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Kultiras Hope (Introduction to Calia's Campaign)

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Aug 20, 2014
Well you know I love lower characters of the Lore and I found one that's maybe the MOST forgoten characters of all: I'm talking about Finall Goldensword, she's a half elf-human, bastard of Daelin Proudmoore. Even Metzen claim he dosn't care the character xD but now there's the intresting part of her: I CAN USE HER ACTUAL BACKGROUND for Calia Campaign just because she get a lot of action in WC3 events... her mother was a noble in Dalaran when Arthas himself ripped her. She left Dalaran because want to be more like his father (a warrior and sailor) even when she learned some tricks in Dalaran. Once she met his father he begged her to travel to Theramoore and attack the orcs but she refuse to stay and fight against the undead. The humans didn't recognize her father so she still being a bastard... This is pure gold! Finnall Goldensword

Now my story:

She traves with a small ship fleeing throught Southshore when Arthas sieged Dalaran to Kultiras kingdom. She expect to reach Crestfall, land in Copperstock Harbor then travel to Boralas (Capital City of Kultiras) to meet his father and request help against the undead but her plans were cut due a storm that forced her travel to Quinston Isles, a small port full of pirates that could sell her mother for a coin. Once she arrives to Blackwind port her ship is sunk. She meets the pirates leaders in the tarvern "The Scaly Fin":

a fat pirate with humor sense that love eat cookies
Falcon: a scarface temible swordmaster.
Hawk: the leader of the pirates that put all the scarvy dogs in the island under his control and has a weak alliance with the governor to "protect" the isles if he pays bribe...

Finnall Request the help of Hawk but he only respect pirates so claim she proof herself. She accept his three trials of pirate:

- Defeat a swordmaster.
- Get a treasure.
- Steal something of value.

The Quinston isles is a couple of three isles and some archipelagos at the east.
Blackwind Port (northwest island where she arrives)
Cloverditch (east island)
First Merrygold Naval Academy of War (southwest island)
Oxfall Stockades (east archipelago)

She can talk and meet each pirate in the tavern just like Guybrush Threepwood in Secret of Monkey Island (dear god I love that game!), Parrot request she feed him with a cookie, she can buy Cookies bag for him with the innkepper for 10g. He thanks you with free travels to Cloverdith. Once you exit he tells you can't navigate because he has lost his compass. Finnall travel to the swap where she meets a voodoo troll who offers a Voodoo Claydoll that point to the North if she get some potions for him with the goblin of the norteast. The goblin offers you the requested potions if you defeat his brother of the southwest in a tavern brawl.

The brother will fight you in his shredder suit so you don't have chance. Only if you buy two potions you can defeat him (ice armor and oil), you throw oil over him and use ice armor over you, then cast spark up his body (a minor spell she could learn form Dalaran). The shredder turn in flames so the goblin leave it and you can beat him in the brawl. You take the shredder gear as a proof and return with his brother. He enjoy with pleasure and gives you the potions. With potions the voodoo doctor craft the compass claydoll that you can give to Parrot in the harbor.

Cloverditch: You travel to Cloverditch where you found the market, you can buy species here and sell in Blackwind port (this will be your main gold source in the game). Once you explore to the North you'll reach to a bandit camp, there's a fearsome swordman who is his leader. You can attempt to defeat him by your own but it's useless. You return then to Blackwind port and enter in tavern, speak with Falcon who will offer you his services likes swordman for 1000 g (a few travels). Once you get his services, you can travel with him to Cloverditch and fight the Swordman. Falcon can defeat him easly. Once you defeat him Falcon quit (his job is done) and the Swordman and his men put at your services turning you the leader. You can recruit mercenaries now in the camp. The mercenaries can travel with you.

You can return to tavern and show the proof of defeat the swordman to Hawk so he contrats you and suggest you fullfill your other two task. Once you exit then you can travel to meet the governor at the North. He's a badass and you have two options, defy or quit. If you defy him he spits you and throw you out. If you quit he does nothing.

You go to voodoo doctor and he explain that the only way to defeat someone like him is with the power of voodoo, you need three items to craft the voodoo doll:
- Bodily Fluid (blood, spit, tear...)
- Some article of Clothing
- A bone of a relative.

If you have the spit already you don't need the tear or the blood.
You meet the Tailor of the Town, she claim have a gift of the Mayor, his hat, but only will exchange for somthing of more value.
The bone of the relative can be get if you travel to Cloverditch's Graveyard, where's the family Crypt. To gain access to the Crypt you need a Key that a misterious man offers you in a Destroyed Farm in the center of the isle. Once you reach the Crypt and get the bone, the misterious man appears and reveal himself: he's the brother of the Mayor, he forget him once he become Mayor, but once he destroys you with a proof of profane the family Crypt he will be in his grace again. Then he rise a lot of skelletons of the grave and fights you. He drop his ring that allow you to summon skelletons (2 per body each minute).
You can exchange the ring for the tears of the Mayor. Once you return with Parrot he will tell you there's a event in the Academy that request help.

You can return to voodoo doctor and give the bone, claim the tear and then travel to the Academy. In the Academy you'll meet the Admiral of the Isles, he beg your help to defend the island against the fishman invasion. You must resist 5 waves of murlocs to fullfill the duty. If you fall you will revive in Blackwind Island and can try again.

Once you defeat them the Admiral rewards you with his hat. You get it and exchange it with the tailor for Mayor's hat. With all the ingrdients ready, the voodoo doctor craft the voodoo doll of the Mayor, you need a needle but the only thing you get is a thoothpick that parrot will give you if you feed him with coockies.

With it you can then force the Mayor to surrender to you. He'll offer the key of the city in exchange from the Voodoo doll. You accept then travel to the tavern. Once you give the Key of the city to Hawk you hear a conversation of him with another pirate. They claim to capture the town now that the bribe is not enough and use the isles as operation base to invade Kultiras.

You talk with Parrot and Falcon, they join to your cause for 1000 g each one. Once you pay them you can assault the ship of hawk in a riot. Hawk escape with his partner, you travel with the mayor with Falcon's ship (you fullfill the task after all stealing Hawk ship ha!). Mayor don't believes you but with Parrot and Falcon at your side now and Hawk in miss he offers you the title of Captain if you defeat Hawk's army.

You can buy now ships and command them until reach hawks port. Once you destroy it he will assault your ship. Once you defeat him in combat his partner quit but promise revenge. You return to Blackwind to claim your title. The mayor now suggest travel to the West to Fort Tiras, there you can take ground to Boralus and prevent almirant Proudmoore form the invasion.

And you will say: how is this connected with Calia's Campaign?

I have been reading about Tandred Proudmoore, he's not a fighter like his father and remind in the city as a peaceful regent. However this girl is dinamite and have a motive to kick some undead ass so she is the indicated to command the army of Kultiras against the undead instead Taedan.

This is Kultiras Kingdom. The isles are at the right bottom.



Level 6
Sep 29, 2014
So, this is like a short story prelude to your upcoming campaign? Well, pretty good.
The map doesn't look too good however. Is it a CnP work, because it look like one. Well, not that it matters. I look forward into this.
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