Hive Workshop Roundtable Guidelines

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Oct 23, 2006

Welcome to The Hive Workshop Roundtable

This "roundtable" forum allows visiting webmasters to present their sites to our community. Acceptable roundtable content includes all Warcraft and Starcraft related forums and game modding websites. Sites unrelated to Warcraft and Starcraft may be admitted only after consideration by and the consent of THW's administration.

Hive Workshop Roundtable forum guidelines
  1. All Roundtable threads must be approved by THW's administration.

  2. All Hive Workshop users and visitors have a seat at our Roundtable and may view its content.

  3. Each website's webmaster (or designated administrator) may create one thread here to present their site, describe its community and detail its content.

    • The webmaster (or designated administrator) must clearly state their account name at the site they are representing. If the account name given is found out not to be part of that sites management team or is questioned and can not confirm creating the thread, the thread will be destroyed and creator severely punished.

  4. Roundtable contributors may edit their own post at any time to provide updates.

  5. Once posted, Roundtable threads may not be posted in, bumped or revived by thread creators or other users.

  6. This Hive Workshop Roundtable forum now supersedes:

    Community > FAQ > THW Rules > General Rules > Advertising

    • [rainbow]That important stricture still applies to all other Hive Workshop forums, threads and posts![/rainbow]

  7. Questions and inquiries regarding The Hive Workshop Roundtable should be posted in Hive Workshop Roundtable or THW's Admin Contact forum.
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