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Parry war 1/2

In a never-ending quest to further improve my little project I told myself... what if the tutorial boss had access to his own parry? And gave it a try.
The bit that goes from 0:40 is the coolest one!

It's just so epic when both the player and the boss rapidly exchange combos with each other and react to each other's actions
@xISLx Yeahh it looks pretty cool, but I'm at odds about leaving it like that. The second video disables it (mostly) so that your own parry+death stab (shield block into sword attacks) and smite I,II (the punching and kicking attacks) don't get interrupted. Let me know your thoughts when I share it here.

I could try keeping the bit you saw at 0:40 in some way... since this boss ability is meant to take place on hard and very hard difficulties only. I could make the boss get stunned 100% in hard, and only 50% in very hard, at least for parry+deathstab since Smite I-IV are meant to be grappling skills.

I'm also considering adding an anti-parrying-parrying passive, something that could protect the player from a boss' parry's stun-lock, causing you to stun-lock him instead and counter attack with your own xD. Besides, the captain unit has a good animation for it right at the begining of Stand - 4

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