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Hive Workshop Chieftain's Council

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Level 32
Oct 23, 2006

Welcome to The Hive Workshop Chieftain's Council

This exclusive forum is reserved for visiting webmasters and administrators of very prominent Warcraft III gaming websites.

  • Admission to this council may be granted only at the pleasure of The Hive Workshop's administration.
    • Hive Workshop administrators and our honored guests are the only participants.

  • The Chieftain's Council is primarily designed and intended to:
    • establish and develop relationships between sites;
    • improve communication between administrations;
    • address situations that fall within the sphere of interest of many individual sites;
    • coordinate action on issues that affect the entire Warcraft III community.

Each and every member of this council is encouraged to participate in the interest of their site and that of the Warcraft III community. Please create new threads to discuss any specific issue of concern and import, as well as post in those threads where you feel your site's assistance or input would be helpful.

Members of The Hive Workshop Chieftain's Council
  • The Hive Workshop
    • Ralle
    • Archian
    • Bob27
    • Dr Super Good
    • Wolverabid
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