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  1. RatzRatzzz

    Searching for many items quest

    Hi Everyone! I've been stuck on one question for a long time... How to make a Quest, the condition of which is to find items, but it doesn't matter in what order they will be found? In general, something like the search for ingredients for Chen's drink in the first chapter of the Horde Campaign...
  2. Mistral

    [Campaign] [ WARCRAFT 2 ] Alaunter: Ancient Stonia - Expedition of Gedsun

    Alaunter: Ancient Stonia - Expedition of Gedsun We present to you new new custom fan-made campanign for Warcraft 2. Aside from containing several features to make new gameplay feeling, you can now explore a whole new story and expand the already known storyline of Alaunter. You will see...
  3. Tempestad

    Campaign Help (editor)

    Hello everybody. I am trying to do a project for the original Warcraft 3. I would like to combine the Exodus of the Horde campaign with the tutorial in Spanish. Similar to what user Kostyarik did Exodus of the Horde (Original Voice Over) In order to do so, during the campaign, keep the...
  4. The Nightmare Book

    [Campaign] Call of the Swarm

    Call of the Swarm Overview "Campaign inspired by the official Blizzard Entertainment campaign - Founding of Durotar. Missions are presented in the form of "acts" and "subzones". At the moment, Act 1 is ready." Patch Issues: Story The story dates back to the creation of a single Black...
  5. SevenBlood

    [Campaign] The Invasion of Kalimdor: Revamp

    Hello and welcome to the forum post about a small project I'm tinkering with in my free time: The Invasion of Kalimdor: Revamp. The main idea of this project is to spice up the original Reign of Chaos orc campaign with not only changes to the missions themselves but also adding in a strategic...
  6. HERON


    Hii guys, I finished the Undead/Forsaken campaign, and I need someone that can test it for me and find bugs for improvement the campaign. If you know someone so tell me please. Have a nice day :) By the way, my English isn't good enough, sorry...
  7. NobodyIGuess

    How to make the computer control campaign Heroes

    Hello, I am modifying a map for fun and I added to each player some campaign heroes, but once the game starts the AI doesn't control them. I suppose I should use the AI Editor, but I have no experience with this, can someone with some more knowledge help me? :) Thank!
  8. Bangsgaard

    [Campaign] Interesting Campign Missions

    I am making a map for Warcraft 3 Reforged which is heavily inspired by the co-op commander concept in Starcraft 2. Essentially it is a map where you get to choose your "commander" which each has a special set of units with a unique playstyle. You then get to party up with another player to...
  9. Nosiaz

    Help for use many map as one

    Hi, im actualy trying to understand how work the trigger in rexxar campagne for do one think similaire, i do a big map, like a rpg/mmorpg, i would like to make a trigger for exemple - when a hero go into X portal - move the hero in a totaly new map (for make big donjon (keep inventory level...
  10. LordMazour

    Translating Campaign maps

    Hi guys, I'm translating Reforged version with my friend to the Czech language. We had offical translation until patch 1.28. Everything works fine now but we have got some problem. We need to translate loading screens, subtitles and quests on campaign maps. Campaign maps have strings so I...
  11. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    Map transitions not working after Loading a Save.

    Hello, I was working on my campaign with map transitions today and ran into an issue. The map transition and game cache saving and loading works just fine when I play the campaign normally. Problems start appearing when I try to Save and Load the game and then try to transition to the next map...
  12. CeyhunRyZ

    [Campaign] Need Storyline for my campaign

    Hello guys. I want to make a campaign but i can't find true storyline. Give me some good stories thank you :) Maybe alternative storyline or a classic warcraft saga?
  13. GryfonCZE

    Script not running on a specific map

    Greerings, sorry to bother you, but after a weekend of headache i finally decided to ask for help. I recently updated my WC3 to 1.31 and started working on a new campaign. However, my creation of first mission got stuck, when the game seemingly refused to accept my scripts. - AI players are...
  14. Zak17

    [General] Can't open the campaign maps post CASC

    I remember seeing somewhere that I just dragged and dropped the large list of files the CASC spits out instead of a map file, but that doesn't seem to do anything. Is there a certain file in particular I need to pull in? Or am I totally wrong? Here are the files I am looking at:
  15. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    [Solved] Problem with loading game Cache

    Hello Everyone. For the past few days i've been trying to make a prototype of the map transition system i will be using in my next project. I am using one map as the selection Level for all the other maps. Most of the system works I can go back and forth between the main map and the secondary...
  16. Emperor Lucas II

    [Campaign] Sins of Infinity: Chilvarous Act

    (The Opening) "Where ever there's Light, there will always be darkness." The War between Light and Dark has always been unpleasant... Betrayed, Corrupted, Conquered... While most of the races of Lore has always hated each one another, fighting for control over of the world. Many joined the...
  17. Maximal

    Union of High Elves

    The project is currently on hiatus, due to personal problems. About project: Union of High Evles - massive fanmade expansion for WarCraft 3. It's only in development stage, for now... So, the expansion will add 4 full new races, both in single and multiplayer: For every new race, we will...
  18. Mr.Rious

    Any Dwarf building?

    Hello. I'm looking for Dwarfs buildings, that I wanna use in my campagin. Any ideas?
  19. Celaquil

    [Tower Defense] Vigilance - Dimming Lights

    Vigilance: A Work in Progress Dimming Lights Description: Vigilance is a tower defence style single player campaign heavily inspired by the game Kingdom Rush. It will take place after the happenings of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne and will pit you as the commander of a defensive force in...
  20. Sxar

    Kultiras Hope (Introduction to Calia's Campaign)

    Well you know I love lower characters of the Lore and I found one that's maybe the MOST forgoten characters of all: I'm talking about Finall Goldensword, she's a half elf-human, bastard of Daelin Proudmoore. Even Metzen claim he dosn't care the character xD but now there's the intresting part of...