1. Kadel

    [Solved] Change unit's attack animation on the passive skill

    Hello again, I read the threads on attack animations, and I have a couple of questions + about my situation... I created a custom blade master, that has pit lord's cleave instead of a critical strike. Cleave is a passive ability, and every time my blade master performs an attack, he uses Attack...
  2. SebioL


    CREATING NEW ANIMATIONS WITH SMOOTHINGS BETWEEN THE WEIRDEST INTERVALS THEREOF OR BETWEEN ANY MODEL YOU WANT. As incredible as it may seem, this smoothing application between the first Frame of the "new animations" with the Initial Frame of the main animation (Stand-1/Attack-1...), works well or...
  3. debeli99

    How to make unit switch between animations trigger help

    Custom model: Treasure Guardian So I’m trying to make this custom model use alternate animations when the player enters specific region. I have 4 players and I want for custom unit to use it’s stand animation when there are no players in the region, and if there are players in the region to...
  4. Ushiwakamaru Animations ingame preview

    Ushiwakamaru Animations ingame preview

  5. Zenonoth

    How can I view Reforged models' hidden animations?

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I would like to know if there's a tool on this site or any mean to view WC3 Reforged HD models' hidden animations that don't display in World Editor? Sincerest Thanks for your time!
  6. Pyroxian999

    Editing Models

    I want to extract a model of warcraft 3 frozen throne (the model, the animations, the rigs, etc). So far I have only been able to extract the model but not the rest [I want to pass everything that I mentioned to Blender and also to my PC], if anyone knows how I would appreciate it a lot
  7. Pyroxian999

    I need help

    I want to extract a model of warcraft 3 frozen throne (the model, the animations, the rigs, etc). So far I have only been able to extract the model but not the rest [I want to pass everything that I mentioned to Blender and also to my PC], if anyone knows how I would appreciate it a lot
  8. Macadamia

    [Spell] Setting unit animations with triggers : portrait issues !

    Hello everyone. I recently had issues with portrait animations for a Flying Balls model, and the model works perfectly so far. For a custom ability called "Torrefaction" that is supposed to burn the target for a few seconds, preventing it to move (yes I know damage would be more sensible but I...
  9. FluffyStuff

    [Campaign] Reforging Reforged

    Warcraft 3 Reforging Reforged Quick Overview [TLDR] I'm Mark, an experienced game developer, and an avid Blizzard fan. I want to take the existing WC3 reforged campaign and "reshoot" all the in-game cinematics. I want to create a similar feeling to what was shown in the original Culling of...
  10. Wayzz

    Is it not possible to use the new animations (ie walking, kneeling etc) from reforged in the WE?

    After playing through the campaign, I noticed there are obviously several new animations. But I cant seem to find them anywhere. I opened up the map in the WE and I notcied that the value for the animation was written like 'Kneeling '' etc. but I cant find any animation like that and cant find a...
  11. Dunkeulbock

    RPG Peasant

    Hello my good sirs ! I need a very simple model for my map and I think this model could be useful for part of the community. This unit would be the KAIL333XZ's HD Peasant (Just a normal peasant but with his portrait face as his actual model face) without his pickaxe and with the animations of...
  12. Teitan

    Anyone willing to take a model request?

    Hello, i have been thinking about this for a while and decided to try my luck with a request: Could anyone please make me a Tryndamere model? He's a character from the moba League of Legends, i plan to recreate him in warcraft 3, mostly for fun(spells and everything), but i dont want to rip it...
  13. Uncle

    Animations and Casting Time

    So i'm using a "special" method to get around having to use Cast Backswing/Cast Point for Cast Animations. Instead, I set cast backswing/point to 0 and use Casting Time to mimic their effects. This will make a Unit play it's full Spell animation (or any animation you set) over the Casting Time...
  14. jj84

    Animation (unsolved)

    Can anyone change portrait animations model to default wc3 animations, replace or import original priest talk animations to two model i uploaded.
  15. Woodenplank

    Forcing unit animation

    Hi Hive I'm making a sort of "motion blur" movement speed ability, and it almost works perfectly. The trigger gives some movement speed abilities and such to the caster, but it also does a loop every 0.20 seconds which creates a transparent clone of the Hero. The clone starts with 60%...
  16. HerrDave

    Upgrade Animations being used at random

    I've hit a wall. My tank models (Panzer & Sherman) have a model-breaking problem which I cannot pin down. For some reason, the Upgrade animations will play at random while attacking - for example, a Panzer III will sprout extra armour and a longer gun for the duration of the attack, but then go...
  17. Hazop

    Morph ability

    I set a morph ability for my factory, but it refuses to work properly! Solution 1. I set the duration to .5 seconds, when I morph it immediately morphs back. Solution 2. I set the duration to 0 seconds, it works and I can switch/train units from both. Issue is that the birth animation starts...
  18. Mistablockout

    [General] How can I get all of a specific unit to use an animation?

    Hello again, I got good feedback from my last post and now I have changed the unit from a doodad to a locust because apparently you can't change a doodad's animation! So I have four custom units, each named House1, House2, House3, and House4, and I want them each to use a different animation...
  19. Mistablockout

    [Solved] How do I use various building animations?

    Hello everybody, I'm having a bit of trouble. If we're to put my skill with WE on a scale of 1-10, I'd be a 2 or 3. What I need help with is changing the animation of Mike's houses: Houses Each of the tiers is a different animation (each with its own birth and death animation, too) and the...
  20. sarumanthecursed

    Model edit request

    Good day everyone! :) I need the fire effect in this HaradrimArcherVII model's "Attack 2" anim to be removed ;however, I would also like a version of the "Attack 2" anim with the fire effect as a spell animation. Any help in regards to this would be greatly appreciated and obviously credited...
  21. BossGengar

    Birth and Death animations for Skeletal Felguard

    Hey! I have a poll on my Skeletal Felguard thread regarding adding a traditional skeleton birth and death animation for the model. The majority said yes, and I was hoping I could get an animator to add these animations. If someone could do it that'd be great! :D
  22. Generalaring

    [Solved] Custom Unit Animation Problem

    Hello all! I created a custom unit from scratch and the one problem i'm having is the walk animation for my unit. In the actor for my unit, i used GenericStandardUnit as the parent. The unit is a ghost and i applied the ghost.anims in the model category. I also cannot figure out how to...
  23. NightStalker

    Parkour Animations Request

    Hey guys, I need some animations or an animation if too much to ask for. I'll just type down the animations I need; 1) Dive/Roll animation(Like in Dark Souls' series) 2) Parkour Vaults - Speed Vault - Monkey Kong Vault - (Maybe) Double Kong - (maybe) some other variations such...
  24. BossGengar

    Mannoroth with HeroPitlord Animations

    I've been looking for Mannoroth with the Hero Pit Lord animations. Basically a HeroPitlord but with Mannoroth's textures. Or vise-versa? Would someone find this for me? Thanks in advance!:)