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Whisperwind RPG

Level 1
May 24, 2007
Whisperwind RPG

1.0 - What is Whisperwind RPG?
1.1 - Features/Systems
1.2 - Story
1.3 - What makes this RPG unique?
1.4 - Progress
1.5 - When will Whisperwind RPG Version 1.0 [Beta] be available?
1.6 - How can I help make this game?

2.0 - Classes
2.1 - Barbarian
2.2 - Paladin
2.3 - Mage
2.4 -Wizard
2.5 - Druid
2.6 - Necromancer
2.7 - Cleric
2.8 - Rogue
2.9 - Ranger
2.10 - Marksman

3.0 - The dungeons

4.0 - Proffesions

5.0 - Events

6.0 - Recruiting


1.0 - What is Whisperwind RPG?

Whisperwind RPG is a multiplayer RPG that puts the Warcraft III engine to its full potential. By this I mean, you will have unique features from every RPG put into one [Read 1.1 for more details on features]. This RPG is mostly for players who love working together to beat fierce creatures in dungeons!

1.1 - Features/Systems

  • Save/load system allowing you to bring your character to every game you join.
  • 7 Epic Dungeons
  • Every Dungeon can be beat on Normal or on Heroic. This feature will allow you to re-play old dungeons that will be even funner now!
  • Every boss is scripted. This means that no boss will be the same. They will all have ''unique features''.
  • Party System
  • Proffesions
  • Events
  • Unique Inventory
  • Characters can only use certain items
  • Characters can only use one of each item
  • Max level 60
  • The ability to interact with objects or talk with villagers will allow you to never get bored. You'll always have something to do!

1.2 - Story

Coming Soon!

1.3 - What makes this RPG unique?

The fact that everything about it will be customized, forget Warcraft III! You'll be playing a whole new game.

1.4 - Progress

Terrain - 35%
GUI Triggering - 0%
JASS Triggering - 0%
Heroes - 0%
Dungeons - 0%
Enemies - 0%
Art - 0%

1.5 - When will Whisperwind RPG Version 1.0 [Beta] be available?

At some time in May.

1.6 - How can I help make this game?

Well currently I am looking for...

  • Someone who knows JASS
  • Someone who could make a loading screen
  • Someone who could make a preview screen
  • Someone to do some touch ups on my terrain

2.0 - Classes

Each unit will have a custom spell book. These spells will automatically level up with the hero and the hero will automatically learn new spells at level...
1, 3, 9, 13, 17, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 54, 60.

2.1 -
The Barbarian will have as role in a group to lay out massif damage by giving some of his own life.

2.2 -
The Paladin will have as role to defend his allies with his massif amounts of health.

2.3 -
The Mage will have as role using elemental magic to slay his enemies

2.4 -
The Wizard will have as role to incapacitate his enemies using his knowledge on arcane magics.

2.5 -
The Druid will not have a specific role, he will be able to fill any spot in a group.

2.6 -
The Necromancer will have as role to summon his minions to protect him, and his teamates.

2.7 -
The Cleric will have as goal to heal his allies using his knowledge of holy magics.

2.8 -
The Rogue will have as goal to stealth around and backstab his enemies to lay out massif damage.

2.9 -
The Ranger will have as goal to use his knowledge on nature to hunt down his prey using bow.

2.10 -
The Marksman will have as goal to use his slow yet precise shots to slay his enemies using guns.

3.0 - The dungeons

Balverine’s Den

In this dungeon you explore a wolf den in hopes of finding ''The Balverine'', a human who became wolf and now raids cities with his army of wolves at night.

Furbolg Dungeon

In this dungeon you explore a lair filled with Furbolgs in hopes of finding the source of the sudden hostility of the once peaceful Furbolgs.

Spider Cave

In this dungeon you explore the home of Ytar, the mother of hundreds of other spiders in hopes of slaying her.

Battle for Conquest Hold

In this dungeon you lead an army of knights to attack Conquest Hold in hopes of taking control of it.

Necromancer’s Domain

In this dungeon you enter in hopes of slaying Necrobar, a necromancer who's ressurecting an ancient evil.


Enter the Arena to try and take down Legendary Warriors, alone. To have a chance to fight them though you will have to pay with [Hero Tokens].

Sunken Temple

The sunken temple is a dungeon infested with Naga, enter in hopes of slaying, the queen and the king of that god forsaken place. This is the last dungeon.

4.0 - Proffesions

In the game you will be able to craft items depending on your knowledge of the proffesion.

More detail on proffesions coming soon.

5.0 - Events

Each hour, an event will happen. More detail coming soon!

6.0 - Recruiting

If your interested in joining the team. PM me no matter what your good at.

Also PM me, if you would like to BETA test it.
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