Why are we fighting for? - Calia Menethil's speech.

Level 14
Aug 20, 2014
Why are we fighting for?

The thunders roar and start to rain. The night has fallen and the mother earth know soon the ground will be feed with blood. Calia looks all her men, tired and worried about horde reinforcements, a lot of them know in the moorning they will be dead. Just after all they have done already, all they have acomplished... The Capital City was in the middle of all the Valley of Tirisfal Glades strong and proud as once before but in dark way. All the men could feel the eyes of the Banshe Queen scheming their deads to rise them againt and force them to fight against them brothers... a destiny worst than death. Anduin looks Calia -they need not a princess anymore, they her queen. They need you. Now it's the time, now or never! Do what must be done!" told the young prince to the depressed young queen who looks older after all that nightmare since she left her kingdom years ago. She advance with her horse in the middle of the night and start her speech:

Soldiers, generals, women, men… Why are we fighting for? Many years has passed since this war began. Our bodies and soul are full of scars for the countless times we have faced the death in meaningless battlegrounds. And today, what’s the meaning when we face the evil once again?

All our enemies: the horde, the scourge, the forsaken... they could say we fight for a ruined kingdom, for feed the cycle of hatred, our vengeance, the gold, or even the power, meanwhile they took our brothers, sisters, even our children and after slaughter and torment them, they raise them again as undead minions without wild, once to serve the Lich King’s evil purposes, and now for the oppression of the Banshee Queen and the Horde.

They have took enough advantage knowingly we stop fight against them due of our love for what they were once. But now, our hearth is full of mercy for what they have become. Today we will give them the rest and peace that their tormented soul deserve and can only be found in the light’s grace.

They expect reinforcements of the Horde... The Horde knows nothing! They know nothing about us, about our brotherhood, our suffering, even about our sacrifice to do the right things, about us together and about what the light, the honor and justice deserve. They know nothing about what this, "The Alliance", mean.

Looks like they forgot about Lothar’s strength but once they face us they beseech fight Lothar’s again, because our wrath for their crimes is seven time worse… ours wrath is Thoradin's Legacy, impregnated by Stromgarde's heart, Kul Tiras's fleet, Gilneas's strength, Alterac's wit, Stormwind's corage, Dalaran's perseverance and Lordaeron's soul!

They will face the fear that the Amani faced centuries ago and after that have never recover, they will face the Legacy of Strom’s Empire, blessed with the holly light! And will learn it's meaning by first hand.

So, today we as one will fight against them for our birthrights land linked with fire inside each of our bodies. We fight for our right to live in a peaceful land that our father, and his father, called home. We fight for our right for a sacred land dyed and already paid in blood, our blood, many time already. We fight for our right to decide our destiny without fear, strong and proud...

Soldiers, generals, women, men... Today we fight for "The Alliance", we fight for Azeroth!