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Wolfrider Warlord

Warlords on Horses were always weird-looking for me.
So I took Nazgrel Model, removed his Axe and Wolf Cap and replaced them with fel wolfrider sword and warlords helmet.
Also the wolf was recolored to a dark fur version.
Check my other work here:
Everything works with the model. It can be used asa a unit / demi-hero or hero.
The Hero Glow is absent but you can always add it via ability with Art Target path to: sharedfx\hero_glow\hero_glow or using RMS and importing a hero glow from another hero model.

Update from 04 of Feb 2023:
Fixes added by Fugrim
  • remove some small geoset collisions.
  • Small changes to the armor to make him more unique to default Nazgrel
  • added all missing animations from raider unit.
  • added custom Icons
Check his other work here:
Hope you enjoy!
All feedback is welcomed.

Wolfrider Warlord (Model)

Wolfrider Warlord Icon (Icon)

Wolfrider Warlord Portrait (Model)

Mr Ogre man
It's a nice addition to the orc rooster.
Level 11
Jun 27, 2010
How is it working with reforged textures? About the same as OG ingame textures? Or is it more difficult now that there's a higher level of detail in the textures?
could you also make a Militia on a Horse (Militia Commander), Captain with Spear and Quiver (Militia Captain), Sir Gregory Edmunson on a Horse (Royal Guard), and Magroth the Defender on a Horse (Lord Blackthorn)?

Well that is complicated. Cuz in case of nazgrel I juset changed the weapon, helmet and wolf color.
But mounting and dismounting foot units is a pin in the ass cuz of reattaching bones and fiixing animations frame by frame
Level 9
Oct 10, 2020
This is dope. 10/10. Feel like it would make a good Warsong Clan Warlord. I want to see something like this but with the Fel wolfrider but with green skin and no spikes. The fel version of the face just look's more savage and menacing with the red eyes. Same with the grunt and warlock. Just like some orcs succumbing to bloodlust, it changes them. This one is a lot better than the Warlord on the horse. Good work man!
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Level 3
Oct 26, 2013
Good job !
How many time did you past to make a custom model, is it easy for beginner to modify Reforged models ?
I dev on jass but I never make my own model and I want to try.
I make on JASS a Wow's legion demon Hunter, with Demoniac's build.
(Spells : Demon's bite, chaos strike (and Annihilation), blade dance (and Death Sweep), chaos nova, Eyebeam, manavore and a jump ability (that works like the keeper's teleport, but with a jumping visual). And Inner Demon proc. And soul frag. Classic demoniac's build on Legion.
But I want to make a alternate morphing demon with warglave and attack animation).
I think I want to use Illidan (demon not morped) base animations (and warglave) on Illidan morphed model)
I want to make another model who use "stand ready alternate" animation for "move" to make a fly alternate model on move, for "jump" and "inner demons" effect.

And I want to add horn on not morphed model.

If I could finish this model/concept heroes, i put it on Hive Workshop
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