World in Conflict

Level 2
Apr 19, 2008
Kofi you are makin this? If yes, I know now that the completed version will be awesome. Even though I know the BETA is good.

How many players will this hold?




Level 1
Jan 4, 2009
This game is truly epic. The teamwork required to gain the upper-hand, and eventually, win this game is immense and necessary. You can't win by yourself - just like how a REAL team game should be. In addition to the required team synergy is strategy, something most games lack and make up for in brute force.

The only flaw I found is that this game is -NOT- noob friendly, and it is hard to assemble a group of people who will stay game after game in pursuit of true epicness, and victory; or a group of people who aren't totally clueless.

Models and everything are fine (aesthetics don't make the game). Even if other people bash them, they're still 100% in my book because I don't even have time to scrutinize every little fault: I'm focused on winning.

Gameplay: 8/10 (confusing @ first)
Visuals: 9.5/10 (militaristic feel lasting effects)
Enjoyment: 9/10 (damn newbs)

Is 1.1 the final version? Or is this game still in-the-making?
Level 6
Nov 14, 2008
hi. first off i think this map is GREAT! theres just a few things i didn't like about the game. when the houses die they sink into the ground. it would be cool if they turned into brocken walls and stayed that way for the duration of the game. secoundly the main bases need a deffault deffense. it's too easy to capture the enemies HQ. other than that its AWSOME!