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  1. Henry_AC

    [Solved] Screen issue with WE, screen, dark interface? black?

    Hello everyone, any solution? They gave me a laptop and I installed Warcraft 1.30 on it, I wanted to use WE but the screen comes out like this, no matter how much I zoom in or out, the funny thing is that you can put units or decorations because I hear that typical sound when I put or remove...
  2. Dark Iron Wargolem

    Dark Iron Wargolem

  3. Stormvarsel29

    [Campaign] Trip the Darkness

    A custom campaign for Warcraft 3 Reforged by Storm DOWNLOAD HERE The goal of this campaign is to create something new and exciting while not becoming overly complicated. For me, that means new stories told through gameplay that is somewhat close to what is in the original game, Warcraft 3...
  4. dark scar grunt

    dark scar grunt

    The Dark Scar clan was an ancient orcish clan which was destroyed during the Blood River War. The only known person that took part in this war was Kash'drakor, who wielded the legendary Serathil. Nothing else is known about the Dark Scar clan other than an obscure piece of lore from the Orc RPG/Cam
  5. Dark Troll High Priest

    Dark Troll High Priest

  6. Dark Troll High Priest Alternate

    Dark Troll High Priest Alternate

  7. Dark Troll

    Dark Troll

  8. SevLlanto

    "Dark" Netflix - Reforged

    I wanted to make an adaptation of the cover of this popular series from 2017. This little scene from the caves of Winden, a little yellow-caped dwarf rifleman who represents the protagonist. I took some screenshots of the Process And in the end I could not resist doing a small edition in mirror...
  9. Troll Voodoo Golem

    Troll Voodoo Golem

    Aka troll archon
  10. Gif - Spiderkin Abduct ability

    Gif - Spiderkin Abduct ability

    Kind of overpowered, yeah :D The balancing factor here is that the effect can be easily interrupted with any stun, silence, or even dispell
  11. First screenshot from my upcoming Pokemon Dark/Light project (version 0.43)

    First screenshot from my upcoming Pokemon Dark/Light project (version 0.43)

    As title says it, its all I have to say now. Features are -Elite four -150 first gen pokemons usable -Custom made pokedex -ect lots of features to come The Project is currently "frozen" because I encountered strange lobby bug where game could not be started.. I Dont know what is causing that.
  12. S0LA1RE Zergling

    S0LA1RE Zergling

    An edit I made to the Zergling model to make it fit my scenario. The S0LA1RE (Solar Flare) is a race of aliens from a distant point of the universe where stars are scarce. In this edge of the universe, these forms of life had evolved to generate their own light to adapt to the dark.
  13. Green_Gold

    [My first Terrain]

    Hey, I come from China, I try to use the translation tool, please forgive my broken English, this is my first Terrain, I hope you like it, but I haven't decided what the name is?:confused:
  14. Cherrymage

    Roleplay : Dunkelheit

    topResistance Against the Cake Crusade Dunkelheit "A World of Darkness" Up-to-date Last Update : 7th of March, 2018 CE Table of Contents About Maps Rules and Guidelines Major Factions Player Data The Management Skip this Post aboutAbout Alastorn, the mythical world of darkness that has...
  15. AlexRuloor

    [Campaign] The Dark War

    Campaign Info: The Dark War is a custom lore campaign which takes place on the world of Asherah. Asherah consists of multiple races and has been at peace for centuries.The orcs on the other hand is seeking for a new world to call 'home'. Since their home called Solarii has been devastated by...
  16. DE Army Units V0.3

    DE Army Units V0.3

    1. Builder; 2. General Unit; 3. Melee Unit; 4. Ranged Unit; 5. Special Unit; 6. Advanced Melee Unit; 7. Support Spellcaster; 8. Offense Spellcaster; 9. Siege Unit; 10. Large Land Unit; 11. Air Support Unit; 12. Air Offense Unit; 13. Ultimate Flying Unit.
  17. DE Army V0.3

    DE Army V0.3

    Agile fighters, artful spellcasters and the most baleful beasts - this is the army of the Dark Elven Kingdoms.
  18. SonOfShadowbrand

    The Dark Inferno

    Hello everyone who have stumbled on my forum post! My name is SonOfShadowbrand and I am interested in creating Warcraft 3 custom campaigns, and after watching a YouTube video by Jayborinoplays I have been inspired to create a W3 custom campaign about the Burning Legion, starting directly after...
  19. Krakenn99

    [Spell] Black Arrow affect hero?

    The Dark Ranger's Black Arrow ability does not work on Heroes. By that I mean that I does the bonus damage, but it does not curse them so when they die they'll spawn a creep. How can I make it so that the attacked Heroes also get cursed/debuffed?
  20. Garathorn

    [Spell] Like a reverse Dark Ritual?

    I would like to ask for help. Here is the initial idea: I would like to create an ability that kind of works like a reverse dark ritual. It will be an ability for mana wyrm, and it sacrifices it's life and gives mana to the target. Preferable would be to give life%, like mana wyrm HP is 200/500...
  21. Heinvers

    Texturing Contest #25 - Dark Elves/Drow

    Dark Elves/Drow Contestants are to create a skin representing a dark elf(drow as they are otherwise known) person/being or any construct related to it using the vanilla models or the custom ones found on the site. In order to enter the contest and be eligible to win a prize, contestants must...
  22. Ahalbiledalb

    The Black Souls 2016 V 1.2

  23. -Derp-

    -Derp-'s Poems and Rhymes

    Thank you for taking the time to read these, I appreciate it greatly. I do like feedback, notably what you liked and disliked. Not all poems are intended to rhyme, nor are they required to. I do own these poems, please to not copy or distributed without my permission. The poems would be...
  24. namarak

    I am namarak

    I am new in this forum :spell_breaker:
  25. Rakavar

    Missle model needed :) Simple

    Hello there guys, i have a simple request to make for my map. So far in my map i have 6 terrific, amazing jaw-dropping heroes im almost finished the 7th but i want everything to fit...if u know wat i mean. The 7th hero is a Wraith called Windras. Hes more or less an all-round sneaky killer...