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World of Warcraft (Pre-TBC) : Warcraft 3

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Sep 23, 2007

PreBC Warcraft 3 is an ORPG that is manipulating Warcraft 3 in order to allow for the entire World of Warcraft (patch 1.10 and below) to be implemented into Warcraft 3 (On Battle.net).


Palooo3 - Terrainer
Dr. Boom - Triggerer

know what your thinking: is this possible? Well its fairly difficult and it will not be possible without a loyal, dedicated team with the right mind set. All files will need to have quality reduced to the point where they still good presentable, but file size is at a minimum. This, obviously still isnt enough, and the truth which makes this whole project possible but requires an unimaginable amount of work is this: There will be a total of 27-33 maps (one for each major zone). You will be able to -save your character in the Elwyn Forest map, and later -load your character in Winterspring or Felwood. I will take it upon myself to get at least 27-33 host bots, even it it means i need one Warcraft 3 Battlechest for each one.

he maps will be released systematically as they come (from lower level to higher level). Every map will have file data that can be saved with characters (I.E. spell icons, character model, ect.). Each map will also have model/texture data that is only used in the zone that the map is recreating. So you will not have models from Durotar Centaurs in the Eastern Plaguelands map files. Any icon that can use a substitute will use a substitute. So if there are two of the same shirts, one of which is blue and one of which is grey, only one icon will be chosen to represent any items that use the corresponding icon.

e will spend time on Every Single texture to reduce its file size as much as possible while maintaining the best quality; different methods/settings work better in terms of quality depending on the image when reducing file size. The same will be done with all models and sounds.

eatures range from a bank, every quest that is possible to be implemented into Warcraft 3, out door dungeons, PVP, and repuation gains. Attribute systems (I.E. armor systems, crit strike, ect.) will be implemented. We are planning on also involving all 5 attributes, which will be a difficult but possible task. The "In Combat" system will be implemented if possible. Seeing as it wont be possible to implement an auction house, players might meet up to trade in major cities and the sort.

he user interface will be totally remapped and there a satisfactory movement and camera system in place as well as hotkeys. Smooth gameplay is a must. The map will need to have the feel of WoW in order to meet its purpose. All possible little things that can be done to make the map better will be done, even if it means mindless hours of work improvising icons or sounds.

ailure is not an option in this project. If something needs to get done, and you do not stop until it gets done, it will get done. There will be NO small scaling this project, NO slacking in quality, and most importantly, the project MUST be able to run on battle.net.

have been working on resources for a several weeks, and been planning this project for even longer, but I feel now is the time for recruitment.

untitled1 1.jpg
untitled1 2.jpg

  • A very experienced Terrainer who can learn the natural structure and environment of an area and recreate it (I'm looking at specific details, like how mountains are shaped). -In High Demand
  • An experienced triggerer who is fluent in Jass. Must be able to look at a script and be able to identify errors. Code must be as efficient as possible and well organized. Must be the type of person to figure things out that they havent seen before.
  • An Artist; must be very good with programs like Photoshop. Must know their way around file formats, how different image file types work. Must know how to manipulate transparency and alpha channels for TGA's and/or BLPs.
  • A Modeller. You must be able to reduce the size of model files while seeing to it that quality remains good, (how this is done is up to you), and to recreate models from WoW.

We will eventually need more than one of each of these.
Of course, everyone working on the map should be at least a little familiar with WoW (know what the game it, how it works, ect.).

Screenshots will be released when the starting area of Durotar is completely finished, stay tuned!
This project, when finished, will attract a lot of attention. This project, among other projects, will be put toward the cause of getting a Pre-TBC realm to be hosted by Blizzard.

If you support this project, copy and paste the text below into your signature, and the project banner will appear in your signature

  • [url=http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/map-development-202/world-warcraft-pre-tbc-warcraft-3-a-202502/][img]http://server.myspace-shack.com/d20/prebcwc3sig.gif[/img][/url]
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Feb 19, 2011

Hello Miles111,

I can make the terrain, well i'm new at hive but i had exeperience at terraining. I played WoW for 2 yeasrs so i know the different territories.
I attach 5 pictures so you can see if i'm good enough for your project.


  • Eversongforest-ElvenVillage.JPG
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  • Tropical-Laboratory.JPG
    248.8 KB · Views: 576
  • Goblin-Outpost.JPG
    295.1 KB · Views: 2,494
  • Troll-Village.JPG
    320.8 KB · Views: 7,654
  • Ghostland-GreaterMine.JPG
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May 1, 2008
Moin moin =)

Already posted some understand issues in the other post, but if you still need a dude for triggering - I can help =). Well there are some things I still don't understand in vJass (there always will be) but I can handle it good at all

S H A C O is so O V E R P O W E R D btw x)
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