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World of Magic - ORPG Progress Thread

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Level 6
Apr 24, 2008

World of Magic


An Online Multiplayer RPG game by MyHummeR


  • 31th may 2009 - Well, was a long time ago I upaded, had problems with my connection to the network. However; I have almost finished the terrain and will soon upload some images!
  • 26th may 2009 - Added more terrain
Game Information

This is a new ORPG with alot of features coming up! Alot of the features cannot be found in any other RPG, so this RPG will be something else! It is playable for 1-10 players. The game contains epic monsters, bosses, items, systems and alot more! You can read all about the contents in the "Features".
Game Features

  • Game Systems

    • Camera

      • Advanced camera that changes depending on cliff heights and works by arrow keys to change the angle and rotation.
    • Creeps System

      • Experience System
        • Experience given depends on your level, exp, items, quests completed and ranking.
      • Creeps System
        • When you come to a creep camp alone, normal creeps will spawn that are based on your level. For example, if your level is 10, then 2 level 5 creeps will spawn and such. This also depends on where you are... If you come as a team, a level 10, level 12 and a level 15, your Overall level will be 37, then creeps will spawn that matches level 37!
      • Creep drop System
        • Most creeps drops items. Alot of these items can be just Bones or animal heads and such, but those items might be needed for item combinations! Creeps wont drop too good items if you are low level, they drop items that fits your level or a few levels higher. (And Yes, this also depends on which creeps you fight).
    • Heroes System

      • Leveling System
        • You do not only level by killing alot of creeps, Quests and some mini-games also gives levels or experience!
      • Skills System
        • Your hero can only learn skills by completing Quests, mini-games, killing creeps that drops Skill Manuals (rare). Some general skills can be used in level 1, for example; Running, Sleep, Defend. No Magical skills are learned automaticaly.
      • Inventory System
        • You can only save 6 items by the Save/Load system, but you have another inventory for small items, such as bones and other unneeded items. This is to keep the Save/Load code as small as postible.
      • Pet System
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