World of Warcraft: Ressurected

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Feb 3, 2008
First, EvilPitLord brought us World of Warcraft TFT. Then, DeMoNiKuS brought us World of Warcraft Reborn. Then, some idiot edited that into World of Warcraft Reborn 2. Again, EvilPitLord fixed the issue by releasing what is now the most popular: World of Warcraft Revived. Afterwards, newer versions of WoW Revived were released. Somewhere, the idea of custom heroes sprung to mind, and World of Warcraft Reborn: Drums of War was released. Last month, I took WoW Reborn and began to work on my first project in warcraft 3 map editing and completed the first steps in an all new version of World of Warcraft, the RPG.

Some of you may wonder why I took a perfectly fine map and put in it what you will later perceive to be dangerous ideas that may or may not be welcomed by the community. The answer is... well, I find WoW Reborn/Revived very boring once you beat the game itself, unlike AoS games, there is very little level of competition between the players and to be honest, not many players play the map on a normal basis. What I'm doing is to not only improve the foundations of the map of which it was based on, but also add a brand new element: group PVP.

List of Changes/Planned Changes
- The selectable hero limit during the beginning of the map has been reduced from 22 heroes to 16.
- All heroes have had their titles renamed, for example, the Demon Hunter is now the Harbringer.
- Each hero can only be picked once, this is to control the variety in player heroes.
- Each hero have had their skills completely revamped.
- The system of the game has been changed, where now, the players will be split into teams. Each team consists of 2 warlords which are choosable in the game lobby and 3 freelancers which will be chosen by the warlord at some point in the middle of the game.
- Certain quests have been fixed, for example, Fight Fire With Fire.
- Northrend is now inaccessible at beginning levels and is entirely a dungeon of its own.
- In addition to the 7 new bosses located in Northrend, three new bosses have been added to the game; Archimonde, Al'Ar and Hydross.
- All boss fights have been revamped in terms that it is no longer life leech and damage. Now the boss fights are all unique and requires a group of coordinated players to accomplish.
- A repick system have been added to the game.
- All players now start their heroes with bonus stats now that the option of freelancers/warlords have been removed.
- Profession tomes are now selected in a shop right after hero selection, if a player forgets to pick up their profession tome, they may purchase it at the rebirth island.
- Warlord staffs are now selected in a shop right after hero selection, note that warlord staffs are for warlords only (costs lumber). Now, a warlord can pick up to two staffs for a variation of the force that they may build.
- Food limit increased to 300.
- Food cost on all units have decreased.
- Food cost on air units have increased to remove air massing.
- Molten Core as a dungeon has been removed because of the model sizes, Ragnaros is now a standalone boss just like any other in the map.
- Blood Elf and Naga trees have been vastly expanded with new models, researches and so on.
- Undead, Human, Orc and Nightelf trees have been revamped and expanded from the norm as a response to the blood elf and naga trees.
- Certain bosses now drop mini-castle like items which can be used to create a sub-race. Each sub-race includes new units as well as a new hero that isn't selectable during game initialization.
- The Defeat option is now removed, a team will lose either if both of the given Strongholds of the two warlords have been destroyed or if the hero kill count for one team reaches a designated number.
- All new unique artifacts have been implemented into the drop table, each boss will drop two unique items. Naxxramas elite units will have a chance to drop set items out of three sets: Nightslayer, Netherwind and Might.
- All changes submitted in this section will be explained in further detail in later sections.

The new PVP system



New units

Boss Fights



Findable Heroes


- Any feedback/suggestions are welcome, I will finish this write up and include screenshots as soon as possible...

- The ALPHA test version of the map can be found here: link

Keep in mind that alot of the features mentioned above are not yet in this version of the map, this version is to test out dungeon difficulty and hero balance.
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