What is Broken Dawn - The Elementals?

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Nov 5, 2005
As far as I'm aware, there hasn't been a map quite like this before.
Broken Dawn - The Elementals is a campaign based in era refered to as the Third Rise where Elemental Forces have arisen to fight against the worlds inhabitants.

So why is this different to other campaigns?

What makes this original is simple, it's built to support a total of four human players who will battle as a team throughout the story. Online or over LAN.

Broken Dawn - The Elementals allows players a surprising amount of customisation. Each of the four players builds their hero from the given options of Ranged/Melee, Hero Model, Primary Attribute and Class; and each player is given a choice of a team/race to command.

What's useful here is how the game will register your selections. At the begining of each level in the campaign the game will spawn class-specific starting units for each indevidual player.

The campaign itself features different styles of gameplay, unlockables, on-going side quests and more, all specifically designed for multiple players.

But even with the four players as a team, Broken Dawn - The Elementals isn't meant to be easy (and if it turns out it is, I'll make it harder somehow :p). For this reason, this project is designed to be played by respectful players or among friends if you wish to play it from beginning to end.

BTW: So I don't hear this later, no this is not meant to tie in with WC3 lore in any way, shape or form although some things do carry through.
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