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Brawler Test

So it occurred to me that the Captain Unit's animations could be exploited in order to create a fun way to simulate 'unarmed' combat. Currently developing the other 2 and the tech tree passives xD.

ZethHolyblade, Sep 13, 2018
    • ZethHolyblade
      There will be four moves in total, and I'm planning on setting up skills from another combo branch (say either 'Holy Light' or 'Shield Bash') as abilities needed to be performed in between 'Brawler 2' (the headbutt) and 'Brawler 3'... kinda like in fighting games where you have to lift up your opponent, in order to continue your combo.

      I already have the rest of the passives written in paper as well, there will be some that add knockback ability with minor damage to enemies around the target, one called 'Already Dead' (try figuring where did I get the idea xD) to make them explode if they have very low hp left, and-- creating a link between 'Brawler 4' and 'Deathstab' : Parry+Deathstab test | HIVE as an alternative instead of parrying.

      Here are some numbers to give you an idea :eek:


      Parry (why not)

    • Galadgod
      Reminds me of Sacred's Gladiator moves. Looks really nice.
      Also love the guy's name.
    • ZethHolyblade
      @Galadgod Never had the chance to play it myself but saw some videos. Seems like a fun game.

      And thank you xD. Whenever new 'unit animation sequence' triggers are involve the 'Stunt Man' is the one rehearsing them first.
    • pleasancer benediction
      That is sooo coool.
    • ZethHolyblade
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