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Master of Eagles
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Jun 21, 2011
Sep 21, 2009

Master of Eagles

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Jun 21, 2011
    1. TheWrecker
      lol, it''s military mood in here :D
    2. phoenixfire
      Hope you manage to come back to us one day Master, had some fun times :P
    3. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Do you know if Tarek Maghary could be an iranian name?
    4. phoenixfire
      You still alive?
    5. Zpider
      Thanks, I will have to ask Debode as well. But yeah, thanks.
      They fit nicely as troll buildings :)
    6. Master of Eagles
      Master of Eagles
      I'll let you but you need to find someone to do that for you. I can't upload anything for nearly 6 months.
    7. Zpider
      I would like to use your "Islandcenter.mdx" and your modified "AltarofBlood.mdx" if you allow it.
      If you do, is there anyway you could add teamcolour to those two buildings or know somebody that could?
    8. jorj_31392
      ok.. tnx a lot dude your a really great help.. to bad no one is interested in the model editing
    9. phoenixfire
      Is it your government fucking shit up again like you said?
    10. jorj_31392
      hey master.. remember the skin you made for my wind fletcher model? can you make one for the high elf archer model? same details.. black hair, white cape.. no one is interested to edit the model, so i think ill just use the high elf model and attach your skin.. thanks dude
    11. Master of Eagles
      Master of Eagles
      I can't upload anything. It includes pictures. And not only in THW, I can't even upload something to email it to someone else. Can you help me?
    12. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Could you show how does your building models look like somewhere, wips and such?
    13. phoenixfire
      Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday!
    14. phoenixfire
      These are from paint so they should be jpg
    15. phoenixfire
      Yes I have.

      If Iran builds nukes and sends them at America, China will shoot them down and launch a heavy amount of nukes at Iran/Iraq's governmental headquarters. Afghanistan has already stopped 1 nuclear facility but Iran if building 10 more ATM.
    16. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Oh, since you write in your profile I didn't get notified.

      But still, if even the mad North Korea didn't hit anyone with their taper dongs, Iran wouldn't neither (in normal circumstances).
    17. Master of Eagles
      Master of Eagles
      The leaders may want that. But the people don't. Be sure if they build any nukes, people of Iran will be the first one who fight those madmen.
    18. Mechanical Man
      Mechanical Man
      Nice to hear that somebody is from Iran too, to prove it isn't a boo evil country which wants to nuke everyone.
    19. Master of Eagles
      Master of Eagles
      He has released us from US rule. This is great because he decleared our independence actually. But we must not be an ENEMY of other countries. Most of us don't agree with this.
    20. Joe-black-5
      what is your view for Imam aL Komayni?
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