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Zombie Land Survival v1.5

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My first zombie Survival map is Officially Released. The Goal is to survive long enough until a Helicopter comes to pick you up. You are trapped in a village full of zombies... but not only that. You can't pick weapons - you can only use an ability called Fire and the other one is Extreme Fire. Fire costs less mana (ammo) but does less damage. You must find barricades, ammo and other useful things to help you on your mission. Also you can ressurect other players when they die. You can level up and you have 4 abilities that can be learned. One nice feature I thought that would be good to be added is that you can GO THROUGH barricades, but the undead can't. You can also build turrets. The game will take nearly an hour and a half to finish so be prepared for a nightmarish adventure. You might find the map REALLY hard and Impossible, but believe me - it can be beaten :) .

A Thanks to the People that made the awesome skins and models:
Check these guys here on the Hive because they are AMAZING!!!

v1.1 : Fixed the Annoying bug that made the items permanent after last charge is used; Added 2 New Items; Decreased the Shooting cooldown of the Policeman; Added 2 New Waves; Made Zombies a little weaker; Fixed Extreme Fire Hotkey.
v1.1a : Fixed Spawn and Player Leave Bugs.
v1.1b : Increased CD and Ammo Required for Fan of Knifes.
Fast v1.2 update : Re-edited spawning and zombie waves.
v1.2b : Changed Marine Skin and Name
v1.3 : Changed Turrets and Laser Turrets Health; Increased Infected Crawler's and Barricade's Life Slightly; Change Max Level to 20; Levels now Increase the Stats slightly; Increased Barricade Spawn Chance; Increased Infected Crawler's Movement Speed Slightly; Changed the Silly Barricade, Laser Turret and Turret Unit Sound Set; Changed UPKEEP Interface; Less Ammo; Mines Item; Items now STACK up so you won't be in need to full your inventory with crap!
v1.4 : Made it a bit...harder and alot darker
v1.5 : Collision size fixes and spawn balances




Comments and reviews are appreciated!

zombie, survival, map, undead, plague, abomination, terror, horror, dog, virus, village, policeman, policemen, marine

Zombie Land Survival v1.5 (Map)

Level 7
Dec 28, 2009
Ahhh A map :p

Nice map, I really liked it and reckon with a few tweaks that it will be awesome.

Well anyways here is my review:

  • The weapon system worked awesomely
  • The hero spells were awesome
  • Custom models mad :p

  • Some glitches and bugs
  • Lots of unbalancing (The police man is way weaker than the zombies on wave 1, you die instantly)

  • Balance it make the zombies weaker for wave one or the policeman stronger
  • Fix the flare item (It has one shot and when you shoot it, it stays in your inventory and can not be used again)

Maybe make a police hero selector at the start of the game.

There will be the 6 police still but there will be categories. Grenader, Support, Gunner, Back-up, Sargent, defender.

All these police will be standing behind a circle of power and you choose them with an infected human.

Each policeman can be chosen once by a player (For example say Lag_Reviews chose support policeman it would than disappear and no-one else can choose him.)

Each police man would have its own set of custom spells.

For example:
Grenader would have nukes
Support would have healing spells and auras/passive
Gunner would have different types of guns
Back-up would have summon spells
Sargent would have tank spells aka strong spells
defender would have tower building/repair spells

Just an idea hope you like it.

Btw fix the description please!

  • Credits
  • Screenshots
  • Gameplay
  • Background info
  • Youtube video
  • Change-log
  • Upcoming update log

If you need more help on the description go here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/tutorial-submission-283/importance-description-127031/#post1117301

I vote for: Rejection (Until you fix some of the glitches/bugs/imbalanced stuff)

My rating: 2/5


Edit you have fixed nearly everything I have mentioned and even uploaded a youtube video into your description! I give you credit for making this map and fixing almost everything I mentioned, thank-you it is much appreciated.

I now vote for: Approval as of version 1.3!

Nice map fix some stuff and it will be awesome,

PS: Good luck
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Level 5
Apr 10, 2009
10x for the review. After school today all that will be fixed and btw where did you find the glitches ? :|
P.S. The map is impossible to be beaten by 1 player... at the end waves of 300 zombies start coming+other weird creatures!
Level 4
Nov 24, 2009
Ok Clos3dy mate this is a good map
Good Game Play
Nice storyline
Baracades have to be dropped and repicked up for it to disapear.
R button dosnt work with extreme fire.
laser cannons are over powered but dont shoot very fast

All over im voting for Acception, with a vote of 3\5
Reps man remember
Level 7
Dec 28, 2009
10x for the review. After school today all that will be fixed and btw where did you find the glitches ? :|
P.S. The map is impossible to be beaten by 1 player... at the end waves of 300 zombies start coming+other weird creatures!

There isn't that many glitches/bugs.

The main ones are some items don't work properly (For example flare you use it then it stays in your inventory and you can;t use it again) and another thing I called it a bug/glitch but it is the imbalancing of the map that kinda ruins it all.

Anyhowz hope you can fix that,

PS: good luck mate :D
Level 3
May 19, 2009
hi there just camed from testing ur map and is nice NOT the tipical survival and boring survival and i founded 2 things that i didint liked 1: the details(yes i know is stupid :p) well dunno u put the word *spell* on an zombie map kind of let u thinking spell=magic in zombie map? WTF and u put to think damn this map is weird O.O u should change that to *ability*(yes i know is stupid too but isnt so stupid u know?) now 2: why all ppl always put the MARINE MODEL and MARINE SKIN on every zombie survival u know ppl get kinda bored of that u should put something different i dunno an different model? or easyer way and put an different skin? dunno but rly change it plz oh btw change the policeman name too :p thats all oh my rating is 4/5 for APPROVAL :)
Level 5
Apr 10, 2009
10x for the review. And BTW you ain't a good English speaker/typer, are you :) . New Version is coming in less than an hour with Fixed Description, Youtube trailer AND NEW MARINE SKIN!!!
Edit: New version here - Youtube video+read changelog.
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Level 3
May 19, 2009
mmmmmmmmm iam gonna test it after some time hey add me on Garena R.e.A.p.E.r-XxX so we can go kill some zombs il give ya some suggestion later P.D:rate changed 5/5
Level 2
Aug 18, 2008
Cool map but after wave 12 it gets VERY easy :/. We where camping with 90174 turrets till wave 12 untill i found that if you put land mines on the graveyard you remove an entire wave. You need only 3 for entire zombie horde. Oh and i found several places where you can put a turret without zombies being able to reach them. over and all i give it a 4/5