keep calm, breathe and have a bit of patience. You should be able to post soon. I felt this needed to be stickied.
  5. BlinkBoy

    Anime Models [Not Request, but if you are looking for, here's teh site]

    I'm tired of seeing anime requests all around(specially in the Modelling & Animation forum), here's the site in which they give them out: Ä£ÐÍÔ*´´Çø - ħÊÞÄ£ÐÍÇø - U9ÉçÇø ħÊÞRPGÁªÃË|ħÊÞÕù°Ô|ħÊÞµØͼ|ħÊÞ¹¥ÂÔ|ħÊÞRPG|ħÊÞÏÂÔØ|ħÊÞÂÛ̳ - Powered by Discuz! (Various reports point to the existence...
  6. Rui

    {Ex-Sticky} HELP! My JASSNewGenPatch keeps crashing!

    Hi there. So your JASSNewGenPatch now crashes when you try to use it? Well, here's an easy solution for your problem. Follow the steps below. Any questions or problems you are experiencing may be posted in this topic. Download v1.21 of the World Editor, here, select Free User, and save the file...
  7. Wolverabid

    Hive Workshop Chieftain's Council

    Welcome to The Hive Workshop Chieftain's Council This exclusive forum is reserved for visiting webmasters and administrators of very prominent Warcraft III gaming websites. Admission to this council may be granted only at the pleasure of The Hive Workshop's administration. Hive Workshop...
  8. Wolverabid

    Hive Workshop Roundtable Guidelines

    Welcome to The Hive Workshop Roundtable This "roundtable" forum allows visiting webmasters to present their sites to our community. Acceptable roundtable content includes all Warcraft and Starcraft related forums and game modding websites. Sites unrelated to Warcraft and Starcraft may be...
  9. Oblivions_Wrath

    Weaponless Models: Get Yours Here!

    Need a weaponless model? I'll remove it for you, just post which unit you want weaponless. EDIT: here is a link for a list of what has been done so far: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/685939-post499.html
  10. ragingspeedhorn

    Starcraft II Forum

    Welcome to The Hive Workshop's Starcraft II Forum Here users may discuss anything related to Blizzards upcomming game, Starcraft II and speculations about it's modability, the graphics, gameplay and everything else related to the Starcraft universe. Global site rules apply here as...
  11. Fenrik

    Starcraft Consortium [Come here for Starcraft Resources]

    My history with mods includes Morrowind, Oblivion, and Neverwinter Nights. After beginning to make [Starcraft Phantom] for WC3, I realized many Starcraft projects have been started. However, no site made it easy to find Starcraft models, and many projects won't share their models, causing many...
  12. Xlightscreen

    How to Improve your chances of getting your request done

    How to Improve your chances of getting your request done: Does the Model Already Exist? There are already many models in the resource section. Not only that, there are plenty of models at other sites like www.wc3campaigns.net. In short, look throughly through this thread before posting...
  13. Ralle

    What Happened To Wc3sear.ch?

    I, the webmaster have been talking to VGsatomi about wc3sear.ch. I heard he was soon going for army which let's wc3s (wc3sear.ch) stay without moderation. Another thing is that it's over it's quota which means you can't upload resources to it. So I started contacting VG (VGsatomi) and he gave...
  14. Archian

    {ex-sticky} Rules, Guidelines and Tips - Important thread/map-submission rules, READ!

    When creating a thread try add the following information to your first post (see below). Minor variations are allowed, you may use the following list as a guideline. Maps should be attached to your first post. Use the map title as the name of your thread, names such as "my first map" are not...