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This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
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This a very well done demon tower. It has full animations and fits into warcraft perfectly. The original readme is included.

Attempts to contact original authors failed.


Authors: Blizzard (Original Model)
Cookie Vashard (Tweaking, partial model editing etc)
Skyquake (Skinning)

Source : http://www.wc3campaigns.com

Date : 02/16/2003 (?)

Download Type : Model Edit

Textures path : ShadowDale\units\demontower\demontower.blp

Portrait/model path: ShadowDale\units\demontower\demontower.mdx

The Demon Tower which was made a very long time ago, first for a demon pack, then later for project ShadowDale. The project got discontinued however and since then the file floated aimlessly on my comp along with other files. Because there was a lack of real demonical towers I decided to create one. I asked Skyquake to skin the tower, while I just slightle edited the model and added a hellish particle emitter model. I decided to release this old one for your enjoyment and for public use.

How to use:
Just direct the model path to this model and its done.
Just use Import Manager in TFT and import in the map (remember the import
model bug, you need to save and reload map in order to see the model). The
paths for the skin and model are above. Just import, doubleclick on the
file and alter the path to the above ones. Thats all folks!

If you find any bugs or problems or glitches of the model please report this.
We will work on it as soon as possible to bring a updated version out.
* = Wildcard. That means that all textures should use that path.


Demon, Tower undead fire ziggurat

Demon Tower (Model)

Demon Tower (Model)

11:14, 18th May 2008 HappyTauren: Great model of the past. No permisson.




11:14, 18th May 2008
HappyTauren: Great model of the past.
No permisson.
Level 15
Feb 15, 2006
Kam is very serious with the stuff and (mainly with steal stuff), and I'm confident he's not doing to get credit himself but to help to the community with models that in other ways would be forgotten. Anyways, I think kam should ask to Wolverabid about posting them. I know in WC3C this won't be allowed, but here there could be an exception.