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{Ex-Sticky} HELP! My JASSNewGenPatch keeps crashing!

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Level 41
Jan 7, 2005
Hi there.

So your JASSNewGenPatch now crashes when you try to use it? Well, here's an easy solution for your problem.
Follow the steps below. Any questions or problems you are experiencing may be posted in this topic.
  1. Download v1.21 of the World Editor, here, select Free User, and save the file in your desktop.
    Even though we're using 1.21 editor, it still changes your units (Knights, for example) to their v1.22 changes, which is even better.
  2. After the file is downloaded, open C:, and open your Warcraft III Folder (wherever you installed the game).
  3. There should be an iconless file named worldedit.exe. Do NOT delete or overwrite this file. Instead, back it up somewhere where you'll remember.
    For example, I saved it in a folder named "backup122WE", inside my Warcraft III folder and it won't interfere with anything at all.

    Why are we backing up this file, you ask? Well, in a few weeks, JASSNewGenPatch will have a new version available, compatible with patch 1.22, so you may use the original file again.
  4. Pick up the downloaded file, either by dragging or cut/pasting, and put it inside your Warcraft III folder.
    The downloaded file should be named worldedit.exe and be iconless, just like the one we've backed up.

    And that's it! Open up your JASSNewGenPatch and go back to work.
    Grimoire's no-limits feature works. About the others, I haven't tested. However, do not attempt to Test Map, you have to open Warcraft III by yourself.

    When the new version of JASSNewGenPatch is available and you wish to revert the changes you made, simply go to your backup folder with the original worldedit.exe, drag it to your Warcraft III Folder and overwrite.
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Level 23
Nov 29, 2006
Yay Rui that is very sweet :D

I did it in another way though by copying the wc3 1.21 map and then installed 1.22 in the copied one. But well, it takes so much more space if you have a small computer disc.

I think Im going to use your way, yay!
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