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Frontal Conflict BETA

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Level 4
Nov 17, 2008
Frontal Conflict v0.10

Frontal Conflict
By Tefelis

Game Play

Capture the flag:
In this game type, players have to capture their enemy flag. Use team play to win, doing everything by yourself will win you nothing. Make strategic moves and distract your opponents, so your team mate could take their flag.

Resource Gathering:
In this game type, orc and human teams have to gather 1500 resources. They can do this by capturing War or Lumber mills or delivering Gold Bag from the gold mine in the middle of the map.

Player vs Player:
Basically a chase and kill game type. This is the most simple game style. The goal is to collect 500 points. Your team receive points after any of you kill enemies team members. A kill in the middle will grant 2 points, a kill in your team base - 3 points and a kill in enemy team base will grant 5 points. There is no fountain of health to make this type more balanced and not make any of the teams or heroes to get overpowered quickly


8 Classes with 3 different specialities each having 6 diferent spells.

In total - 24 heroes and 144 customized spells.
48 custom items of which some have special abilities which could be helpful to your team and yourself


strength heroes building has Paladin, Shaman and Warrior
Agility heroes building has Archer and Rogue
Intelligence heroes building has Sorceress, Necromancer and Priest

Select classes and specialities which will benefit your team mates.
Use skills smartly and at a certain time to make that spell more effective.

Each class has a different buildup (e.g. you can make paladin, a healer or a tank)

Heroes have 5 different speciality types:
Offensive - Best at capturing the flag,
Defensive - Has good survivability and act as a tank,
Combat - Usually deals good damage and is best on fighting,
Support - Has spells which benefit your team mates,
Healer - This type heal other units and the team could be nothing without a them


Terrain - 98%, 2% are left for improvements
Heroes - 91%, Still need some balancing to be done.
Triggers - 91%, Might be some bugs. Planing to make "Random Hero" system
Gameplay - 90%, There's still room for improvements
Overall - 93%, The map is close to full completion

Tefelis - map creator
Frontal (My brother) - testing, some ideas


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