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World Template

For anyone who wants it heres the template for a World Map. Its based of a Miller projection that reduces North-South stretching. Ive taken the liberty to include the Panama and Suez canals too.

Unfortunately the max WC3 map size means this is a little undetailed in some areas but it performs very well on the larger scale.

This only a template so feel free to adjust the map and to add texture and terrain etc... and please give credit as well.


EDIT: I didn't think the minimap gave a good enough impression of the level of detail so I uploaded some screenshots.

UPDATE: I have now textured the map from a satellite image and given the whole map a healthy dose of smooth tool. Ive decided to not add mountains as i don't know whether people would want cliff or height tool mountains. Also I may make a larger 480 by 480 when i have some more time.


The World

Detail of Europe and nearby areas.

Madagascar to Kamchatka

North America

world, map, template, terrain, europe, asia, america, ocean, sea, land

World Template (Map)

20:22, 13th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 4
Mar 20, 2010
This is a very good idea, but unfortunately it might not work on many projects, 'cause of the map size. If you would increase the mapsize along with important mountains and rivers you would definately get +rep and rating.
Level 22
Feb 3, 2009
Barathrum's Review (Map Reviewer)

Description (Includes THW description, map description and Loading Screen):"

THW Description: I accept it, as it's a template anyway. (3/4)
Map Description: Template, not needed (X/3)
Loading Screen: Template, not needed (X/3

All together for these 3: 3/4


It does the job, but as many said above me, it's too small, you could also add some Important Mountains and rivers (6/10)


Since it's a template, I'll rate it's use.
The template could have some use, but in most it woulden't be useful, maybe it would do for some Risk maps. (7/10)

Quest menu, Hints:

Quest menu: Not needed (/5)
Hints: Not needed (/5)

All together for these 2: X/10

Aditional Information:

Score Board:

0%-49% = 1/5 vote for rejection
50%-60% = 2/5 but i vote for either rejection or approval
61%-70% = 2/5 but i vote for approval
71%-80% = 3/5 vote for approval
81%-92% = 4/5 vote for approval
93%-100% = 5/5 vote for approval

Map Rating: 2/5 (Lacking)

Total: 16/24
= 67%

Vote for Approval?= Yes
Vote for Rejection?= No

5 (Highly Recommended)
4 (Recommended)
3 (Useful)
2 (Lacking)
1 (Unacceptable)
Final Notes

I'm giving you 2/5, if you do some minor changes, I'll give you 3/5.

Level 5
Jun 13, 2008
Thanks for the comments.

I'm not sure whats wrong with the map size, on my WE it says 256x160, while Hive says differently :/. I did not use World Editor Unlimited to make this although it is a good idea as I could extend the size of the map to encompass smaller details.

To the many people who commented on the lack of detail and the inability to fit units onto some countries: this is the largest i can make the map without WEU and not everyone has that (I think). It might be a lot of fuss but you could consider reducing the size of your units and buildings this being a world map having smaller units might be more appropriate.

I will make some of the changes to this map that all of you suggested such as smoothing and I think i will terrain the map to correct climates although I will not add rivers as they are quite a small detail for a map of this size.




Hmm, strange. WEU is rather old isn't it? maybe that's the problem?




If you don't know Jass your screwed though, at least that's what i was told




They sunk beneath to the bottom of the ocean.mwhahhahahha
Level 6
Oct 10, 2009
this is pretty good mate. :)
yeah the size does suck.
even with regular WE you can make it 256 x 256
Greenland looks a little bit too big.
Hawaii is not one island...
Iceland is more vertical (if that makes sense)

anyways, you wrote you didn't know whether people would want height or cliff tool for mountains...
could you even do mountains justice with the cliff tool?
Level 28
Jan 26, 2007
Hawaii is not one island...
You can hardly place 2 units on hawaii as it is already :/
With a bigger map size, it wouldn't be a problem though ^^
(And I think that someone who wants this map to be playable, needs to make everything a lot smaller and zoom in quite a bit to get a decent gameplay).

CWeener said:
anyways, you wrote you didn't know whether people would want height or cliff tool for mountains...
could you even do mountains justice with the cliff tool?
Good point: no, you can't.
Everything has to be done with the height tool, certainly at this scale.
Well this can be used only for something like big minimap!
Let me explain:
1st - You change this word a little
2nd - Resize map: 480x480 will do :D
3th - Create different terrains on whole map, create your campaign like map on only 1 map -.^
4th - Use this template terrain to show different mission around the word etc etc

Problem is that you need very good PC configuration to use 480x480 map, I tried that Advanced -> View whole map -> Task Manager was summoned -.-
Level 5
Jun 13, 2008
OK. I will probably make some height tool mountains as requested.

The reason i haven't made the map 256x256 is due to stretching. Here is a Mercator Projection of the world. Note that the North-South stretching is huge and that the map is square. Squaring off my map to 256x256 would be useless as i could do is stretch the countries so they look like the previous link.

To Cweener: I am aware that Hawaii is not one island, however on a map which is effectively 256x160 "pixels" of land having Hawaii as multiple islands would probably be more inaccurate (when making this I considered not including small islands such as Hawaii), and anyway I doubt there would be any significant gameplay on a small Pacific on a map encompassing the world (though perhaps someone might want to make it have control point or something on it if they wanted to involve it in gameplay).

As to your comment about Greenland being too big, its as accurate as I want it and if you compare to the link, its hardly that big at all. I do agree with you about Iceland though, I'll see what i can do.

When I have time I'll enlarge to 480x300 approx as I'm currently working on things in the Starcraft Beta.

EDIT: I think this link is a better image of the Mercator Projection.
I used a variation of the Mercator Projection which keeps the shapes of countries accurate, as opposed to their areas. If you think you would prefer areas, here is an equal area projection, looks kinda weird huh?.
Level 7
Apr 16, 2008
This is excelent, the most accurate world map i have ever seen, but as has been constantly said, make it much, much bigger. best world shaping i have ever seen, keep it up.




Hmm...I don't think so... TOO SMALL!! But yeah, it's very accurate

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