Team Work In Apocalypse

Level 25
Mar 25, 2004
Team work in Apocalypse is the key to survival. Failure to work with each other and helping your fellow allies will result in a quicker defeat from the vast hordes of mindless, flesh hungry, rampaging infected citizens. How do you help each other stay alive? There will be a few beginning classes which branch off into others (Or not, depending on which specialization you wish to have) such as a supportive class like a Field Medic. Medics will have a bunch of supportive abilities which will give a healing effect to its friendly target, thus keeping that target (Preferabley another player) a longer amount of time to live and survive. Charactes which base their skills on damage and lean towards the offensive side will be the ones to depend on mostly with killing off crowds of enemies at close ranges. Medics tend to follow and stick close to these guys. Players can specialize their character to be strictly one class, to be a mix of all aspects, or whatever! Your class is completely customizable. However, it would be very wise to plan out your specialization, for you canot remake your specialization tree. I'd love to go more into classes, but we'll save that for next time. This thread is about team work!

There are a few small things in Apocalypse that will keep all players constantly trying to do their best and better themselves while doing so. But the one big thing which we believe will keep the game alive is our new score system. It will involve individual score points (Your own score) and team score points (Overall points the team has achieved) and both will be very important because the individual points earned will be used to purchase upgrades, new items, and other useful gadjets and equipment. How does that make team points important? At the end of a successful match, team points will be divided amongst the each player evenly. Either the host or player with the most individual points will recieve the slightly bigger half of the cake. How are team points gained? By helping your team mates stay alive and by completing given objectives effectively. The quicker you complete each given task and the less casualties recieved by the end of the objective will determine how many points are awarded.

Team points don't last forever, though. If one of your team mates dies and/or an objective is failed, a portion of your team points that were awarded will be reduced. This will keep players trying to stay alive by putting more effort into how they play and will develop their own plans and tactics to live longer and even to help others stay alive. Most medic classes in survival games aren't very useful either because their support is useless or the player is useless. In Apocalypse, your abilities will be well balanced (If you specialized correctly) and the urge to heal your friends' wounds will be greater since the healer will benefit more by recieving exta team bonus points AND individual points. And to help prevent healers from healing you when you don't even need to be healed, really, points awarded from healing will depend on how much heath was replenished. And to ensure that players won't wait until you have 1/100% HP left, the minimum of health will be slightly above perhaps 15/100 or 20/100 HP.

Will there be any benefits for players/teams which get a ton of team points at the end of the game? Yes! Another way of us ensuring that you'll all want to get a really high team score is that each effective player (Idle players don't get this privilage) of the team will recieve special 'goodies' such as unlocking new weapons/helpful tools (Gravity Gun for example) or rewarding yourself with a new point to spend on specializing your class. There will be many other rewards as well, of course, but we'll announce those later on.

Individual score points also award those at the end of the game with just about the same rewards as the team points do. However, both have different - what I like to call - super rewards. The Gravity Gun is considered one of them. How are individual team points gained, besides from helping your team mates live and complete objectives? Killing enemies of course! The more you kill at a time, the better. Accuracy will most likely be a score booster as well (Headshots, Leg shots, etc.). Killing bigger and stronger enemies (including bosses) also gives an increased amount of points individually. Individual score points are also given a small point bonus when a power-up is acquired - the use of them can double the bonus score if used effectively and not just because it's there.

Hope you enjoyed this spoiler!
Stay tuned for the spoiler regading more detailed information about CLASSES.

~Craka_J; Leader of the Apocalypse Development Team.