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  1. Izzetin

    [Solved] Sound Files _ Lana'thel

    Hello all :) Im currently looking for the Sound Files of (WoW) Bloodqueen Lana'thel if someone could upload it. i'd be really happy ! :D I know the Sound files from ICC - Bloodprince Council (WoW Boss) are on Hive but this specific one sadly isnt ;c ty:>
  2. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Help! Trying to make a trigger for a collapsing ceiling on each hero unit in a region

    So I am making this boss fight with a huge dragon. And basically it has a phase where it breathes fire 6 times in 6 angles around it. Once it is done with breathing fire, the ceiling will collapse at the point of where each hero stands after while. I tried to make a trigger for it here. It seems...
  3. Doom Mephisto

    Doom Mephisto

    New boss for my map Doom. I lost the battle...
  4. Amigoltu

    Greatest Boss Fight I've ever played

    SPOILERS BELOW for anyone who might still be playing this game. So, in this (very underrated, in my opinion) game, called Darksiders II, I encountered this guy: Argul, The Deposed King For one, I have started this fight with a level 13 character, while it is advised to be at least level 17...
  5. Superfrycook

    Creating bosses in Reforged

    Hello, I was thinking I could create the main boss or mini boss. The only problem is, if the boss takes damage, he or she summons enemies, traps or both. So how can I make a trigger when the boss takes damage, let’s just say if the boss’ health dips below 80% or 50%, can summon units or traps...
  6. ToymachineHW

    Searching for a specific map with Naga race and bosses

    Hey guys! My first post here. I have played a map couple of years ago that I've found here with Naga race and a lot of huge big bosses around the map. I have tried searching all over the internet, mostly here, but no luck, however I did recognize that the core of that map was Emerald Gardens...
  7. Kreuzschlitz

    [Trigger] RESOLVED: Boss AI through Hashtable

    First of all I'd like to apologize for the formatting of the images, as shown in the first picture for whatever reason I cannot copy the trigger text as I would like to as the option is grayed out. I also do not have the option available when I simply right click the trigger itself. Onto what...
  8. Anton Wulff Jensen

    How do I make a "moving breath of fire", and how do I make doodads (like rocks) block its effect?

    I am trying to make a dragon boss-fight, and I want to make a breath of fire spell, that makes the dragon spew fire in a circular movement around it. And on top of that, I'd like to know how to make environment, such as a large rock or stone-pillar, capable of blocking the spell. So that if...
  9. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Cast a spell (fx Flame Strike) on unit or in region?

    Hi there! Quite new here, but I've been working on a map for a while, and currently trying to make a spell for a custom boss fight. Basically I want to trigger a Flame Strike underneath the boss unit every 3 seconds. So what I wanna know is, how do I create a trigger, that conjures a flame...
  10. redscores

    [Miscellanous / Other] Cataclysm: Defiance of the Jaki Boss Fight Map: I need your opinion for my planned boss fights!

    Hello, my name is redscores and I have been in the buisness of mapmaking for a long time. I am currently trying to get into mapmaking again, but my projects until now that I have planned were far too large and ambitious... So I will try to start smaller. My idea is a boss fight map in general...
  11. Ricola3D

    How is managed collision between units ?

    Hello, I have a hero fighting a big boss (model Pit Lord with scale x3), like shown by the image below. However when I fight to melee, my hero goes inside the ennemy selection circle, in collision with its mesh. What settings do I have to change in WE to avoid that ? I tried to change the...
  12. Parry War 2/2

    Parry War 2/2

    Recorded after changing the trigger a bit. This time your own skills don't get interrupted (mostly)... which has its own pros and cons (visually at least) compared to the 1st video.
  13. Parry war 1/2

    Parry war 1/2

    In a never-ending quest to further improve my little project I told myself... what if the tutorial boss had access to his own parry? And gave it a try.
  14. Passivipaska

    Area markers for boss fights

    Hey. I've been looking for some 'Area markers' for boss fights for some maps I've been making. I have no idea how to make custom skins / models, so I'm hoping someone will see this post and help me out. I need circles... Kind of like Auras, but a unit model. Preferably red, multiple sizes if...
  15. Untitled-1


  16. CodeBlack

    [Defense / Survival] Hero Binders (Alpha)

    「Hero Binders」 By CodeBlack Gameplay You always wanted to become a mighty hero? Or even a God? Then i have good news for you! In Hero Binders two teams fight for the right to call themselves Gods. To achieve this Task they are ordered to kill an ancient Demon that only appears once every 1000...
  17. justTobby

    Dungeon Siege II Plains of Tears

    Hello fans of Dungeon Siege and everyone else lately I have been working on map, that contains reworked version of game called Dungeon Siege II Link for the newest update: Dungeon Siege II BETA v0.2c THIS IS JUST DEMO - NOT A COMPLETE MAP, finished like 15% of whole content (two quests)...
  18. The10th-X

    [Aeon of Strife] AniMa War Ex Dev Log

    Welcome to Ani(me)Ma(nga) War Ex(Cel), a bit different from your typical AOS map with extra objectives and different from your typical anime map (Aka, not spellspamming 2bright4youreyes stuff), this is the BETA version which is at most base features complete and fully fleshed out characters etc...
  19. Nordmar

    [Defense / Survival] Battle in Magicforest

    Download Latest Version
  20. Rubellu Sidus

    Boss Fight Spells

    Hi there. I'm new in the Request area and need some help. I'm planning to do a little Campaign which the last mission will be a Boss battle. The Boss have the following abilities: Vampiric Swarm - Based on Carrion Swarm: Every 15 seconds the boss will stop and unleash a horde of bats in...