Calia's Campaign Fixed Lore

Level 14
Aug 20, 2014
Well, years ago, since Warlords of Draenor released I was so excited with Calia Menethil, Artha's sister. I tought she was a wasted character in WC Novel, so I created a fanfic about her (you can read it here however as a fanfic it could be innacurate with most of the lore because it was looking forward. Once Legion expansion was released, Blizzard add her to WoW with Alonsus Faol, who is a Undead... that switched out all my Fanfic, so I just waited till battle for Azeroth becase it's when my campaign conclude (recovering Lordaeron).

So now I have wrote a new exciting campaign full accurated to the lore but that also solve questions that the writers of the novels and even Metzen have left behind. So check it out, tell me what do you think and how we could improve it! Thank you so much for read!

The Blinding Glare

The day of the assault of Lordaeron

Map 1 Playable: You control the Alliance and assault Lordaeron. The idea of the map is send your troops even to death and enter in Lordaeron. Until corner the Banshee Queen to the Throne Room with Jaina's help similar to Rexxar's final map against Admiral Proudmoore.

Interlude: After the battle, Jaina finally ask Anduin why he chose to attack Lordaeron, then he answers because Kaldorei and Calia, she's the avatar of the light and Sylvanas is the avatar of the darkness. Anduin then tell the story to Jaina about how Calia became the avatar of light.

Map 2 playable: Calia complain about herself could not marry anyone because she's engaged to lord Daval Prestor (aka Deathwing), Alterac's noble who will mean Lordaeron will get full control of alterac. However he desapeared years ago. That day Arthas kills Terenas and Faol saves Calia. The map is a race between Faol's troops trying to reach Calia's chamber and the undead forces against Lordaeron forces in the same race.

Map 3 playable: Faol helps Calia how to escape throught Undercity as he helped Doomhammer years ago, that's a confession of betray of course but he is also saving Calia's life. This solves the question about the famous escape of Doomhammer without trace. However, Alonsus is burned by his betray and to forgive his sins sacrifice himself allowing Calia to escape.

Map 4 Interlude: Calia escapes trought of Undercity's secret passage with a few men, they want to carry Calia to Dalaran but the travel would be a nightmare.

Map 5 playable: In the next days, Calia pick a few more men and travel to Dalaran where Antonidas help her to escape with a teleport spell once Arthas arrives. You must protect the spell meanwhile Arthas kills everyone.

Map 6 interlude: Calia is teleported with a few survivors to Westfall because Arthas kills all the sorcerers who were casting the warp to Stormwind however they resummon in few years of the future.

Map 7 playable: Calia creates a basement with the survivors in the land but are assaulted by bandits who steal all the gold they carried. They follow the bandits and discovers a plot to kill varian, her men defeat Vancleef.

Map 8 playable: Naval battle against Vancleef and Calias Bloodsail fleet.

Map 9 interlude: Calia and his men start to vanish again. They are sent to limbo where Chromie and Kaleckos help Calia estabilizing her in the current timeline. Kalec knew that Calia will apear again unstable because the spell of Antonidas but needs Chromie's help to solve the damage. Chromie explains why she can't sent her to the past because it's too dangerous so will send her to a near stable future.

Map 10 nonplayable: Calia is teleported with her men to Stormwind's outside before Broken Shore. She recognize Varian, he is older now but recongnize her as a miracle of the light. Calia explains she wants to recover Lordaeron, but Varian refuses right now because Gul'dan. however if she brings a proof that her people can be saved he will try once he returns.

Map 11 playable: Calia travels to Lordaeron in Legions events and discovers a group of neutral forsaken that recognize her as leader but other group try to attack Calia's men thinking they are spies so she is forced to defense herself. Faol joins Calia's army now as undead and helps her to survive to forsaken's attacks.

Map 12 playable: Calia return with Faol as proof for varian but he's now dead. She request anduin's help but he explains that they will carry the war to argus now. He will need that she revive with the light a dead naaru who can defeat the darkness of Argus. Calia must revive the naaru meanwhile she protects the priests team who is healing the naaru meanwhile the demons attack the chapel of the light. Velen and Faol will help her to heal the naaru and defence against the waves meanwhile Lady Liadrin and her men protects the gates.

Map 13 playable: after Reviving the Naaru, Calia fell in a dream who give her a vision of her future as the avatar of the light who hunts the evil over all the words (Illidan's vision). Calia's afraid of this destiny but the naaru says she has no option. We can use Calia's overwhelming powers to defeat thousands of demons with holy light beams.

Map 14 nonplayable: Calia wakes up of her dream in the light and learns that the alliance won in argus but Silithus. She begs Anduin another oportunity to help his people and anduin makes the agreement with Sylvanas.

Map 15 playable: Sylvanas discovers Calia and start killing her own people and Calia. Anduin's enrage when the night elves arives exiled and murdered and starts the war.

Map 16: Anduin returns to the present looking to the horizon to Jaina and says this has just begun because Calia has woken up once again... as human's avatar of the light with the bless of the naaru, Faol and Velen.

Well that's all for now. What do you think? How we can improve it? I hpe you liked it.
Level 7
Aug 26, 2017
Calia is a bit of an underused and mostly forgotten character if we are to follow Blizzard's (amazing) story writing. She started off as an NPC you can find in the deepest and most heavily populated Undead area in the Eastern Pleaguelands where she gave you a few simple quests. Later on it is revealed that she is Arthas' younger sister that escaped most of the Scourging of Lordaeron since she was in Alterac Mountains at that time. Since the events prior to the end of the Third War to this day, Calia has been hardly ever mentioned or touched up on by anyone in Blizzard's writing teams. Calia herself hasn't shown any interest in attempting to reclaim her birthright or her home from the Banshe Queen and the Forsaken; leading a secluded and quiet life instead.

Personally, I find that her end fate in the novel Before the Storm is utter nonsense. I came to terms with the idea that it was Blizzard's way of getting rid of Calia but her ressurection as something that's presumed to be Undead but not quite is proof of weak writing and storytelling. Blizzard has a habit of using their mastery over Necromancy on their characters (such as Alonus Faol who was supposed to be a shambling skeleton by that time), denying them a meaningful death/life and the potential of leaving behind someone new and worthy of a heritage.

I had thought for a long time that Calia would eventually travel to Stormwind and reside in the Royal Palace where she might play a pivotal role in reclaiming Lordaeron from the Undead during the events of Wrath of the Lich King and Battle for Azeroth. Instead she became a priest, with a sedated character behavior, and came to terms that Lordaeron belonging to the Forsaken.