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Winter or something...

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Hope somebody will like it.


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Level 23
Dec 20, 2009
Well, the wolves look totally out of place... apart from that, they are scaled way to small, but I would just delete them, because the models quality is not up to the realism of the rest. Apart that, the terrain is nice ;)
Though you might want to try to add a new center of focus.
Level 35
Nov 24, 2007
I rather disagree about the wolves, to my taste, there should be a wolf, but only one.
- Let me get back to that.

I seriously disagree about the wolves "quality", though to my eyes there seem to be two different models, one lower quality and one higher quality wolf, that might just be due to the facing angles though. Anyways, as I stated the wolves look to have a way better quality than the wooden parts of your structure, as to my eyes THOSE models look way out of place. Though, I suppose that problem could be easily fixed by tinting the wood just a tad darker, not much, but just a little bit. But I would really suggest you have a look at the "Refuge in Ruin" map made by _oGre_ for real good quality wooden pieces, it got everything you need, and you can find it just some few pages back in this very forum.

Now, about the wolves, I would reccommend you keep only one wolf, and like in the first shot, have him play the animation of the one in the middle, only, instead of facing away from the camera, have it face directly towards the camera when it growls, I reckon that'd look real sweet.

I also reckon you should remove, lessen or just downsize the white grassy doodads, so that they are not so apparent, as of right now to my eye they just make the terrain look like there is some kind of distortion where the grass has a darker background, such as the trees.

Appart from that, I love the sorrounding woods and the construction, the way it's built. Though I think this terrain could do really well with a small, damp, sunlight comming from the skies just off center to the left where there is a clearing in the tree-tops, to break off a little of that extreme whiteness.

I'd say, if you can work out some of these things, this could shape up to become a really great terrain.
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