(WIP) Knight "Need Advice"

Level 18
Jun 16, 2007
Created By: Robot-Dude
Texture By: Blizzard (Ingame Textures)
Poly Count: 1204
Number Of Textures: 5
Model "High or Low Detail": High Detail

I need some advice on what I should tweak and improve on to make this model more Fantastic

I've decided to improve my modelling and animating skills. So here's my out come so far. Only 50% Complete

I need to Add and Tweak the following:
- Sword
- Feet
- Shield
- Animations
- Legs

13 August 2009 00:10:
-Just Added Shoulder Pad's
-Added Minor Tweaks To the Helmet
-Re-UV Wrapped Helmet to give it more of a Crusader Effect,
-Poly Count Increased From 812 to 872

13 August 2009 03:50:
-Added Belt
-Added Pelvis
-Added Legs
-UV Wrapped Legs, Belt, Pelvis
-Poly Count Increased From 872 to 1204

13 August 2009 20:33:
-Tweaked Chest
-Tweaked Thighs, Legs

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For a model of this polys ( which is pretty high for an ingame character ) change the hands, they look like balls of steel
I suggest you donwload an image of a human and place it in the background to look at the proportions of the body, cause they are ugly
Make a clear difference between front and back, I didn't see a difference at first
Make the gloves bigger, else yu won't even notice them in the game
Enlarge the Shoulder Pads, they are now like sticking to the clothing

Hope this helps

Level 18
Jun 16, 2007
The Hands are Temporally and I've just updated the legs and thighs now, and made a slight change to the Chest, I'll be updating the Wrap soon, and making the Plate body more Heavier, and Medieval Plate Like, Thank god I have loads of Pictures from Medieval Armoury's from a few years ago when I went to loads,

Thank you for the Feed Back, and I'll get working on the faults.
Level 18
Jun 16, 2007
If you have World Of Warcraft use WoW Model Viewer and export some screenshots of for example the HumanMaleGuard to see the correct proportions, the helmet, the shoulderpads, the gloves , etc... this should give you a good example :)

Good luck


Lol, what a shame not long un-installed WoW, But thanks for the idea, I know a site where I can find a WoW Model in a mdx format so I can take a look at it in magos,