What Is Apocalypse?

Level 25
Mar 25, 2004

A dangerous plague has been unleashed upon the Earth and has destroyed everything in its path. This plague from Hell has directly targeted a small city and strives to turn it to rubble. With life itself and the Human Race with it at the brink of extinction, a group of marines from the future have been dispatched to enter the city in this time of havok to fend off the forces of evil before they reign over the planet with pure cruelty and torture. Their motives are unclear to you and the world, but your motives are to kill for your own survival... and to save the planet and the Human Race from complete extinction.

Apocalypse is a uniquely designed survival map for Warcraft III and is a remod of Warcraft. The time setting is in year 2012 and the world is under attack from massive armies of rioting monsters and beasts whose goal is to destroy the planet, reducing life to death and bringing the human race to their final stand and last chance of survivability before the demons of Hell bring them to extinction.

Your goal is to defend yourself and your platoon, while at the same time killing all invading monsters and protecting the city from total destruction and defeat.

Many exciting events will occur in the game to make things less monotome and bring some surprising changes to how you make your strategies.

This mod will feature many cool aspects that will make the game interesting, exciting, challenging, and entertaining. The features we plan to include are listed below:

  • BattleNet compatible.
  • Can hold up to 12 players online(might change)
  • Physics: Can lead both to your own advantage... and to your disadvantage if used wrong. (Example: Throwing a Grenade at the wall will force the grenade to bounce off and ricochet). Read up on our physics engine in the F.A.Q. found further down in the post.
  • Cool and advanced weapons such as the Gravity Gun, like in Half-Life²TM.
  • Custom skins, models, sounds and music, allmost all made especially for this project.
  • Power-ups: Aquiring these in-game will result in your character being rejuvinated in Speed, Experience, or Health.
  • Over 10 long waves of monsters.
  • Large sized map with many places to stand-off against the mighty waves of Hell.
  • Every time we update the map (after it has officially been released), we include a new area with new quests, events and other things to be discovered to keep players interested in the mod.
  • When bullets that are fired collide with an object in its path, the bullets stop.
  • Players can switch between a large variety of weapons. All with custom models!
  • Save/Load System included. Save your character from game to game untill you create the ultimate killing machine.
  • Many creative and fun ways to kill monsters. Throw grenades, use flame throwers, toss a wall or perhaps a barrel? The choice is yours.
  • Custom lighting/sight radius system: Read up on our lighting system in the F.A.Q. found further down in the post.
  • Detailed urban terrain made out of a vide variety of custom models created by some of the best modellers and skinners available around.
  • Eerie atmosphere adds on to the excitement and interest to keep on playing. We will make good use of lighting in the map.
  • Team-work and skill goes a long way, without co-operation you will not get far, your tactics is what will ensure the victory.
  • Custom drive system: You will be able to enter/leave cars and tankers to get you around the map, drive down the hordes and even crash and kill yourself if that is what you want, but beware, your fuel is limited, once the tank is empty then there will be no more driving.

The Development Team
The Development Team: (Names in Red are former members & names in Orange are contributers)

Punisher_X (Lead Game Designer/Sub-Leader)
Craka_J (Team Leader)

Craka_J (Lead Terrainer)
ragingspeedhorn (Terrainer)
Scyth-Master (Touchup Terrainer)

Chriz. (Animator)
Nasrudin (Contributer)
Toukichiro (Contributer)
Dionesiist (Contributer)
HappyTauren (Contributer)

Mr Psycho 2000 (Contributer)

JASS Programmers:
SnaKy (aka Sunky)

Music/Sound Composers:

Web Support:
Xaran Alamas

Apocalypse is always looking for skilled people to join the team and help out with the development of the project.

Currently we are in need of:

  • Jassers - Any talented jassers, using vJass or not, are appreciated. We need both people for systems, cinematics and general triggering.
  • Modellers - The more custom models the better. We can use both unit and doodad modellers.
  • Animators - Good animators is a rare find, we are on the look out for a decent/good animator for both full time or single request work.
  • Skinners - A skinner is not strongly needed but touch ups on different things could be needed if the opportunity came, so if any skinner which is good at skinning in the same style as Apocalypse currently has then feel free to apply.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: What is the release date of this map?
A: Currently, it's too early to distribute or even predict when the map will be released, but it will be sometime in (hopefully) early 2008.

Q: What is the file-size of the map?
A: Currently, it is 5.6mb. But don't worry! We will reduce the filesize by a lot shortly before the first Open Beta is released to the public so that it will be BNet compatible.

Q: Is there an open/closed beta released yet? Where can I download it?
A: At the moment, there are no closed/open betas, hence there is no download. If we do release a closed/open beta, it will be announced.

Q: Will this map be protected or unprotected?
A: The map will without a doubt be protected, including the beta versions. This means that the map will not be openable in the World Editor. If you are looking for the resources of the map then most of them has allready generiously been distributed to the public and can be found at www.hiveworkshop.com and www.wc3campaigns.net.

Q: Is this map laggy in-game?
A: As far as we know, the map does not lag. We aim for smooth, lag-less gameplay.

Q: Suggested Players?
A: We suggest that atleast 4 people minimum play this map.

Q: What Tileset is being used?
A: The tileset is a mix of a set of 9 custom tiles created by Punisher_X and 2 tile types from Warcraft III.

Q: Who is getting credit for this map?
A: The people who have taken part in making this map, whom are listed below:
Punisher_X, Xxm0rPH3usxX, Craka_J, ragingspeedhorn, Illidan(Evil)X, Chriz., Scyth-Master, SnaKy/Sunky, Game_Slave, Mr Psycho 2000, Nasrudin, DaFranker, HappyTauren and KDEWolf.

Q: Is there custom music?
A: Yes, Punisher_X has created music for the project.

Q: Is there custom sounds?
A: So far we are planning to add soundsets for the playable characters. Scyth-Master will do the voice acting.

Q: What is the "Physics System"?
A: The Physics System is an advanced feature that can be used to benefit you in many ways, but can also be a disadvantage if used incorrectly. An example of this system is the Gravity Gun and what it does. What the Gravity Gun does is pick up inanimated objects such as a crate or a barrel and then you can either drop or launch it into a desired location. If launched, the object will tumble in the air, bounce when it makes contact with the surface of something such as the ground, and then will roll a short distance or perhaps even break. Launching objects can be helpful by launching things such as a barrel at a group of hostile monsters. This will damage them and sometimes kill them once hit. Another feature in the Physics System is bullets from weapons after fired. Bullets travel into a desired direction and if something collides or gets in the way of the bullets, whether it is a monster or a wall, they will stop there. Grenades most definately use the Physics System in the most exciting way. Grenades can be used to your advantage and disadvantage. When a grenade is thrown, it has the same effect as if you launched something with the Gravity Gun, but grenades can also be rolled down and sometimes up hills. First with the advantage part: When there are a group of monsters bunched together around a corner, you can throw a grenade at the wall and make it ricochet towards them if used properly. Disadvantage: If you are for example in a tight space, you have a stronger chance of throwing the grenade wrong and making it bounce back toward you and dealing damage towards yourself, sometimes even killing yourself. So the Physics System of this mod must be taken seriously and skillfully or else you will soon meet your demise in the game.

Q: What is the "Lighting/Sight Radius System"?
A: The Lighting/Sight Radius System is another system that can be used to either benefit you or used against you. Light is produced in areas by things that would normally cause lighting such as a fire, a street lamp, a traffic light, etc. When standing in the light, your Sight Radius is increased, making you see further. A disadvantage about this is that when standing in the light, your character is revealed to the enemy and makes you a strong target to the enemy. But when outside of the light, your Sight Radius is reduced and you can see less than you could when in the light. THIS SYSTEM IS STILL IN THE EARLY DEVELOPMENT STAGES, NOTHING IS FINAL!

Q: What is the "Weapons System"?
A: The Weapons System allow a player to switch between a variety of weapons (if any). Another thing the Weapon System is used for is ammo. When your weapon is out of ammo, you are forced to reload another ammo clip manually. Easy to do, but requires you to pay attention in-game at all times, especially when in combat. Also, the Weapons System uses the Physics System by using the bullets feature, when bullets are shot, they stop when collide and of course cause damage. Accuracy is the key!

Q: What is the "Spawns/Waves System"?
A: The Spawns/Waves System is a simpe feature that has hostile creatures such as Zombies spawn and attack in waves. At the end of every wave is a boss creature.

Q: What is the "Save/Load System"?
A: The Save/Load System is a unique feature that allows players to either save their current character or load a previous character from the past that you've saved. To load your character, you must type in the load code that is given to you after you saved the character.

Q: What races are selectable/featured in Apocalypse?
A: The only races to be announced at the moment are Human and the deceased Humans(Undead). The only race that will actually make a difference in this map in selection will be Human, for it is the only race you can 'choose' before the game begins.

Q: How many quests will be featured in this map?
A: You have one main objective, but that can be completed only through a chain of other objectives first. The map will also feature a vide variety of optional quests.

Q: Will the resources for this map be released?
A: Yes. After the map is done and the official version is released to the public, you can expect most or all of the resources being up for download. Some allready has been released at www.hiveworkshop.com and www.wc3campaigns.net.

Q: What kind of camera view will the player have?
A: The players camera view is currently the original RTS view.

Q: Will the camera view ever change or have an option in-game to do so?A: Possibly, however unlikely.

Q: Who is currently the leader of Apocalypse?
A: The current team leader of the Warcraft III version of Apocalypse is Craka_J with assistence from ragingspeedhorn. The project was originally started by Punisher_X.

Q: Will this project be made in Starcraft 2 as well?
A: Yes. But the Starcraft 2 version will be led by Punisher_X.

Q: Will both the Warcraft III and Starcraft 2 versions of Apocalypse have the same Storyline?
A: So far that is the plan, yes.

Q: What kind of gameplay is this maps gameplay related to?
A: This mod's gameplay will be similar to maps such as NOTD Aftermath, Dawn of the Dead and Resident Evil.

Terrain Showcase:
Some WIP screenshots of the terrain featured in Apocalypse. The models/skins and terrain formations are not final.













Model Showcase
Here you can see a few of the different models which will be used in Apocalypse. Beware that some things are outdated though.


(An old version of three playable characters. All three is fully animated.)


(One of the characters that are playable. Model has been improved since.)


(A variety of weapons that will be included in Apocalypse. A couple weapons such as some WW2 weapons probably won't be added. Weapons to use gets changed often, nothing in this department is yet certain.)


(The current version of the gravity gun.)


(Destroyed building doodads, all the following models has been publicly released.)


(Several newer versions of this has been made.)


(Slightly outdated, has since been reskinned.)


(Also slightly outdated, has since been reskinned.)


(The giant bridge leading from the city to the forrest.)


(Simple but highly usefull doodads.)


(Both used as barrels and pipes at certain areas.)

Graphics Showcase
Some of the general graphic creations related to Apocalypse.


(Concept art drawn by John Wells, a fan of the project.)


(Current logo for Apocalypse, created by ragingspeedhorn.)

Website & Contact
The current official website for Apocalypse is: http://www.freewebs.com/wc3apocolypse/index.htm
You might be able to find more detailed information at the website than in this post.

If you wish to contact any of the current team members then you should PM us at www.hiveworkshop.com.
Level 8
Jul 10, 2007
I can't wait for this project to come out. It looks a lot more interesting than Wc3:WoW.

And I didn't know Warcraft 3 could look that good. I wonder if it will really be Bnet compatible. It seems to contain a shitload of models in there.