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Zombie Hunter 3 v 4.1

Submitted by Xtrheo
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Zombie Hunter 3

by Xtrheo


What's new ?!:

Version 4.1

  • Introducing.... SAVE/LOAD SYSTEM (obtain your save code after entering the second friendly village)
  • New Zombie Hunter model
  • Revamped cinematics and UI to fit widescreen
  • Fourth boss fight reworked
  • Knockback ability has now AoE
  • Poisonous bullet now actually slows movement speed
  • New enemies types to improve gameplay sensation
  • Lots of other tweeks

Map Description (for new players):

The game is based on Zombie hunter 1 and 2 (by Gravit)
It's a skill-based game (hit and run), and very challenging: You control one hero who is often one shot-killed.
After Jaeden's death, the story continues in this third episode of Zombie Hunter; a small group of reknowed hunters are heading to frozen lands where strange creatures were reported. Try to survive through this challenging adventure full of secrets, creatures and ruled by bosses worthy of their title. This third episode includes of new items, new upgrades, soundtracks and customized boss fights. A real challenge for ZH fans because of its difficulty, as the other Zombie Hunter games were. Thank you Gravit for your games!​

I'll be grateful if you could tell me EVERY SINGLE mistakes you can observe (spelling mistakes too- my first language isn't english).
Comment it, rate it, I'd love to improve my skills in map making.







Solo 2






Older changelogs

Version 4.0

  • Introducing.... MASTERIES (10 new spells to choose from while upgrading your Hunter)
  • Also introducing Souls!
  • New side quests, mobs and items
  • Revamped storyline and cinematics
  • Third and final boss fight reworked
  • new randomized areas to increase replayability
  • More NPCs
  • More bugs fixed
  • The resurrection bug after a player leaves is fixed
  • Double Gold item now actually doubles the gold earned by coins
  • All souls can be targeted by siphon mana
  • Caring Spirit's ultimate is nerfed
  • Other minor bugs fixed

Version 3.0

  • Added an after death system
  • Added a rage mode to the Third Boss
  • Balanced third boss fight (chain lightning aoe reduced, ect..)
  • Third Boss can no longer pass through fire.
  • Checkpoint after Cursed Lands added
  • Bounty of Tier 2 and 3 units increased.
  • Movement speed of tier 2 and 3 units decreased
  • Some hidden items displaced
  • Added alternative messages for single player mode
  • UI Fixed
  • Added "Player skipped the cinematic" message in multiplayer.
  • Fire traps fixed
  • Added new items and edited old ones to match the modern warfare theme
  • Added minor quests
  • Added names to NPCs
  • File size reduced
  • Terrain improved (number of destructibles reduced, some areas modified)
  • Other minors improvements

Version 2.4

  • Fixed some typo
  • Replaced the ice wall of the second boss entrance with fire
  • Removed the cinematic of the Third Boss!!
  • Reversed the Flare's and Grenade's hotkeys
  • Fixed the non-looping music lag
  • Slightly reduced the AoE of Frost Revenant's Apparition
  • Slightly reduced the attack range of tier 2 and 3 melee units
  • Balanced Cold Shadow's stats
  • Added some Pathing Blockers

Version 2.3

  • Added Gravit to the admin list
  • Fixed all bugs relative to cinematic (death and camera)
  • Reduced damage of wretched
  • Fixed the music and leveling-up lags
  • Moved some resurrection stones to avoid an inevitable death after respawn
  • Fix the Flare's and the lever's bug
  • Added a Tip to prevent players from leaving after dying 3 times
  • Fixed an issue where player 6 couldn't revive

Version 2.2

  • Flare's cooldown now depends on number of players
  • Hotkeys of every abilities changed
  • Cooldown of every active abilities now mentioned in description
  • "Rifle" and "Vision" upgrades combinated
  • First and second boss cinematics polished
  • Fourth boss fight now depends on number of players
  • Sunwell's Animation fixed
  • One admin added to the admin list
  • Some leaks removed

Version 2.1

  • Second boss fixed
  • Game over Camera fixed
  • Difficulty reduced
  • Multiboard added
  • The disappeared Initialization Trigger in v.2.0 is back

Version 2.0

  • Every bugs reported since today are fixed (including the "picking item" bug)
  • 2 hidden items added
  • Difficulty System (based on number of players) added
  • Difficulty slightly reduced
  • Reputation system is effective
  • No more cheat detection system (way too laggy)

Special thanks to:
-CRAZYRUSSIAN!!!! For its awesome Freezing title
-The Reaper, for its Bloodmage skin
-Gar'nogal, for its Rifleman skin
-Afronight_76, for its Dreadlord skin AND for its Lich skin
-Dionesiist, for its Ghoul skin
-Hueter, for its Abomination skin
-Just_Spectating, for its faceless skin which perfectly fits with General Frank's model :p
-13lur, for its Footman skin
-ANdROnIQ, for its Grenade icon
-FrIkY, for its Rifleman icon
-tee.dubs, for its Chainsaw icon AND super model
-The_Silent, for its Rifle icon
-Illidan(Evil)X, for its Grenade model
-Peekay, for its Volcano Ashes model
-MeteORA, for its Hat model (that I edited)
-DonDustin, for its Icecrown Revenant model
-Inico, for its Shimmering Portal model
-Ket, for its Potion model
-General Frank, for its 4-legged Faceless model
-WILL THE ALMIGHTY, for its Explosion model
-Kitabatake, for its Light Orb model
-And of course, Konstrukt, our modern warfare expert, for its Sniper and Shotgun Missile model

-map protected-


zombie, zombies, hunter, survival, hit and run, ice, nothren, dark, magic, storyline, gun, guns, modern warfare, shooter, rpg, multiplayer

Zombie Hunter 3 v4.1 (Map)

23:40, 25th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved Comment
  1. MOS_19D4GB4PL


    Jan 12, 2014
    Recently decided to play it once again, after years of inactivity. Went solo. A bug screwed me up, so I gave up.
    Later by accident I found that you updated the map many times (was playing on 3.00) and done so very successfully. Playing it with improved and new features was not only refreshing but also rewarding, having loads of fun here!

    Few things:
    1) I too struggle to find the third orb (just like neil418), any clue or hint where to look for it?

    2) There is some interior of a building (can be seen by using Flare in crypt), is it accessible anyhow? If yes, again, would you give me a hint?

    3) The Old Man and his meat chunk... are we suppoused to throw it at the mountain beast? If the answer is yes, it doesn't seem to do anything :(

    4) The icey smoke which ruin our lives in third boss fight seem to persist after his death.

    5) You once mentioned that playing singleplayer yields extra cash, you mean last-hit related income or some starting/quest money too?

    6) I have a suggestion for zombie hunter model replacer:
    Direfury's Dwarf Rifleman
    •Uses ingame textures, so skin replacer persists and looks great.
    •Pauldrons are still teamcoloured, so players can be easily distinguished.
    •The model has many additional animations which would be nice to be used (i.e. Net literally looks like being thrown).
    •There is a problem with the hat, as it clips with hood. Using this model would require moving the hat slightly higher.
    These are not just theories as I play with modified game files and I have my vanilla rifleman model replaced with this one. That's of course if you would want to use it!

    @EDIT: Forgot to mention...
    7) Amazing choice of music, loved first boss and when I heard Unstoppable during final boss... damn, amazing experience!
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
  2. Xtrheo


    May 8, 2009
    I’m glad this latest version met your expectations :). You’ll be pleased to know that I started a big update to improve the gameplay after the second boss (introducing a save/load system, new items, new mobs, etc...)
    Unfortunately I am currently on holiday thus I won’t be able to give you detailed answers, I’ll double check your questions once I’m home (September)

    1) You need to bring the golden key (after killing the second boss) to the spider statue at the beginning. (It might be disabled in this version though, it will be fixed in the next uptade)

    2) It is accessible indeed, by entering the 3rd church (the secret quest is not available yet though)

    3) Nice job xD! Yes, normally you left click on the item when it is in your inventory, then you left click on the beast (haven’t tested it online but as far as I remember it works, and it’s quite nice xD)

    4) Mmmm that’s clearly an issue, thx for noticing it, I’ll fix it.

    5) All gold income (quest, bosses, creeps) is based on the number of players (it’s a simple equation that triggers when a unit dies, for example : « 10 gold - number of players », when a zombie dies ).
    Last hits during multiplayer games are only accounted for kills (lumber), all gold income is shared equally to avoid bad behaviors, jealousy..

    6) Thank you I was actually looking for a new model! I’m also looking for a new UI, compatible with 1.29’s resolution

    7) Hahaha thank you, I also believe that music is a core element in video games
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2018
  3. MOS_19D4GB4PL


    Jan 12, 2014
    Glad to hear all of that and thank you for answers!

    Looking forward for the update! For now, wishing you good holidays :D

    Some additional stuff:

    8) Finally managed to finish the map solo, great challenge and experience. When final boss got finished off, the cinematic sadly made me watch remains of his gate, which obstructed vision. Pretty sure that depends on boss position at the moment of his death. Maybe you should make cinematic use the same, static camera the boss fight has?

    9) Bracer of Agility states in description that it also provides movement speed bonus, while I didn't notice any.

    10) The orb reward, along powerful bonuses, seems to be an usable item ("Left-click to use"), but it doesn't seem to have such an active component. Am I missing something? It also cannot be removed from inventory (probably intentional).

    11) I personally think that the Knockback ability is a little weak. It's an amazing skill I would definitely use a lot, the problem is that with it's power, the cooldown is just too long. If it was to be used as a last resort escape ability, Wind Walk performs way better instead (although needs different upgrade).

    12) I'm not sure if that's intended, but we can choose mastery and ultimate of different upgrades (like Focus Fire and Mirror Image).
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2018
  4. Xtrheo


    May 8, 2009

    8) Mmm I have to check this out

    9)I tested it and it actually grants a small movement speed bonus

    10) Unfortunately the power is useful only in multiplayer mode, I'm still looking for a great power for single player games.

    11) Yup I agree, this is why I fixed it in the new version 4.1, check it out

    12)Nope it's not intended, it's also fixed in 4.1

    Thanks a lot for your feedback :D
  5. max734734


    Jan 14, 2014
    Hi there, great map btw. Just noticed a couple of bugs while playing it through solo,

    1) That item that you'd get from the villager lady, some necklace thing that gives you +5 more gold per kill, doesn't seem to apply strangely enough.

    2) Halfway through the game, when I got enough gold to get the Lv 5 skill for Speed, Wind Walk I believe it was, my hero character just...vanished. This is the 2nd skill I picked from the Workshop, after I clicked it my hero just vanished! But the Wind Walk icon was still something selectable in the Workshop.

    3) I'm not sure if this is intentional, but during the 2nd boss fight against the Pit Lord guy, he uh...went past the blue flames and...never came back...so we kinda had to restart cause I was thinking of taking out the portal 1st then deal with him.

    I'd list more bugs if we see any, until then nice work btw! :D
  6. Xtrheo


    May 8, 2009

    Thanks a lot for your feedback! It really helps me out :)

    1) I'll check it out and maybe buff it a little, anyway congrats for finding it

    2) Oh I feared that kind of bug... I tried to revamp all the spec system and thus used unit replacement... and apparently your hero was replaced by nothing :/. I'll fix it

    3) Ok it's not intented at all XD. I'll fix it. Yup dealing with the portal first is a gxDood idea ^^

    Thanks again for the feedback and let me know if you successfuly used the save/load system, I wasn't able to test it with other players since they always die after the second boss xD
  7. max734734


    Jan 14, 2014
    Aye thanks.

    Also...there's a save/load system? o_O