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[Spell] Wind Walk invisibility?

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Level 19
Jul 12, 2010
Hey everybody, I came upon this by accident and I was wondering if it was always like this..

After using Wind Walk I can cast a spell without breaking invisibility. Invisibility only breaks after a spell is finished casting.

-First ability is Wind Walk, makes the user invisible instantly and also makes an afterimage to confuse the enemy.
-Second Ability is Channel with Casting Time 2 seconds and after that triggered spell.

I never knew this was possible so I'm wondering did this happen after Reforged or was it always like this?

________________________Player RED_______________________________________________Player BLUE


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Level 58
Aug 10, 2018
Pretty sure it's always been like that and is working as intended. Casting Time is the amount of time before the ability casts and Wind Walk only breaks when an ability actually finishes casting.

You can probably use Follow Through Time to achieve the desired effect.
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